Eternal Love

The world is lost without you as your last words became imprinted in her soul.
"I love you" those sweet lips uttered one last time and she was there to tenderly hold you.
Your final look at her beautiful green eyes brought tears to your own as you knew this was good-bye.
A love so pure and kind, was destined to become from the moment his eyes seized her heart.
All their lives, they had lived without a purpose.
They had always felt a gaping void in their souls but did not know what would fill it until the fateful day that brought them together, and then, they knew.
He told her once, "I know my purpose, my dear Sammy, and it is to love you.
I was born to love you, and only you."
Those sweet words found their way into her heart and she replied, "My heart no longer feels empty, My darling Sam, because you were what it was missing."
They vowed eternal love for they knew that they were soul mates,
wandering and restless beings alone yet brought together they were...magic.
To have such an endless love only in spirit broke Sammy's heart as she heard a fading whisper claiming that he loved her...
by Vanessa Madrid

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