Read on to see how our Sams came to be!

      Transcript from the Silk Stalkings pilot
      (including the "rules of golf")

      (Airial shots of the houses of Palm Beach are shown.)

      Voiceover of Mitzi: The rules of golf vary in each of these magnificent clubhouses, but, in general, it is understood that each player must furnish his or her own equipment. This should include, at a minimum, one hole, a club, and balls. On the public course, in town, the object of the game is the use the club to get the ball into the hole, but on these courses, it is to get the equipment into the hole and keep the balls out. From that point on, the rules of the game seems to vary wildly from course to course. However, it is generally considered bad form to begin playing the first hole immediately upon arrival. And players are cautioned not to mention other courses they are playing or have played, as upset course owners have been known to fly into a rage and damage a player's equipment, sometimes so badly that it has to be burried somewhere off the premises. Death among the players is not uncommon.

      (A dead body, covered by a sheet lays on the ground. An officer stands by, as Chris uncovers the body.)

      Chris: When will you guys be through with this?

      (Chris nods toward the body.)

      Officer: Give us twenty minutes.

      (The officer walks away, and a uniformed officer walks over to Chris, as he bends to look the body over.)

      Chris: Some people have no appreication for beauty.

      Uniformed Officer: I checked with the neighbors. Apparently, she and her old man were getting a divorce. She was married to ahhh... Gator Ramsey.

      Chris: The volleyball player, I know. I used to see him stopping traffic down on the beach. It was hard to tell which one was serving more eggs.

      Uniformed Officer: Hmmm. According the the neighbor, it was getting pretty loud. Gator moved out two days ago. I phoned all that in, and Hutch put out an APB on him. (sighs) They were gonna get a divorce. He caught her down here. They argued. He lost it. He killed her.

      Chris: Yeah.

      (Chris stands up and sighs.)

      Chris: That'd do it all right!

      Uniformed Officer: Open and shut case, if you ask me.

      Chris: Are you through with this?

      (Chris looks to the coroner's phone.)

      Coroner: Yes, sir.

      (Chris picks up the cell phone. He starts dialing.)

      Chris: (mumbles something I don't understand... sorry guys ;- ()

      (The scene switches over to Rita and her boyfriend, Dr. Dennison.)

      Dr. Dennison: If you get anymore headaches, I wanna know about it... immmediately.

      Rita: Right, immediately. Anything for the doc.

      (Rita straightens out his tie.)

      Rita: Now, go pass some of that geneous around.

      Dr. Dennison: Yeah.

      (Dr. walks away. Rita rolls her eyes and sighs. The phone rings.)

      Rita: Hello?

      (We jump back and forth to Chris and Rita through the conversation.)

      Chris: It's me. We've got a silk stalking. Deidre Snow, the model. Somebody worked her over pretty good. There ought to be a law.

      Rita: There is.

      Chris: Grabe your helmet, Sammy. You're in the game. Gator Ramsey. We've got an all points out on him. Just talked to Vonnie in communications. She's gonna call us as soon as one of our units spots the car, so be ready.

      Rita: Right.

      Chris: You okay?

      Rita: Yeah, yeah. I'm fine.

      Chris: Dr. Greensheets still there?

      Rita: His name is Mark Dennison. He can't handle this. He's starting to shake apart.

      Chris: He diagnosed you. He knows the risk. Everytime he wants you, he feels guilty, but he's in love with you, so he can't stop. You're gonna destroy him, Sammy.

      Rita: Yeah, I know, and there's a moral to this story.

      Chris: Yeah, what's that?

      Rita: (with a kind of New York accent) Nevah play docta wit doctaz! How did it go with Reno? Did you keep your courage, and break up with her?

      Chris: You were right. I gave her my car.

      Rita: Figures. We'll use mine. Bye

      (They both hang up.)

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