This episode happens the first time Chris and Rita are apart after they got married and she is eight months pregnant.

"The Call"

It is a cold and stormy winter night and a very pregnant Rita is at home alone in her bedroom when the phone rings.

"Lorenzo residence, Rita Lorenzo speaking."

"Oh, I never get tired of hearing that." a soft warm voice said to Rita across the phone line.

"Chris!" an excited voice called like a beacon to him in the night.

"Hello, sunshine. How are my two babies doin tonight?"

"Oh, Iím OK, but your baby is very active tonight." she said reaching down rubbing her very round stomach.

"Oh, yeah. Put the phone down to your stomach so Jr. and I can have a talk." Rita smiled and then put the phone down up against her stomach. "Hey, Jr. its your daddy talking to ya. Take it easy on Mommy until I get back OK? I love you little one." Rita had put the phone up to ear in time to hear Chris say he loved his baby. This sent a warm, loving feeling thorough her whole body. Unfortunately, it also made her miss him more.

"When are you going to be done in Miami Sam? I miss you so much. I hate having this big bed to myself." she said with a tear in her eyes.

"I donít know Sammy. You know how they are in court. I miss you too. Did you find the surprise I left you?" he said smiling thinking about her in his surprise.

"Yeah, it feels wonderful." she said with so much love in her voice. Chris realizing that she was getting kind of emotional in her 8th month of pregnancy. He knew his being gone would be hard on her. He took his favorite sweatshirt, splashed it with some of his cologne and folded it up and put it under her pillow, knowing she would find it when she went to bed that night. If she wore his sweatshirt and could smell him on it, she wouldnít miss him as much.

"Chris, why donít you let me come down there with you. I am officially on maternity leave now. I could be down there within a couple of hours." she pleaded with him.

"No, absolutely not. I want my baby at home in my bed where she belongs." he stated sternly so she would not mistake his seriousness on this subject.

"Chris....I want my baby at home in his bed where he belongs too." she was getting emotional again. He could hear it in her voice. It was killing him to be away from her right now. He should be with her. She was not as strong as she led others to believe. He knew that his absence was hurting her a great deal.

"I know sunshine. I miss you too. God Rita I want you so much right now my legs are shaking just from talking to you on the phone." he said with so much desire in his voice.

"Oh boy, you have it bad for this girl donít you?" she said trying to lighten both of their moods. She was really trying to rain in her highly aroused body. His voice was sending chills up and down her spine.

"You have no idea Sammy." he laughed a little.

"If you were here right now Sam, what would you be doing?" she said seductively.

"You." he said with a voice very heavy with love and desire. "Iíd wrap you up in my arms and kiss away all of your fears."

"Oh Chris......" she said crying now.

"Please donít cry baby. I cant stand the thought that you are crying and Iím not there to hold you. Please stop Sammy." he begged with tears in his eyes.

"How could I believe that Iíd find someone like you. You took away the walls around my heart. You made me feel safe to share my deepest feelings. A life time is not long enough to love you Chris." she said to him trying to ease his fears of leaving her alone.

"I would walk to the ends of the earth just make your all of your dreams come true so you could feel my love."

"I feel your love moving inside me right now Chris. Your baby reminds me every second of every day that you love me." she said to him breathless. The next thing Rita heard was the door bell ringing. "Someoneís at the door Chris. I wonder whoíd be here at this time of night. Will you hold on?" she asked a little surprised.

"Its all right sunshine Iíll stay on the line until you get back. Make sure you look in the peep hole before you open the door OK?" he said very protective.

"Iíll be just fine Sam. Iím a cop remember?" she stated amused that he was so protective.

"I know you are Sam, but you are also my wife so Iíve earned the right to worry about you." he stated lovingly.

"OK, Iíll let you win this one Sam. Iíll be right back." she said as she put the phone down.

She walked cautiously down the stairs and turned on the porch light. What she saw in the peep hole was a bouquet of long stem roses in a beautiful vase. She smiled knowing that Chris sent them to her. He knew that they would be delivered while he was talking to her on the phone. She opened the door and picked up the vase and brought them into the house and locked the door again.

"Thank you Sam. Theyíre beautiful." he could sense that she was pleased.

"Youíre very welcome my friend." he stated happy in the fact that he made her happy. "Did you like the other thing with the roses?" he asked her.

She could hear he had something up his sleeve, "What other thing Chris? I didnít see anything else there."

"Ut oh, I think you better go check outside again. There was supposed to be something else with the roses. Go ahead Iíll wait for you to come back." he said excited.

"What is going on Sam?"

"Go look for yourself. I will wait for you to come back."

She got out of bed again and made her way to the front door. She turned on the light and stepped outside again. She didnít see anything else out there. As she was coming back in the front door, she sensed someone was behind her. All of the sudden an arm came around her and handed her a single red rose.

"I love you Sunshine." Chris said lovingly into her ear.

"Chris?" she said completely in shock as she turned around.

"Yep, it is me Sammy." he had her embraced in both of his arms now and was looking into her eyes. Her eyes were full of tears.

"Youíre home." she said as she jumped up and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"For the night. I have to be back in Miami by 9 AM. So that means I will have to leave here by 5 AM." he said as leaned down and covered her mouth with his.

After they parted from the passionate kiss she spoke, "You came home for ...." she turned and looked at the clock and it read 1 AM. "Chris it is 1 AM already that only leaves four hours before you have to leave again." she stated worried about him. He would be so tired in the morning.

"Then I guess we better quit talking and get down to business huh?" he grinned at her with his famous Lorenzo smile that he reserved for only her.

She reached up to him and pulled his lips down to hers. Right before their lips met she said, "I love you Mr. Lorenzo." The next thing Rita knew Chris was waking her up to say good-bye.

"I gotta go sunshine. Iíll see you tonight OK?" he smiled at her and then kissed her.

"Do you think the trial will be over tonight Chris?" she said to him as she got out of bed to walk him to the front door.

"I donít care if it is over or not. Iím not leaving you alone tonight or any other night for that matter." he had her in his arms and was holding her so tightly.

"But Sam..." she said trying to protest.

"No buts about it Sammy. You and Jr. be ready to go out to dinner with me tonight OK?" he said to her while caressing her stomach.

"Yes sir!" she saluted him and smiled at him with eyes full of love. He reached up and caressed her cheek with the back of his hand.

"I love you Mrs. Lorenzo!" he said as he kissed her for the last time. "Until tonight then." as he walked to his car he turned around one last time and mouthed to Rita, "I love you!" and then smiled. The sight before him was better than anything he could of dreamed up. Rita was standing on their sidewalk with the sun coming up behind her and she was waving at him with one hand and rubbing her belly with the other.

As he drove away Rita started talking to the baby. "Jr... you and I are the luckiest people on earth. I hope you find someone like your daddy when you grow up." she sighed and went back inside eagerly waiting for her Samís return.


This was just a fun little story. I got the idea after reading Tunaís new story which is great. If you havenít read it yet, donít miss it! I want to Thank Tuna for the idea and for reading my story here and gave me some GOOD advice. Thanks Kiddo.

Thanks again to Kris and Linda for putting up the stories. I know I say it all the time, but I really do love both of their pages.

You know the drill, Chris, Rita donít belong to me. If they did, they would still be on, but I digress, they belong to USA.


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