Years Gone By


Sitting at his desk, Chris Lorenzo stared across the bull pen at the palm tree doors. He was expecting them to swing open any moment, and for his partner Rita Lance to be waltzing in. Laughing bitterly Christ turned back to the file that was laying opened on his desk. He thought that after 5 years he'd have gotten used to Rita leaving him, but every day he still expected to see her. When he was alone in his loft, he couldn't help but to think about what could have happened between them if Eric hadn't come back into their lives. He had recently started dating again; after Rita left, Jillian excepted a job in Boston, and Chris just couldn't leave Palm Beach. He was seeing this nice girl, Kate O'Brien. She was nice, and they had great Chemistry ....but she wasn't his Sam. But no, Rita had left him, and had taken the child she was carrying with her... which could have
possibly have been his.

He had for two years to find them, but with no such luck. Now he was slowly putting his life back together. He remembered how upset he was when Fran had fixed him up with Kate. She was a nurse at the hospital Fran volunteered at, and Chris spent two months recuperating from two gun shots in the room. He gently place a a hand on the shirt covered scars. As he got to know Kate more the more he began to like her. The had been dating for almost three months now.

His biggest supporter was his captian's wife. Captain Harry Lipschitz had always seen Rita as his daughter, so he as having a tough time with Chris starting to date again ,but he held his tongue.

Chris was jerked out of his thoughts my knock at the door. "Enter," Chris commanded looking up. Cap, poked his head into his young lieutenant's office.

"Fran wanted me to make sure that you and Kate were still coming for dinner," Harry said.

"Better believe it Cap," Chris said smiling big. "I am glad that you are at least giving Kate a chance."

Harry walked over to Chris. He placed a gentle hand on Chris' shoulder. "Chris, You know I think of Rita as my daughter, but I also see you as my son. All I want is for you to be happy."

"Cap, that really means a lot for me. I need to get on with my life. As much as I wish it could be with Rita, it can't." Chris explained. the sorrow evident in his voice.

"I know Lad, I know," Harry patted his back,then left Chris alone with his work.


Standing outside Kate's apartment, Chris knocked softly on the door. He was dressed in a blue dress shirt., and a simple pair of khaki, and he had a single white rose. White roses were Kate's favorite so every time they went out Chris would always get her one. Some times it would be a bouquet, but usually just one.

Kate opened her door, and Chris' mouth dropped open . She was beautiful. She had on a knee length, short
sleeve dress on, and her golden hair had curls that landed just right on her shoulders. "Hey."

"Hey, Kate, this is for you," Chris said handing her the rose and gently kissed her lips.

"Let, me put this in water then we can go."


Pulling up in front the one story house, A woman slowly exited her car. Going to the back seat, she pulled a sleeping child out of the seat. The child stirred and looked up at its mom. "Awe we thewe?" he asked in a tiny voice.

"Yes, we are." The woman answered. Carrying her sleeping son to the front door, she knocked. A few minutes later an older woman opened it and stared.

"Oh My GOD!" Frannie cried. "Rita? Come in! Come in!" Rita allowed Fran to pull her into the home. "Hesch, 'C'mere! See whose stopped by!"

Harry came out of the den to see Rita standing in his hallway holding a tired little boy. "What the..? Rita?" Harry stuttered. Not knowing what else to say he came and gave her a big hug. "Glad you're back!"

"Here, Hun, why don't you sit down, Fran said, sound like a mother. "That young lad, looks heavy? I am sure sitting down will help him sleep better."

"Thank you Fran," Rita answered greatfuly. Sitting down, Rita shifted her sleeping son so that his head was laying on her shoulder,and his little legs were stretched across her lap. "Again I am sorry to have bothered you two, but I didn't know where else to go."

Harry smiled sympathetically. "Its okay, Rita, we are here. We are just glad you finally came back. We all have been worried about you. How and where have you been?"

"I've been in Kentucky. I have been okay. I have been working security consultant for a computer company there," Rita explained. She was trying to avoid telling them why she left in the he first place. "I am truly sorry that I never called or wrote, but things were a little complicated at the time."

Shaking her head, Fran let out an exasperated sigh, "You shouldn't have left Rita. What ever was the problem we could have helped you. Or done something else."

Before Rita could reply, the door bell rang. Fran gland nervously at Harry, both nervous about their expected dinner guests. Rita could see the unsureness in their eyes.

As the door bell sounded again, she asked, "Is anyone going to get that?" Seeing that Harry and Fran weren't making a move to get it. she carefully handed her son to a shocked Fran, went to answered the door. Throwing it open she was shocked to see Chris standing there, holding a blonde woman's hand, who couldn't have been a day over 30.

Seeing Rita opening the door was the last thing he had expected. Suddenly he lost all train of thoughts.

Both Chris and Rita just stood there staring at each other, not sure what to do. Poor Kate just stood by completely confused,

Finally Chris broke the silence. "Is, uhm, Cap and Fran home?" He wanted to yell and scream at her for leaving him, and taking their unborn child with her.

Coming out of her trance, Rita stepped back, and allowed Chris and Kate to enter. Chris' eyes landed on Harry and Fran as the exited the back bedroom. Noticing the steely look in Chris' eyes, Fran tried something to calm him down. Knowing at the slight emotions of his son he would calm down . "Rita, I put him down in the he guest room. Poor Darling was so tired he didn't even wake up as we laid him in his bed."

Rita saw the anger leave his eyes, and love takes its place at the mention of his son. "Thank you Fran."

"What's his name?" Chris murmured, forgetting Kate was standing next to him.

Rita smiled, "C.J."

"He would be four years and 5 months, right? Assuming of course he was born on time." Chris said sheepishly.

"Yes, He was," Rita nodded, smiling even bigger. "Born 23 inches and 8 lbs 4 oz."


"I know. He seems to be growing up so fast. Its seems just like yesterday he was tiny baby."

There it was again, the cold as steel look. "I am sure," he snapped. Feeling a gentle hand cup his arm, Chris looked down to see Kate looking up at him, her eyes full of questions. "Uhm, Kate this is Rita Lance, she was my partner several years ago. Rita this is Kate O'Brien, my girlfriend. Amazing enough he had mange to say 'girlfriend' without choking.

"Nice meeting you," Kate said friendly, shaking Rita's hand.

"Likewise," Rita replied, trying to hold back the tears she felt back. She knew Chris would have to move on, but part of hoped against hope that he would wait for her. If he had waited he might have taken her back after he heard about what happened. There was no chance now, Chris wouldn't voluntarily hurt someone who had nothing to do with their situation. She knew that he would still be the father to his son, that is as soon as she told him that C.J. was his and not Eric's and maybe one day treat her equally and not like the woman who had stolen his son away form him for the first for years of the boys life.

"You know what Chris, maybe I should call a taxi to come pick my up. I have a feeling that you four need to talk about things. We can always do dinner another time." Seeing Chris about to protest, she placed a finger on his lips. "Its okay really Chris. I understand besides, this is the first date we;have had cancelled. I think I will manage to live some how. As long as you promise to make it up to me."

"All right," Chris consented. He waited with her as she called the cab, and then sat on the front porch with her until it arrived. Kissing her goodnight, he headed back inside.

Rita, Fran, and Harry were all sitting at the kitchen table sipping coffee. Chris really didn't want to deal with her now, not when he was finally getting his life back on track.

As he was about ready to sit down, his side began aching. Chris tried to cover up the pain, but to much avail. Harry and Fran immediately knew what was going on. They each took an arm and helped him sit down. Fran fixed him a glass of water, and took two pills out of a prescription bottle and handed them to Chris. Grateful, Chris swallowed the pills and water.

Setting the cup down, Chris looked up and smiled apologetically. "Sorry, I was working out this afternoon, I working out, and must have over done it."

"CHRIS!" Fran practically shouted. She stood next to him, with hands on her hips, looking very upset. "You know that your stitches only came out a week ago,you can't do things like that or it'll send you right back to the hospital."

"The hospital?" Rita let out a soft gasp. "What happened?"

Not being able to meet her eyes, Chris looked down at the empty glass in his hands. "There was this case, with this big drug lord, Hesus Montoya. My partner, Holly Rawlins and I were investigated it, because of the homicide of narcotics cop, Ray Quiller. Everything lead to Montoya. Well, they kidnapped Holly and they wanted theses evidence tapes I had found in Quiller's safety deposit box. Any way the trade of went bad, Holly was killed, and I took two bullets, one in the chest, and on in my side. I was in a coma for two months, and have only been back at work for a month."

"When did this happen?" Rita choked out. Guilt for not being there for him over whelmed her.

"About 8 months ago. I have only been out of the hospital for 3 months... the injuries were really serious. It was touch and go for a while."

"You are going to be okay right?" Rita asked worriedly.

Chris nodded. "As long as I remember I did suffer severe injuries and I can't over do myself like I did today."

Rita head was swimming, 'How could I leave him?' she asked herself. "I am glad that you are.. uh... doing better."

"Yeah." Finally Chris stood up. "I am sorry to run, but I'm feeling tired, and need to get to bed."

"Please," Rita pleaded, wrapping her hand around his wrist. "We need to talk."

"Fran, and I will leave you two to talk," Harry said, pushing his wife out of the room.

After the older couple left the room, Chris reluctantly sat down. "Talk," he ordered in a gruff tone. Almost like she was a subordinate.

"Fine, but you will NOT use that tone with me," Rita answered in the equal tone. "We are after all the same rank."

"Wrong, I am a lieutenant you would be a sergeant!" Chris tried to stop the hate that was flowing through him, but he wasn't having much luck. "Now if you will let me I am going home to bed, it has been too long of an evening in my taste." Grabbing his coat he headed towards the door.

Watching him leave Rita knew only one thing would get him to stay. It was time for the truth. "He is yours you know."

She was right, that stopped him dead in his tracks. Slowly he turned and the hate in his eyes turned into love for the son he had never met. In almost a sense of reverence, he whispered, "mine?"

"Yes," Rita nodded. "He is yours. C.J. looks so much like you, and acts like you."

With tears in his eyes Chris turned round to face the woman who had taken his son away from him. His fist were clenched at his sides in anger, but at the thought of his son.. yes his son... in the next room, the anger melted away to be replaced by love.

"Can I see him?" Chris whispered, now unsure of himself. Rita nodded. She now knew how to get him to listen, through his son. Smiling she grabbed his hand and pulled her towards the back bedroom. As quietly as possible she pushed the bedroom door open.

In awe, Chris watched his son sleep. Even underneath a mound of covers he could still tell his son looked perfect. "He so wonderful," Chris said in a hushed tone.

"I know," Rita agreed. "He has such a big heart, and is so caring He took it up as his job to take care of me and vice versa."

In an unsure voice Chris asked, "Does he know about me?"

"Yes," Rita nodded. "He wants to be a policeman just like his father. I have told him everything about you. Even though he hasn't met you, he looks up to you. You are the type of man he wants to be like. So basically you're his hero, Chris."

"Why did you leave? Why did you take him away from me?" Chris asked, tears forming in his eyes.

"I had to," Rita tried to explain. "If I hadn't Eric threatened to come to you and tell you that he and I were sleeping together, but we weren't. After that one night with you, I knew I could never have gone back to him, and when I tried to tell him that, he got upset, and started threatening you. He even threatened to kill you."

Chris didn't know what to say, he just stared, his mouth hanging slightly open. Tears running down her ace Rita continued. "I didn't want to leave, but I was so scared! I couldn't lose you Chris, not after everybody else I've loved has died. i couldn' do that to you."

"OH Rita," Chris pulled her into his arms and held her tightly. "I wish you would have told me I wouldn't care what I'd have to go there to be there for you and our son."

Rita loved the feeling of Chris' arms wrapped around, she had missed that so much through the years. She leaned her head against his chest, and whispered," I know, and I am sorry. But I won't keep him away from you anymore."

"Can you two stay at my place for couple of days?" Chris asked, his voice almost like a little boys.

"No," Rita argued, "I don't think it would be that good of an idea. "

Chris put on his puppy dog face knowing that it was a weakness of Rita's. "Please Rita. You two can share my bed, and I'll sleep on the couch, I really want you two there tonight."

One look at his puppy dog eyes, Rita knew she was a goner, "Okay, we'll stay there tonight, but we are going to find an apartment soon."

Chris followed Rita into the room his son was sleeping in. Smiling he watched Rita gently shake her son awake. The little boy stirred and slowly woke up. He smiled tiredly at his mother, and snuggled closely to his mother.

"C.J. c'mon stay awake, I want to introduce you to someone," Rita said. C.J. sat up, but remained snuggled next to his mother.

Every bone in Chris' body tingled with nervousness as he sat down next to his son. He smiled warmly at the young child. He gave Rita a quick glance, seeking approval, she nodded her consent.

"Hey, C.J., " Chris kept his voice, soft and warm, "I am Chris, I am your father."

C.J. Eyes grew huge, and the young boy smiled warmly. He launched himself into his fathers arms. Chris was surprised at how easily he was accepting him. If his father hadn't been around, Chris knew he'd have been better.

"I love you Daddy," C.J. whispered, against Chris' neck.

Tears streaming down his cheeks, Chris hugged the boy tighter. "I love you, too,... Son."

Rita watched as her son, got o hug his father for the first time, and Chris his son. Tears were streaming down both Chris and Rita's cheeks. They made eye contact and smiled. For they knew that this was a beginning of a future for them.


Authors Note: I do not own, Harry, Jillian, Rita, and Chris, and Frannie. I do not mean to steal them ,but borrow them.. Kate and C.J. are mine. I want to thank Alex for helping me. I promise the sequal to this one will be longer and have more Chris and Rita... e-mail me good or bad...


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