Silk Shorts

      Have you ever watched a scene in Classic Silk and wondered what would happen with the characters if the creators had spent more time with those scenes,rather then cut into it, and showing us an entirely different scene?

      For instance,while watching The Party's Over...I would have loved to see a scene with Rita walking into the shop alive when everyone is convinced she is dead.I would have loved to see the Captain's and George's reactions when they saw her. Or when Chris told Rita about Jillians' plans for him to move with her to Boston. We never actually saw Rita's reaction, only her talking with Chris about it.These are things I would have wanted to see! I need the blanks filled in....and so now that is what this page is about.

      Anyone and everyone is invited to write a scene from an episode of thier choice,and fill us all in on what they think would have taken place. Tell us what episode the scene is from, where the show left off, and where you'll begin. If someone else has already wrote a scene you would like to do, then still go for it! Since it hasn't happened, then no one is right or wrong,and it's all up to you what happens...I only ask that you try to stay true to the rest of that episode, so that whatever you write has no effect at all on the outcome we have already seen. Send in your scenes to me, and once a week,I will post them.

      The Night Before The Last Kiss Goodnight

      The Partys' Over...and back on again.....


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