The Night Before The Last Kiss Good Night........

      By CLorenzo2

      It seemed as if a lifetime had gone by when Holy finally shut up and then left. Chris of course was concerned about his new partner and what happened to her, but he had other things on his mind. He turned to Rita and took her in his arms. "Finally we are alone" he said and he kissed her. "Let us save desert until after dinner" explained Rita. OK Chris exclaims with a smile on his face. They sit down at the table, cut the chicken and then look at eachother. Rita laughs and asks "Who is going to eat the first bite?" "I will" Chris says as he puts his fork in his mouth. "I thought you couldn't cook, but this is good" he says. "Thank you" says Rita. After the meal is over Rita begins to do the dishes, Chris grabs her and picks her up. Shocked Rita wraps her arms around his neck. Chris tells her "Let us save the dishes for another time." He carries her to the bedroom and lays her gently on the bed. He dims the lights and Rita lights a few candles. Chris hopes into the bed and pulls Rita close to him. They kiss and begin to make love. The heat is obviously surging through their bodies. The moment is so powerful that Chris feels as thought he is in heaven and never wants it to end. Afterwards they begin to drift off to sleep peacefully. Rita rolls over and looks at Chris one last time before closing her eyes. " I love you so much she whispers quietly" not having any idea of the tragedy that lie ahead for her and her love.

      By TKZ......

      "I thought she'd never leave." Chris whispered, wrapping his arms around his wife, after firmly closing the door on their guest.

      "Still hungry?" She smiled, hugging her arms back against his.

      "Oh yeah! Still HUNGRY," he enticed, brushing his lips against her ear lobe.

      "Sam," she said with a scold, "I spent a lot of time on this dinner. It's important to me."

      "And it looks WONDERFUL!" He promptly withdrew his offer and headed towards the table. Rita came to her side of the table, and they shared their feast. Her hubby making a comment, or two or three, about the doneness of the bird. Not a word was mentioned about their uninvited guest. This was their time, and no one could come between that. Chris began to clear away the dishes, Rita staying behind to rest. It had been a long day and she was tired.

      He came up behind her when he was done, resting two hands on her shoulders and offering a squeeze. "I'll go start the bath, you can join me if you want to. .. .""Sounds nice," she murmurred, leaning her head against his tummy."A little music, a nice massage, whatever your heart desires Sam. . . ."

      By Cheryl Black

      I think that they obviously still had a romantic night, they were a very passionate couple, but I am not good with those details. I also like to think after discussing the god parents thing that they picked out a few names the both liked...I can picture them discussing these things while holding each other in bed. I know not to eventful, but I would like to believe that at least Chris got to participate in more than just the conception of his child.

      by Lisafs.....

      He closed the door after thier uninvited guest,grateful that she had declined thier invitation to join them for dinner.He had been planning this surprise for a week now,but it seemed as if something always got in the way of it actually happening. He was determined to give it to her tonight,and tell her how he really felt.Thier marriage had been rushed,and at the very least,she deserved to know it wasn't just because of thier bay on the way.He locked the door,and turned around,finding her right behind him,looking as relieved as he felt,that Holly was finally gone. There was a time for work and a time for play,and they hadn't appreciated Holly intruding in on thier private life the way she had.

      He placed his hands on her shoulders ,guiding her to the table,and sat her down in her chair,leaning in for a long and tender kiss before he sat himself down.

      "Well,that was quite an appetizer,"Rita teased him.

      "Just wait until desert," he grinned,then just sat ,gazing at her,seeing his future.

      "Rita" he took her small hand into is own now.She looked back at him with questions in her eyes.

      "Ah,Chris ...what is it?'" she asked,seeing the serious look that suddenly replaced his teasing grin.

      Chris reached into his pocket,and took out a tiny heart shaped box.He carefully opened it,and took out the beautiful diamond engagement ring.It had been his grandmothers .

      "A long time ago,my grandmother gave me this.It was her greatest treasure,because she was given it by her soul mate she said. He was going to the war,and he wanted her to know that he wasn't leaving forever,that he would be back,and that they would get married.He lost his life in that war,but my grandma Rose said she always knew he was right there with her anyway,that they had a bond even death could ever break.She told me that the day I met someone I felt that way about,that I was to give this to her,and tell her the story of a love that wouldn't die."

      He watched her now,as her eyes were shinning with the light reflecting off her unshed tears,before continuing on.

      "Rita,You know that there have been many other woman in my life.You watched them all come and go.In all that time though,not once,even with Jillian,did I ever think about giving them this ring that my Grandma Rose held so dear to her heart..There were a couple of times that I would just hold it in my hand and look at know...but not once in any of those times,did it feel right to give it away then,and I would put it safely away again. I remember asking my Grandma how I would know who to give it to, know what she told me then, she said...You'll know,Christopher,you'll know. It won't be your heart or your head that will tell you,no.... It will be your'll feel it there,my boy,she'll be in your soul."

      Rita smiled as Chris gently took her hand,and guided off her wedding ring,to place the late engagement ring onto her finger again."Your that person ,Sammy, your the one who has always been in my soul,the only one.. I've always known that."

      He took her wedding ring,kissing it before he and slid it back onto her finger again."With this ring,I ,Christopher James Lorenzo,do solemly swear,that I will always be right by your side,loving you forever and always,and even death shall not part us,or take me away. I love you Rita,I love you more then my own life,and I always will."

      "Oh,Chris." she tried to keep herself from crying,but still a few tears fell."I love you so much...more then I ever believed was possible.Your in my soul've always been there,you will always be there" she sighed ......"I wish I could give you something to show you how much I love you too."

      "You are,sunshine....That little baby your carrying...that is the most wonderful gift anyone could ever give me. Your having my baby! " He laughed as he wiped away her tears now,and pulled her into his embrace,singing."Your having my baby....What a wonderful way of saying how much you love me...." She pulled away laughing now,but was caught by the look in his eyes as he gazed into hers.Each could see the others happiness and love looking back at them. They came together in a kiss,thinking life was wonderful.


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