What Happened To My Sam? - Part One
by KAB

Chris stared at the empty desk across from him.

He wished Rita would come back. She had disapeared two weeks ago. She packed all of her belongings and left Palm Beach. Chris searched everywhere for her,but had no luck.

A single tear slid down his cheek as he thought about the fact that she didn't leave him a note. She just packed up and left. She didn't say a word to anyone. It was so unlike Rita. He was really worried about her

"LORENZO!" bellowed his captain, Harry Lipschitz "Get your butt in here now!"

Chris groaned, and pushed his chair away from his desk. He got up and slowly walked to his captain's office. This was the last thing he needed right now. His partner had left him, his girlfriend moved away,and now his captian was hollering at him.

"You bellowed Cap?" Chris asked sarcasticly.

"Shut up, Lorenzo. I'm not in the mood for your B.S. today. Now sit down," Capt. Lipschitz ordered.

Chris sat down and shut up. Something told him, this was not a day to mess with his boss. "What is this about?" Chris asked.

"There is a homicide at the place where Eric Russel was supposedly murdered. The victim is caucasin, female, approxamately 5' 6" Her face is blown off. So we can't get a facial features. Diana called and thought it might be Rita. I want you to go and check it out."

"OK Cap. I"m on my way now. I"ll come back with more informatoin. I seriously doubt it is Rita."

With that said Chris got up and walked out off his captain office

Chris arrived at the crime scene. He walked over to the body. He looked down at it hard. After a few minutes he dropped to his knees. He covered his head in his hands and started sobbing. His Sammy couldn't be dead , no, he wouldn't believe it.

A male figure from a distance watched the crying detective. He laughed cruely at what he was he was witnessing. "Soon, Lorenzo, Soon. .... You think you lost her now..... just wait, it gets worse. You took her from me. Now you are going to have to deal with loosing her every day of your life."

A female walked up behind the man. "Are you sure he is the one I want to destroy. He looks okay. I doubt he would ever hurt me. He looks so gentle and kind."the woman comented.

"Are you forgetting what he did to you.? He abused you, and he was the reason you lost your memory. I was the one you would always come to,about his drinking. I'm not sure why. After all you are one of the biggest drug lords in Palm Beach. You trust me don't you, Vannessa." The man spoke sharply.

"I guess you're right. You were always there for me JC. Thank you." She leaned forward and placed a lingering kiss on his lips.


Sgt. Rita Lance, and Christopher Lorenzo don't belong to me. Neither to Harry Lipschitz, and Eric Russal. The are owned by USA Netwrok. Vannessa, and JC are my own property. I am always looking forward to hear your comments, good or bad.

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