This is the sequel to Passion and the First Kiss. It contains adult themes. It is all fluff and mush. Consider yourself warned.*g*

Trust and Love

Chris woke up and wiped the sleep from his eyes. His heart was full and his hopes were high as he remembered the most important night of his life. He grinned as he thought of it. The night that changed his life forever. It was so beautiful, words couldn’t evern describe how he felt. He reached over for Rita on the other side of the bed and was surprised that it was empty. As he looked around the room, he noticed all of her clothes were gone and so were her shoes. Did she leave? Why would she leave?

A mild panic attack took root in his stomach as he started to realize she was gone. The most amazing woman he had ever known, gave him the most amazing night he had ever known and now, this same woman was giving him the most amazing heartache he had ever known.

Stumbling out of his bed and putting on the sweat pants that were lying on his floor, Chris made his way down the stairs of his loft. With every step, his eyes filled with water. He remembered carrying her up these very steps last night, and he remembered her telling him she loved him. The pain of her obvious rejection was still stinging but was instantly replaced by the biggest rush of love he thought possible, for the love of his life was standing in his kitchen making him breakfast.

“Chris,” she said upset, “I wanted to surprise you with breakfast in bed and now you’ve ruined the surprise. Why...” she was stopped from finishing her sentence by a young man kissing her with a passion stronger than she had ever known. The minute he saw her standing in his kitchen, he had to have her. With her held firmly in his arms, he came up for air from their kiss and started talking softly in her ear.

“I thought you left me Sammy. Please don’t leave me alone in bed again. I thought you left me.” He repeated himself with the sound of a hurt little boy in his voice.

Pulling back and looking into his eyes (that still had the water in them) she smiled at him and kissed his forehead. “Why would I leave the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my whole life?” His response to this was to hold her tighter in his arms. After holding each other for a couple of minutes, she looked up at him with a mischievous smile, “I was hoping, since it’s Saturday, that I could keep you in bed all day.” She started kissing him slowly on the chin.

“Oh, ya?” He now had the mischievous grin on his face, “what did you plan on doing to me all day in my bed?” Gone was the sadness and despair from just a few minutes earlier.

“A little of this..” she said kissing his cheek. “And a little of this...” she was rubbing her hands slowly up and down his chest. Chris closed his eyes and moaned in pleasure as she wrapped her arms around his neck and started nibbling on his ear. “And a lot of this..” she now covered his mouth with hers hungrily. With her eyes closed tight, she kissed him with all of the excitement of a woman in-love. Eager to help her in this erotic game, he lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Chris took this chance to reach under her shirt (she was wearing his button down shirt) and when he discovered that she was nude under it, he groaned deeply in his throat. His hands were gliding over her bare skin and the sensation was more than she could take. She wanted him then and there. She released his waist and as her legs reached the floor, she spoke seductively to him. “Take me to your bed Chris.” He wasted no time granting her wish. As he lifted her up into his arms and started carrying her to his bed she remembered the breakfast she made for him. “Wait, what about your breakfast?” she was gently stroking his face.

“I plan on having my breakfast in bed Sammy.” His eyes were filled with a fire that sent a flame all through her body and a lump in her throat.

“But it’s down in the kitchen,” she said trying to speak over the lump in her throat. His response was exactly what she wanted and needded to hear.

As he reached the top step to his bedroom he looked into her eyes and they softened with love, “You’re the only breakfast I need Sunshine.” Setting her down on the bed (kneeling), he stood at the foot of it watching her. He was about to join her when she stopped him by holding up her hand.

“Let me get your breakfast ready first Sam.” She was starting to unbutton the shirt she was wearing very slowly and seductively. His eyes filled with desire as he anxiously watched her long beautiful fingers undue each button. As the last button came out of the buttonhole, she held the shirt together and slowly lowered it off her shoulders. He was going out of his mind with desire for her. “Rita, you’re driving me crazy.”

Reaching for her he stopped her from lowering the shirt any further. He kneeled on the bed facing her and he whispered to her. “Let me finish it Sammy. Let me do it.” She could hear the want and need in his voice and his plea had its desired affect. She gasped as she felt his hands on her bare shoulders. She looked in his eyes and the pure love sent her emotions flying.

She closed her eyes and let the feeling of his mouth roaming over her shoulder sink into her very soul. Rita couldn’t help but let a little moan from escaping as his tongue and lips made their way down from her neck to the valley between her breasts. As Chris pushed the shirt down revealing her breasts, he felt as if he would explode with desire. Carefully and with awe, he gently caressed her breast with one hand and his mouth devoured the other. Rita couldn’t resist running her hands into his hair, holding his mouth close to her body.

Now past the point of holding back anymore, Chris slowly made his way back up to her mouth as her hands were now pulling his sweat pants down to his knees. “I think your breakfast is way past ready Chris.” Taking the hint he started pushing her down onto the bed.

Looking down into her eyes with the passion hotter than any other lover she had known, he responded, “I like my breakfast hot Sammy. I’m not sure it’s hot enough yet.” With that said he pulled his sweat pants off and threw them on the floor beside the bed. As he turned his attention back on her, the blue in his eyes was dark and smoldering. He lay down on top of her and started to make love to her.

She arched her back in pure desire as his hand started making its way up her inner thigh. “Are you hot enough Sammy?” As his fingers reached her inner core, she moaned in agony and he groaned as he discovered how ready she really was. She couldn’t imagine a love better than this in her whole life. She didn’t know that sex could be so wonderful. She needed him and she wanted him. That must of been the missing ingredients in all of her other relationships. As his movements started to get hotter and faster she couldn’t help her plea from escaping.

“Please Chris...Please” she was almost out of her mind with the need for him. Her plea moved him, because he needed her just as much. He made his way back up to her mouth and just before their lips met, she moaned with the anticipation of the taste of him. She opened her mouth to him and her tongue darted into his mouth making him moan from her boldness. With her hands in his hair, she tried her best to make him lose complete control and to make him insane with need for her. It worked.

As he entered her he moaned her name, “Rita..” With each thrust he tried desperately to extinguish the fire that burned deep in his soul. When she wrapped her legs around his body, he lost complete control. “Oh God...” he thrust into her hard and deep. She reached up behind his neck and pulled his mouth down to hers again.

Before their mouths met she spoke softly with great passion in her voice “Open your mouth Chris.” He did as he was instructed and her tongue entered his mouth and explored it intimately and deeply, while his pelvis continued to push into her again and again.

“Rita I want you so badly,” he said as he broke free for air and as he pushed into her again, they both exploded into a million pieces. As their heartbeats started to come down Rita was laying on top of Chris kissing his chest and he was rubbing the small of her back. She looked up at him with eyes full of awe and wonder. Slowly she made her way up his body and kissed him on the mouth softly but passionately. He took her face into his hands and looked straight into her eyes (and soul). “That was without a doubt the best breakfast I have ever had,” he teased her lovingly.

She smiled down at him and then he saw a glint of doubt in her eyes. “It was better than your breakfast with Jillian?” She was still very vulnerable and she still had her fleeting doubts about his feelings for her and for Jillian.

His heart ached at the doubts she was still having. Enough playing and teasing. “Rita..I” he was running his hands through her hair and trying to put into words what he was feeling. “Rita..I never made love before there was you. In order to make love, you have to be in-love. Everything else I experienced in my life was just sex. Do you understand what I am trying to say to you?” (H)e looked into her eyes and wiped the tears that were flowing down her cheeks. Smiling at him she shook her head yes.

“You’re trying to say that you love me.” She closed her eyes and leaned her face into the hand that was holding her face. Slowly she opened her eyes, “I love you too Chris.” Her admission to him was like music to his ears. He waited so many years to hear her say that to him. He lifted his head off of the bed and leaned up to kiss her mouth. Her lips were beckoning to his and he needed to taste them again. As their lips met, she pushed them back down on the bed and Chris took this opportunity to roll over and pin her underneath him. He moaned as she arched her back up to make contact with his highly aroused body. He slipped his arm around her pulling her arched back up tighter to his body. “Chris, will you make love to me again,” she pleaded breathlessly.

“Oh, Sammy...” as he started to kiss her passionately the phone rang. Ignoring the phone, he journeyed on to please her until he noticed Rita stiffen as the phone kept ringing.

“Maybe you should answer that Chris,” she stated out of breath from his kisses.

“No, its Saturday. This is our day off. Besides, didn’t you say you wanted to keep me in bed all day?” he grinned at her and her heart melted. She put her arms around his neck and replied.

“It might be important Sam.” She hated putting a halt to the amazing things he was doing to her, but she knew all to well that the phone ringing over and over again was usually Cap trying to get them.

“But Sammy...” he sounded like he was whining as he looked over at the phone and then her.

“If you pick up the phone I will make it up to you, if you get my drift,” she said very seductively while her finger played with his bottom lip. He smiled as he picked up the phone.

“Yeah, Lorenzo,” he was talking on the phone, but she commanded all of his attention as she leaned up and started kissing his neck. He was completely lost to her as her kisses turned into hot, wet opened mouth kisses that made their way to his other ear. Trying to focus again on the caller, “I’m sorry, what did you say?” with closed eyes, he covered the phone with his hand and groaned as her tongue made its way deeply into his ear “oh god Rita.” He moved his head and sought out her lips. Totally lost in her seduction, he laid the phone back down in its cradle hanging up on who ever called, ready to join her in the game she started. “Do you have any idea what you’re doing to me?” he said softly in her ear while his teeth nibbled on her earlobe. Her response was a loud moan. “Yep that’s exactly what you’re doing to me,” he said capturing her mouth in a hot, slow fashion. The phone began to ring again. “Noooooo” he said as he laid his head on the pillow next to Rita’s.

“Just answer it and take care of them Sam.” She didn’t want anymore interruptions and apparently this caller needed to talk to Chris badly. As he reached for the phone again he made a request from her.

“I’ll pick up this phone under one condition.” He had a grin on his face.

“What?” Her interest was peaked.

“You, my friend have to get out of bed.” She was startled by his request. “I can’t keep my mind on the phone if you are laying next to me. She smiled as she realized for the first time the effect she had on him. As the phone continued to ring, she got out of the bed, completely naked, wearing only a smile that said everything. He picked up the phone as he watched her go into the bathroom and turn on the shower. “Yeah Lorenzo,” he stated almost mad.

“Chris?” his attention was diverted as he heard Rickki talking to him on the line.

“Hey Rickki, good morning,” he was back to his happy self.

“Morning? Chris it is 2 o’clock.” She laughed to herself, as she knew why he was so disoriented. “Not much sleep last night huh?”

“Nope, how about you?” he smiled thinking about Rita and what she did to him the last 24 hours.

“No I didn’t either, but I was up with a little boy.” She covered her mouth as she yawned into the phone. “Sorry about that.”

“Hey is Josh ok?” He suddenly got worried. He remembered that Josh had a fever last night when he and Rita where watching him.

“Yeah he’s ok. It’s just the teething. He is a happy go lucky kid today. Anyway, the reason I am calling is because you and Rita said we could meet for lunch today. I know lunch is too late, but can you guys come over for dinner?” She sounded a little apprehensive and the detective in Chris sensed it right away.

“Sure...let me double check with Rita, but I’m sure she’ll say yes.” He couldn’t resist questioning her again. “Rickki are you sure everything is all right? You have been acting kind of strange lately.” She could hear the concern in his voice.

“Everything is fine. I just need to talk to the both of you about something. I promise. So quit messing around with Rita and get your butts over here by 5. Ok?” She laughed as she heard him chuckle.

“That’s great. we’ll see you then.” He hung up the phone and sat on the bed quietly thinking about what she wanted.

“Sam.........why don’t you join me?” He smiled as he heard Rita’s voice and it brought him out of his thoughts of Rickki.


Waiting at Rickki’s front door after ringing the doorbell, Chris and Rita were both a little worried about her. “Did she tell you anything about what she wants?” Rita questioned him for the third time.

“For the last time Sammy, you know as much as I do.” He reached down to kiss her when Rickki opened the door holding a crying Joshua.

“What’s the matter my little man?” Rita reached over to hold his tiny hand in hers.

“Would you take him Rita. The water on the stove is boiling over.” She didn’t wait for her reply, she handed the upset baby over to her.

“Sure I will,” Rita said holding the crying baby in her arms, she kissed him on the forehead again and bounced him up in down in her arms. He started to calm down and by the time Rickki got back into the room, he was asleep in her arms. Chris had closed the door and was leaning on the doorway, just watching her calm down Josh. The love in his eyes was evident as they followed Rita’s every move.

“Wow, you are so good with him Rita.” Rickki moved to take him but Rita teased her.

“No way are you getting him out of my arms now.” She smiled and kissed the top of the sleeping baby’s head. Rickki laughed.

“Fine have it your way, but when your arm starts to hurt, don’t come crying to me.” she teased Rita, but she knew very well what it was like holding someone you love in your arms. She too had held Josh till her arms ached, but she didn’t want to let him go. It felt too good, no matter how much it hurt. “Dinner will be ready in 45 minutes. Have a seat you two. We need to talk.” She pointed to the couch and as Rita and Chris sat down on it, she went into the other room to retrieve some papers.

With his arm around Rita, Chris smiled and whispered in her ear, “you look great with a baby in your arms Sammy. You’re a natural with him.” She blushed as he complimented her and she reached up and kissed his cheek.

As Rickki walked back into the room with some papers in her hands, she sat down in the recliner opposite Chris and Rita, laying down the papers. Chris and Rita watched her and looked worried about the papers she had. “I know you two are wondering what I called you here for. I’ll get right to the point.” She reached over and caressed her son’s head and then reached down to pick up the papers. She looked at Chris and then Rita and started talking again. “ Chris, I want you and Rita to be Joshua’s legal guardians in case anything happens to me.” A stunned Chris and Rita sat there with their mouths wide open.

Chris stood up and walked over to her, “Ok, what is going on Rickki? I know something is wrong. Let us help you, tell us what’s going on.”

“Honestly Chris, nothing is wrong. I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and she was telling me about a young couple that had a baby and the couple was killed in an accident. They didn’t have any plans made in case something happened to them and now the baby is in an orphanage. I can’t let that happen to Josh.”

Rita spoke up for the first time. “Why us Rickki? What about the baby’s father?” Rita was stunned by Rickki’s response.

“NO! Promise me that you will make sure he never gets his hands on Josh.” She had a hold of Chris’ shirt now and she was very upset. “Please promise me Chris.” She had water in her eyes as she looked back over to Rita. “There are only two people in this world that I know of that love him like I do and that’s you two.”

“But Rickki, Chris and I aren’t even married. We don’t even live together.” She looked over at Chris and he smiled at her. He was about to say the same thing. They were so perfect for each other.

“I know you two. You were destined for each other, but even if it doesn’t work out for you, I know you’ll make it work for Josh, but it will work out for you both..” she smiled and laughed as Chris winked at Rita and she blushed back at him. “I know that you will still love Josh and take care of him. What do you think? Will you guys do it?” She looked at them with anxious, almost pleading eyes.

“Can Rita and I talk alone for a minute Rickki?” He needed see how she felt about this request.

“Sure. I need to go finish dinner anyway. I want you to really think about what I am asking. It’s not anything to take lightly. But I know you realize that already. Call me if you need anything.” She rubbed her son’s back and then left them alone in her living room.

“What do you think Rita?” Chris really had no idea what she thought about this. He barely knew how he felt about it.

“Do you realize the impact of this decision Chris? This is something that we are bound to for the rest of our lives. This is a very big deal.” She looked at him seriously as he shook his head in agreement.

“I realize that Sammy,” he said, taking the sleeping baby out of her arms. “Can you honestly tell me that you could walk away from this baby (he made a gesture to the sleeping baby) when he needed us the most?” The truth in his statement went straight to her heart. She walked over to Chris and started rubbing the baby’s back. “Could you really stand to see anyone else have him?” Chris knew his heart. He would have Joshua in a heartbeat with no questions asked, but Rita was the one that over analyzed everything. In her heart she loved him like he was hers, but her head screamed “don’t get too close. What if you lost him.” Chris knew what she was thinking right then. He had seen that look in her eyes many times before. It was the look she would get, when he got to close to her. When he started tearing down some of the walls around her heart. He laid the baby down in the playpen and then took her into his arms. “You can’t let the fear of losing him, stop you from loving him. What good is this life if you don’t love?” Chris hit the nail right on the head and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Smiling she responded, “you know me way to well partner.” As she pulled away, he caressed her cheek. “Are you really willing to take on this commitment Sam? It’s not a matter of not loving him. We both know we love him. Are you ready for this?” She was looking deeply into his eyes.

“If you’re with me, I can do anything,” he smiled. She hugged him again.

“Ok,” she whispered into his ear. Shocked he pulled back to look into her eyes.

“OK?” Chris asked, first surprised by her answer. “Are you sure?” He hesitated with her quick response.

“Yes, I am. I love him and I love you and besides, I sure couldn’t stand anyone else taking this baby away from us.” She smiled and caressed his cheek as the excitement in his eyes made her laugh. He picked her up and twirled her around and around. Her laughter woke up Joshua. He put her down and picked up the infant. “Hey sport, we are going to be your legal guardians.” Chris closed his eyes as he hugged the baby close to him. Rickki stood in the doorway witnessing the whole event.

“Sooo, does this mean yes?” Rickki asked hopeful.

Chris and Rita said at the same time,“YES!” They all laughed and Rickki wasted no time getting them to sign the papers. Rita was the first to sign as Chris and Josh watched. It was Chris’ turn and Rita took a now giggling baby while Chris signed. Rickki sighed in relief, as she finally knew that Josh would be all right no matter what happened to her. Rickki laughed as something came to her mind. “What are you laughing about?” Chris asked while tickling Josh.

“I was just thinking how happy my dying would make you two.” She smiled until she saw the look of horror on Rita and Chris’ face. “Ahh....that didn’t come out right. All I meant was that you would make a nice family.” She smiled at them. There was an awkward silence that hung in the room. Trying to change the subject Rickki announced that dinner was ready.

After finishing dinner, Rita helped Rickki wash the dishes while Chris put Josh to bed. Rita still couldn’t get what Rickki said out of her mind. She took the wet dish from Rickki and started to dry it. “Rickki, about what you said before dinner about us being happy if you died...” Rickki stopped washing the dish and turned to look at Rita.

“I didn’t mean it the way it sounded Rita. Honest.” She smiled and Rita couldn’t help but notice how truly beautiful she was. Rickki had the most amazing blue eyes that danced with life. Rita put down the towel and dish and reached for Rickki’s hand and pulled her over to the kitchen table. They didn’t realize that Chris was standing outside the kitchen door and that he was about to enter when he heard Rita ask her to sit down. He knew he shouldn’t eavesdrop, but he couldn’t stop himself.

“Lets talk for a minute.” She pulled out the chair for Rickki and then she sat down. “Rickki, I need you to know how much you mean to Chris. It would destroy him if he lost you. He loves you a great deal. When you were dating, he used to tell me all about the fun you guys always had. His eyes would glow when he talked about you. They still do, but in a different way. He has never really had a sister before and I think in a weird way, he kind of considers you like his little sister.” Rita smiled at Rickki.

“You don’t sleep with your sister Rita?” She was teasing her. Rickki knew that Rita knew that Chris and her were no longer interested in a romantic relationship.

Hitting Rickki with the dishtowel, Rita replied, “I know that Rickki, you are sick girl.” Rita was laughing, but she got back to the issue. “It’s hard to explain, but that’s the only way I could think to explain it in words. All you really need to know is that he loves you and if you EVER think of leaving, you will have to get past him first, and if by some fluke you got past him, you’d have to get past me.” Rita reached over and took Rickki’s hand and squeezed it. “Got it?”

Squeezing her hand back she replied, “Yeah, I got it. We need each other and we need to take care of each other.” She smiled at Rita and then hugged her.

“Yeah.” Rita smiled back as they got back up to finish the dishes. Chris stood at the door and cleared the lump that had formed in his throat as he composed himself before entering the kitchen.

“How are my two favorite girls doing?” He walked in and they both turned to smile at him.


Rita and Rickki were standing talking while he went to get their coats. He helped Rita put on her jacket and then he stood behind her wrapping her in his arms while he listened to them talk about baby beds. He got lost in the feeling of her as he started to rub up against her. Rita felt a chill run down her entire body as she felt his arousal pressing into her. She couldn’t help but push back and rub against him too.

“Rita, let me go and get your copy of my will ok?” Rickki said as she went into the other room. Chris took this chance to kiss her ear. She closed her eyes and then slowly lowered her body up and down caressing his. The feeling of his tongue in her ear sent her to a place she knew as heaven. Everytime he touched her, he sent her there.

“Rita, I want you.” He groaned as she reached behind her and caressed his already hardened manhood. She lifted his coat and her hand was moving up and down over the zipper of his jeans. The reaction to her stroking him was strong. He snapped. He reached up her shirt and held her breast in his hand. The sound of pleasure coming from Rita’s throat was driving him mad. Rickki coming back from the den brought them back to reality very fast. They tried to bring themselves under control as Rickki started talking.

“Here you go. Call me in a couple of day’s ok? We can go look for Josh’s bed next weekend ok?” Rita took the papers and then hugged Rickki good-bye. As she headed toward the door, Chris reached over and kissed her on forehead. Rickki laughed as she pushed them out the door and waved good-bye to them. Chris beat Rita to the car door and he opened it for her.

“Thanks Sam.” She smiled and kissed his cheek. The memory of his body firmly rubbing against hers still very fresh in her mind.

“You’re very welcome Sammy.” He shut her door and practically ran to his side. He wanted to get home and get home fast. He too could still feel her hand caressing his body. He noticed that his car engine was not the only motor running. As they pulled out onto the highway, she started moving in closer to him. She undid her seat belt and moved right next to him and started kissing his neck. She sucked on his neck until she gave him a hickey, setting him on fire.

“Chris?” She whispered into his ear.

“Yeah Sammy?” He had actual goose bumps from her contact.

“Let’s go parking.” She was starting to feel frisky and wanted to have some fun.

With amazement in his voice, “What? Are you serious?” He looked over at her and then back at the road.

“Yeah, I’ve never made out in the back seat of a car before.” She was really turning him on. He never saw this side of her before and frankly he liked it, no he loved it. “What do you say, want to teach me how to make out in the back seat of a car?” She knew what she was doing to him and she smiled as her hand slowly caressed higher and higher up his thigh.

“Oh, god yes, count me in.” He smiled at her with the look of a pure lust. Before she knew it, he had parked his car at the beach and he had jumped into the back seat. He was motioning for her to come back and join him. Once she was all settled and nestled in his arms, he spoke. “Ok, now the first thing you have to do Sammy is look deeply into my eyes.” All of the sudden he remembered something. He got out of the embrace and Rita frowned. He smiled at her and kissed her nose. “We can’t make out in the back seat of a car without music Sam. It’s a must.” He reached back over the front seat and tuned on a station that played all love songs. After sitting back down on the seat he took her into his arms again. “Now where were we? Oh yes, looking deeply into each others eyes.” He smiled and she smiled. “Second, you start out with some soft caresses.” He took his hand and rubbed up and down her arm lovingly. She was more than ready to tryout this step.

“Like this?” She was really in rare form tonight as she reached over to him and caressed him through his jeans. He closed his eyes and moaned as she sent a blaze of fire through his whole body.

“Ah, ya...that’s pretty good Sammy.” He was trying desperately to hold on to any kind of control.

“What’s next Sam?” She looked into his eyes and he could see the passion burning brightly. “No don’t tell me, this is where the necking comes in right?” She reached over for him and as her lips made contact with his, her tongue came out to fully taste his lips. He moaned as he opened his mouth to hers and accepted her advances whole-heartedly.

After coming up for a breath he remarked. “Are you sure you have never done this before?” He was very short of breath and the air in the car was moist from the heat of their bodies.

“Nope, you are my first.” She whispered to him as she started to push him down on the back seat. She was now lying on top of him and she was right where he wanted her to be.

“Well, you’re a fast lear...” she silenced him with a kiss that rocked him to his toes. They made out in the back of his car for 20 minutes before they could no longer wait. Rita unzipped his pants and took a hold of his manhood. He had already gotten her panties off her and in one fast movement, she lowered herself down on him. This was going to be fast and intense. She had her eyes closed as she took control of the thrusts. “Rita..” he moaned her name as she lay down on his chest still thrusting herself onto him. She reached down and covered his mouth with a hot wet kiss. She propped herself up on her hands (that were on each side of Chris’ head) and continued the hot, needful thrusts. She had her eyes closed and head down as Chris looked up at her through eyes full of love. She kept up the pace and they were both nearing the exploding climax. By now he was helping her with each stroke. He was lifting up trying to help her with each downward thrust. With one final deep thrust, they both moaned at the explosive finale.


It was 8 am on Monday morning as Chris strolled into the office. He hesitated as he approached his desk. There was a vase full of long stem roses on his desk with a card sticking out of the bouquet. He was reading the card with a smile on his face when Cap walked in. “Lorenzo, what’s the matter? You never beat me into work. Is hell freezing over?” Cap laughed and went over to the detective and looked at him closely, watching the smile on his face as he read the card. Something was different about him. “Wow, who are the flowers from kid?” Cap asked as he grabbed the card out of Chris hand. He read the card and it said, “Thank you for the most wonderful weekend of my life. Your Brunette.” Cap whistled and grinned at Chris as he handed him the card back.

Chris looked up at Cap and noticed that he was looking closely at his neck. “What?” He asked the older man.

“You must have had one hell of a weekend kid. By the looks of your neck, you should probably be in traction, not into work early. Tell Cap ole’ buddy all about it. Man Lorenzo, I would love to get a hold of your diary one day,” Cap rambled on. Rita was standing in the doorway and she heard everything Cap said to Chris. She grinned and then cleared her throat letting Chris know she was standing there.

Chris looked up at her and smiled. “God she is beautiful.” He thought to himself. “Nice roses Chris.” She smiled at him and he laughed as her eyes shined with love for him.

“Can you believe this kid Lance? He is the only guy I have ever seen get roses from the ladies. Back in my day it was the guy that sent roses.” He had his arm draped around Rita’s shoulders and as Rita and Cap proceeded to tease Chris.

“Some us of Ladies never get roses Cap. It must be nice.” She was having a ball teasing Chris.

“What’s the matter with you Lorenzo, why don’t you share your roses with your partner? Where are your manners?” Cap just laughed as he turned and walked into his office.

Chris picked out a rose and walked over to Rita. He was having trouble controlling his heartbeat. The minute his eyes beheld her, his blood pressure raised (along with other body parts). He wanted to touch her and hold her and kiss her right there. Man this was going to be hell. Not being able to reach out to her. Acting like he was only her best friend. With a whisper, “A rose for my beautiful rose.” She blushed as he handed her the flower and as his eyes locked on hers, a sense of awe and wonder came over them both. This was a new feeling for them. Being in love. It was exciting, frightening and wonderful all at the same time.

“Sammy, lets go get some breakfast at the Roach coach.” She gladly accepted his invitation and as he held the palm tree door open for her, he had to restrain himself from touching her. She looked up into his eyes and the passion she saw burning underneath sent a lightening bolt of electricity running through her whole body.

“Thanks Sam.” She smiled at him as he held open the door. “Man he smelled wonderful.” She thought to herself. As they were walking down the hallway, a room caught her eye. Grabbing his hand, she pulled him into the interrogation room and closed the door. Before he knew what hit him, she had him pushed up against the wall, kissing him with a wet, hot opened mouth kiss. “How am I going to get through the day? I can’t stand not being able to touch you.” She was lost in a deep, mind-numbing kiss that shook his whole world.

“I know Sammy, I got to work early because I wanted to get here to be with you. I couldn’t wait to see you again.” He now had her pinned up against the wall and she moaned as his hand started wondering up and inside her thigh, under her skirt.

With closed eyes and the sound of agony in her voice, “Chris...” she sent him to that very familiar place, where only the two of them existed. He loved to hear her say his name like that. The desire and the need she exhibited for him were addictive. “Chris...we can’t.” she was trying her best to stay rational, to stay in control. As he lifted her up and wrapped her legs around his waist, she moaned as she felt his arousal pressing into her. “Oh God Chris..” her mouth reached out for his hungrily. As their lips touched, he opened his mouth to deepen the kiss and her hands flew up into his hair trying to keep up with the pace he was setting.

Chris couldn’t believe this need he had for her. It was endless. Wasn’t it just 3 short hours ago, that he made love to her? In fact, he made love to her all night, so where was this hunger coming from? He never in his life experienced this over whelming desire. In between kisses he spoke softly to her. “Sammy, I need you so much. I can’t get enough of you.” His explanation of love sparked a fire in her that shot all the way down to her loins.

“I know, Chris. I want you so much.” She took control of the kiss and it was his turn to moan, as her confession put an end to any sense of control for both of them. Twenty very satisfying minutes later, Chris and Rita exited the interrogation room with big smiles on their faces. “About that breakfast Sam? I’ve worked up an appetite.” She looked at him with glowing eyes as they walked out the building to the parking lot.

Leaning into her, Chris wrapped his arm around her shoulder and whispered. “That is how every day should start Sammy.” He smiled at her wickedly and she looked around to see if anyone was watching them. When she felt safe, she reached up and kissed him on the cheek. “You can say that again Sam.”

Little did Chris and Rita know, Cap was watching out his window and he witnessed the latest kiss from Rita. He rubbed his stomach as it started to churn. “Oh no.” He saw Chris’ arm around Rita. “Chris always does that to Rita. There’s nothing new in that. But Rita kissed him on the cheek. Nah, they have always been close friends.” As he watched closer, he saw the way Chris was looking at Rita. He was positively glowing. Something is going on with....” just as he was going to finally admit that something was happening between his best detective team, he saw Rickki approach Chris with Joshua in tow. Chris grabbed Josh from her and then leaned down and kissed her on the cheek and then he hugged her. “Rickki is a brunette, and Chris was going to see her this weekend. Look at the way he is looking at that baby.” He had a smile on his face as relief came to the pit of his stomach. Cap made a note to invite Rickki and Chris over for dinner. It looked like she was going to be an important part of Chris’ life again.

“Rickki! How are you two this morning?” Chris took Josh from her arms and then leaned in to give her a hug.

“I’ll be glad when we get our teeth in finally. Maybe we could get a decent nights sleep.” She smiled at Rita and walked over to her and hugged her. “Morning Rita.” She smiled at Rita returned the hug. Having Rita as friend was truly a blessing to her. She never really had girl friends before and she could really get use to this sister stuff.

“Hi, hey, what’s up?” She hugged Rickki and pulled back to look into her eyes.

“I was on the way to take Josh to the daycare, when I remembered that you will need to fill out a couple of forms for them. If something were to happen to me, I want you to be able to still use the daycare without any red tape.” She handed Rita the forms and Rita started reading them. All of the sudden, Cap was outside at the roach coach and he was tickling Josh in the stomach.

“Hey there big fella.” Cap looked up at Chris and noticed the surprise in his eyes. “What Lorenzo?”

“Nothing Cap, its just, I didn’t think you liked kids.” He was handing over the baby to Cap and Josh was giggling up a storm.

“What gave you that idea? Frannie and I have been baby-sitting nieces and nephews for years. We both love kids.” He was sitting at the picnic table now and he had Josh on his lap. “Yes I do. I just love babies.” He had a baby sound to his voice as he talked to Josh. Rita was still in her own world sitting at the table reading the forms Rickki brought. “Hey, Lorenzo, why don’t you and Rickki come over for dinner tonight? You could bring this little guy here. Frannie would love to see you.” Cap was looking up at Chris and then Rickki and he was trying to understand the shock in their eyes. If looks could kill, Cap would have been dead. Rita’s head sprung up with his comment and she couldn’t hide the hurt she was feeling. Cap looked over at Rita and saw it before she could hide it. He felt bad. Rita felt left out. “Hey Lance, you could come too. Why don’t you bring a date? Do you want me to try and get you one?” Cap had not heard of any man in Rita’s life since Eric. He was not sure she was dating yet. This statement from Cap ignited an anger in Chris that he had never experienced before. It hurt deeply to think of her with someone else.

In the meantime, Rickki was standing back and having a very hard time not laughing. Rita looked jealous and Chris looked mad and Cap looked....clueless. “I don’t know about that Captain Lipschitz......” she was looking at Chris begging him to jump in but before he could Cap had spoken.

“Nonsense. It’s settled. Lorenzo, you’ll bring Rickki and Rita, you’ll bring? Who will you bring Rita?” He looked at her and he was startled by the emotions he saw laying just below the surface of her deep green eyes. Before she could respond, Chris jumped in.

“Yeah, who will you bring Sam?” He was angry and hurt and he couldn’t stop himself from taking in out on her. She looked up at him and was shocked by his response. He had no right to be angry with her. So in true Lance style she responded.

“That’s none of your business now is it Chris?” She looked into his eyes and the fire he saw there made him angrier. The raw emotions were beginning to run out of control. Not 10 minutes ago, he was her whole world. She didn’t want any other man. She would never want any other man in her whole life and she couldn’t believe that he didn’t know that. Maybe this new facet of their relationship was just too much. Maybe it was asking too much to get everything, to get love, friendship and passion all in the same package. The next thing they knew Donovan was calling to Rita.

“Lance, where have you been? We’re due in court today. Did you forget?” He was looking at Chris and Rita and he could feel the tension immediately. “Did I interrupt something here?” He was watching the scene closely and he could tell that something was very wrong.

“Nope you haven’t interrupted anything George. I‘m all yours. In fact, George I need a date for dinner at Cap’s house tonight, would you be interested? I know that you haven’t been divorced very long from Andrea, but I would love your company?” Looking over at Chris, she could see the anger rising below his blue eyes. Chris had enough so he started to fight fire with fire.

“Well, what time should I pick you up Rickki?” He put his arm around her and was looking at Rita at the same time. He didn’t want this. He wanted to run over to her and wrap his arms around her and hold her for the rest of his life. What was he doing?

Seeing Chris with his arm around Rickki just crushed her. She couldn’t let him see how it was affecting her. “What do you say George?” She turned her back on Chris and looked up into the very confused eyes of one Assistant District Attorney.

Not really sure what was going on, George responded, “Sure if you really want me to come, I’d be delighted.” He looked over at Chris and noticed the set of his jaw was very tense. This was going to be one very interesting evening.


Rickki and Chris were already at Cap’s house by the time George and Rita showed up. When she walked into the living room, she saw Chris, Rickki and Josh sitting on the couch and she noticed that Chris had his arm around Rickki.

The minute Chris saw Rita, he thought he would explode. She was wearing his favorite dress and she knew it. She was wearing the red halter-top dress that showed off her gorgeous long legs. When he looked into her eyes, he saw the defiant spark that she was sending his way. This made him even angrier. She knew what that dress did to him. Even when they were just friends, he couldn’t hold back the appreciation in his eyes for her whenever she wore it.


The minute his eyes saw her in the red halter-top dress, he groaned. She heard his groan and called him on it. “Is something the matter partner?” She smirked at him as she watched his eyes roam down her body and check out her legs.

“Why do you have to wear that dress Sam? It’s too damn alluring. You could give him the wrong idea?” Chris couldn’t take his eyes off her and his concern about her going undercover in that dress perplexed him a great deal.

“Just what are you trying to say Chris?” She was having so much fun flirting with him. She could see the affect this dress was having on him and even though she knew that they were just best friends and partners, she loved the way he was over protective of her. Almost jealous. She shook her head as she laughed at what she just thought.

Walking over to her and putting his hands on her upper arms, he responded with a deep husky voice that startled her. “Sammy, I know I’m just your best friend and partner, but I’m also a man and let’s just say the vision of you in that dress pushes me dangerously close to my arousal threshold.” He couldn’t resist leaning down and kissing her on the forehead. “So if this dress is affecting me this way, how do you think it is going to affect every other male out there?” He pulled back and looked into her eyes and that is when he realized he put them in a hard spot. He didn’t mean to actually tell her how turned on she made him, but he couldn’t help himself. Lately, she was able to put him into all kinds of hard spots.

Pulling away from him she grabbed her jacket and he took it from her to help her put it on. She noticed the hungry way he was looking at her and she hoped he couldn’t see the way his eyes were effecting her. “Why thank you partner. That is the nicest thing you have ever said to me, but please remember that I am a cop just like you and I can take care of myself ok?” She turned around and looked up into his eyes and placed her hand on his cheek and smiled.

Realizing that she was putting him in his place as nicely as she could, he exhaled and then replied, “Ok Sammy, I hear you, just please be careful. I’m too old to be looking for a new best friend and partner.” This was his way of telling her that he trusted her and that she meant the world to him.

Walking him out the door of her apartment, she pulled the door closed, “Hey you aren’t going to get rid of me anytime soon partner, so lighten up ok?” And through the closed door Chris can be heard saying,

“Yes ma‘am.”

*Back to Cap’s living room*

Frannie came into the living room and smiled when she saw Rita and George. She was about to say something when she looked over at Chris and she could literally see the fire coming out of his eyes and they were set on his partner. This startled her a great deal. As she watched Rita throw daggers back at Chris, it hit her what was going on. “Oh my,” she thought to herself and then she smiled. It had finally happened; any fool could see that, any fool that is except her husband. She could tell by the confused looks on Rickki and George’s faces that they knew, how come Harry couldn’t see that he was standing in the midst of a couple that were about to explode with passion. Realizing that she better get them out of the room so they could talk before Harry said something to set them off, Frannie walked over to Rita and George and hugged them. “Rita honey you look wonderful tonight.” Rita hugged Fran back and thanked her. When Cap remarked,

“George buddy don’t you think she looks pretty?” Cap remembered the look of hurt in her eyes this morning. He was trying to do anything to boost her spirits. He had Josh sitting on his lap, so he wasn’t paying to close attention to what was going on in his living room.

George on the other hand didn’t quite know how to respond. He saw Chris sit up and noticed that he looked ready to jump him at his remark. “Ahh......sure Harry, Rita always looks nice.” He looked at Chris and noticed he was a little calmer. He knew Chris would never hurt him, but he was not thinking to straight right now.

Frannie jumped in when she saw Chris sit up straighter on the couch waiting for George to answer. “Chris honey, would you please go into the kitchen and open the wine?” Chris relaxed a little and nodded his head at her.

“Sure Fran, I’d do anything for you.” He got up and walked into the kitchen. Happy for the few minutes alone to pull himself back together. This was driving him crazy, he knew that George would never hurt him by hitting on Rita. Even though they just got together, he knew George picked up on it. He needed to get a little control over himself again, but there was only one person that could help him do that and she was being stubborn. She knew nothing was going on with Rickki and himself, she knew that Rickki only came tonight because she wanted to help them save their jobs and to be able to stay partners.

Frannie set down the hor‘dorves and then put part two of her plan together. “Rita dear, would you get two more wine glasses from the kitchen. I don’t know where my head is today,” she said innocently as she hid two wineglasses behind a potted plant in the living room.

“Sure Frannie, I’ll be right back.” As she started for the kitchen, she told herself that enough was enough. She was going to apologize to Chris for making him mad on purpose. She didn’t want to fight with him. There were a lot of other things she wanted to do with him, fighting was no where near the top of that list. She smiled to herself as she thought of all the possibilities. Opening the door she took a deep breath and then let it out. When Chris heard the kitchen door open, he had a shocked expression on his face when he saw his partner walking through it.

All of the pain and jealousy of the day showed in his eyes. Just as Rita was about to say she was sorry to him, he let all of his fears and hurt out on her. “Why aren’t you out there with your date? I think you two look very nice together.” He said this with a forced and hurtful tone. With the words, I’m sorry sitting on her tongue just waiting to spill out of her mouth; she felt the anger returning to her. He had no right to be this mad at her. She didn’t start this. She was quick to come back with the Lance wit and sometimes that wit could really hurt.

“Yeah, well I think so. George really knows how to treat a lady.” She looked at him and she could see the jealousy just eating at him. Before she knew it, he had placed the wine bottle down and he was standing over her looking down at her with anger in his eyes.

“What’s that supposed to mean? Did he try anything with you?” Chris was really losing it now.

“That’s none of your business. Do you think that because we slept together that I belong to you that you can control...” before she could finish her sentence, he had a grip of her upper arms and he had pulled her hard up against his body.

“You do belong to me Sammy. I can’t stand the thought of you with another man.” He now descended his head so that he had her locked in a deeply hot kiss. She tried to fight it at first, but the taste of him was too addictive. At first the kiss was fueled by anger, but the minute he felt her respond to his kiss, all he could think about was how much he loved her. The kiss turned into a slow, tender, loving embrace. When he pulled away to look in her eyes, he saw all of the hurt and loneliness that reflected in his eyes. “Sammy, I’m sorry. I know this was not your doing. Its just when I saw you walk into the living room and you were wearing that dress. It hurt so much that you wore that dress for George.” He was now looking into her eyes and she could see the hurt and the pain that he felt. He looked like a little boy.

Reaching up to put her arms around his neck she replied softly and lovingly. “I didn’t wear this dress for George, Sam. I wore it for you.” She was caressing his cheek and the love in her eyes was bright and warm. She didn’t waste anytime bringing his mouth down to hers. She took control of the kiss and she tried to show him all the love she felt for him. “Only for you.” She whispered as she pulled away from him and rested her forehead on his chin.

Her last remark hit his heart like a ton of bricks. “Rita.....” hearing him say her name, she looked up into his eyes and they were pleading with her. They were begging for her forgiveness and for her love. He whispered her name again, “Rita...” as his mouth descended slowly down onto hers. This kiss was the softest, slowest, loving kiss she had ever known.

Reacting to his pleas, she put her arms around his neck and slowly caressed the back of his neck. They were looking into each other’s eyes and they were so connected that they didn’t hear Rickki come in the door. Rickki stood by the door and watched true love in its rarest form. Smiling, she turned around, happy for them, but aching inside to have someone to love. That’s when she ran straight into George. When she looked up and was about to apologize, their eyes met and WHAM.

*Back inside the kitchen*

Meanwhile in the kitchen, two hearts were blending and two bodies were igniting a fire hotter than the fires of hell itself. As he looked into her eyes, his hands were slowly rubbing down her back, stopping only when they cupped her buttocks, pulling her hard up against his growing arousal. The feeling of him so strong yet so gentle was sending her over the edge quickly. “Chris..” she begged as she ground her hips into his. He pulled her even tighter against him, feeling like he was going to explode into a thousand pieces.

*Back outside the kitchen*

“Oh, George I’m sorry. I didn’t see you there.” Rickki smiled at him and he couldn’t help but smile back. She had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. As she watched something pass through his mind, she smiled. He was so strong and handsome, and his eyes were full of such warmth and kindness.

“No it was my fault. I wasn’t watching where I was going.” He smiled at her and then backed away when he realized that he was still standing extremely close to her. Trying to change the subject he cleared his throat, “what’s going on in there?” He was about to open the door when she reached for his hand and stopped him (and her heart at the feeling of his hand in hers).

“They are doing some heavy duty making up in there. Its a little too hot to handle right now.” She laughed and the sound of her laughter filled his heart.

“I thought something was up. How long has this been going on?” He asked while bathing in her beauty.

“If I had to guess, 5 years.” She snickered and George nodded his head in agreement.

“Those two have always radiated so much heat, even when they didn’t know it. Sometimes the electricity between the two of them was so strong, you could of light up Palm Beach for a week.” It was her turn to notice the sparkle in his eyes as he talked about his friends.

*Back in the kitchen*

“Chris...” Rita tried to bring him back to the present. They were standing in Cap’s kitchen and if she didn’t stop him, they would have some very fond memories of it. “Chris...” she said again pushing him away with her hands on his chest, and looking at his wet swollen lips. “Sam, we need to get back out there before Cap comes looking for us.”

“Let him look,” he said lowering his head down to hers again and just as their lips were to meet, she woke up and stopped him. He was so kissable, huggable, and irresistible. It took everything she had to push him away. “Sammy, I want to make love to you on the kitchen floor so bad.” He had his forehead leaning down on hers as he tried to bring his highly aroused body under control.

“I know, me too.” She said as she exhaled a deep breath hoping to elevate some of the sexual tension she had in her body. He took her statement as a go ahead, but again she stopped him by kissing him with a quick peck on his nose and turning him around, pushing him toward the bottle of wine he was supposed to be opening.

“Sammy....” He whined while continuing with the task Frannie asked. After getting two wineglasses out of Frannie’s cabinet she smiled at his response.

“I’ll make it up to you Sam. I have a kitchen floor too ya know.” He looked up at her in shock and he was aroused as she leaned over to whisper in his ear. “I have a bathroom floor, living room floor, and dining room floor. The possibilities are endless big boy.” She smiled seductively at him as she pushed the kitchen door open with her hip and he responded quickly.

“I’m going to hold you to and against all of those Sammy.” He too could play this game.

Smiling she said, “You do that sweetheart.” His heart melted as she called him that. She never called him with such an endearing name like that before and she said it like she really meant it.

“Count on it Sunshine, count on it.” He was laughing and following right behind her now with the opened bottle of wine.

“Man Lorenzo, did you squash the grapes yourself or what?” Cap noticed that it took them long enough to open a simple bottle of wine. Frannie watched as the two best friends came out of the kitchen smiling and happy again. Chris was about to give Cap a smart remark when he noticed Rickki and George talking and laughing with each other over in the corner of the room. Chris’ silence startled Rita and when she looked up at him wondering where his smart aleck response was, he smiled at her and made a motion to her with his head in the direction of the two in the corner. Rita looked over at them and then she smiled back at Chris. Cap looked up at his detectives and then glanced across the room. “Uh-oh Chris, it looks Donovan is beating your time.” Cap laughed and then started tickling the baby on his lap again.

Frannie looked at the couple, “oh they make a cute couple don’t they?” trying to figure a way for Chris and Rita to be together without raising suspension in her husband’s eyes.

Chris laughed, “well that’s how the ball bounces sometimes.” Walking over to Cap, Chris clapped his hands together and motioned for Josh to come to him.

“Just who do you think you are Lorenzo?” Cap laughed as he question why Chris was taking the baby away from him.

“His Godfather Cap.” Josh raised his arms and went into Chris’ arms eagerly. Chris pulled the baby to him and kissed his forehead.

“Really? I didn’t know that?” Cap looked at him surprised when Chris responded nodding his head at Rita.

“There’s his Godmother.” He smiled warmly to the woman in his life and she responded with a smile of her own.

“The thought of you two as parents scares the daylights out of me Lorenzo.” He was teasing Chris and Rita when Frannie jumped in.

“I don’t know, I think they would have lovely children.” She smiled at Chris and Rita and that is when they discovered that she knew about them and this was her way of saying she was thrilled.

“Are you kidding, I can’t get him to change Josh’s diapers. Do you think I am going have his baby and change all of those diapers by myself?” Chris’ head spun around to her comment and he couldn’t believe that they were talking so openly about having children.

“I take offense to that.” He feigned mock hurt. “I happen to be a very good godfather.” He gave his best puppy dog face provoking a response from Rita.

“I was just kidding Sam,” she walked over to her partner and rubbed Josh’s back and kissed him on the cheek. “You are the best godfather in the whole world.”

“Why thank you partner,” He could still smell perfume when she left his side and sat next to cap on the couch.

Shaking his head at Chris, “What are you going to do about those two tonight?” He couldn’t help but grin.

“Fix them up I guess,” Chris looked over at the couple and then sought out his partner’s attention. “Sammy, would you mind if I set Rickki up with George tonight? Would you mind if I was your date instead of Donovan?” He tried to act innocent, but his heart was pounding in his chest just thinking about them on a date together. Bouncing Josh on his knee, he waited patiently for her reply.

“Well, if I have to...” She grinned and added, “I would be honored to be your date tonight Christopher.” She tried to hide the sensual hunger she felt for this remarkable man at bay. Hearing her call him Christopher was like starting a starter’s pistol. He could feel his body come to life everytime she called him by his full name.

Twenty minutes later, they were all sitting at the dinner table with Frannie and Cap at the ends (with Josh sitting in a high chair next to Cap), George and Rickki on one side and Chris and Rita on the other. Frannie just smiled as watched her extended family. Rickki and George were deep in conversation, while Cap and Josh were discussing the nuances of strained carrots on unsalted macaroni. Looking over at Chris and Rita she could feel the tension seeping off them. Their eyes showed so much raw passion, she couldn’t believe no one noticed.

Chris was eating his dinner especially quiet. What no one knew, is that Chris had Rita’s hand in his under the table. Each soft caress of his thumb on the back of her hand was driving her out of her mind. Every few minutes, Chris would look at Rita and the passion that simmered just below his surface, moved her beyond rational thought. The turbulence of the day was too much to handle now. The rare need to kiss away all the hurt and anger from earlier weighing heavy on their minds.

Two agonizing hours later, Rita decided to call it the night. “Cap, Frannie I think I will head on home. It was a long day today,” she smiled at them hoping they couldn’t tell why she really wanted to leave. She couldn’t stand one more hot, longing glance from Chris and remain calm. Looking for George, she noticed that he was still sitting by Rickki and they were having a great time. She hated pulling him away from her.

Noticing her dilemma, Chris walked over to the other couple and asked them a question. After receiving heads nodding yes, he walked over to his partner. “Sammy, George offered to take Rickki and Josh home. Do you want me to give you a ride home?” He smiled and Frannie had to giggle. Man, he was smooth.

“Please kind sir.” She hugged cap and then Frannie and thanked them for a great evening. “See ya tomorrow Cap.” After hugging Josh (that was in Cap’s arms) Chris and Rita stepped out into the cool dark night.

It was a quiet ride home to Rita’s apartment. The whole day was physically and emotionally draining on two lovers. Not a word was spoken as helped her out of the car and they walked arm in arm to her apartment. As Rita reached for the lock on her door, Chris grabbed her by the elbow and gently turned her around to face him. He took her face softly in his hands and seductively brushed his lips across hers. “Sammy, I’m sorry about today,” his eyes again showed the agony from earlier in the day.

“It was crazy. What happened? How did things get so out of hand Sam?” She had her hand over the hand on her cheek. He was full of unanswered questions.

“I don’t know. One minute everything was so good and then the next, it fell apart.”

“Why?” She asked pulling back looking into his eyes.

“Rita…I guess I’m still having so much trouble believing that the beautiful, smart, and unbelievably sexy Sgt. Lance could love……me.” His eyes were filled so much tenderness.

“Christopher…..god, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do just to be with you.” She was kissing his eyes, then his forehead moving slowly down the cheek to his waiting lips. “Christopher…..” she said with so much need and desire. He put his arms around her and she was held securely in the arms of love.

“Yes my love?” He whispered kissing at the hairline of her forehead, then back to look into her eyes.

“Christopher…..I love the way your name feels on my tongue.” She leaned into his waiting, wanting mouth.

Right before their lips meet, he asked, “can I see how it feels Sammy?”

“Be my guest Sweetheart.” She murmured.

“Awwwwww-man,” he groaned in sweet agony and the starter pistol is heard again.


Well, this has to be without a doubt the sappiest one yet. Blast those romance novels. Will George and Rickki get together? Is it smooth sailing for our two favorite lovers? Find out in part three.

I hope that you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. Please let me know your opinion. Good and bad comments both welcome. Write me at

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