"Passion and the First Kiss"

Chris and Rita were finishing up the paperwork on the Edward's case as Cap was walking out of his office whistling. "Got a hot date tonight Cap?"

"Hot doesn't begin to describe it Lorenzo. Frannie and I are celebrating 20 years of the first time we kissed," he smiled.

"That's so sweet that you remember those things Cap. I hope Frannie knows what a great catch she has in you." Rita had walked up to him and hugged him.

"I'm the lucky one Lance. So whatta you two have planned tonight?" he asked as he kept his arm wrapped around Rita like he would a daughter.

"I've got big plans tonight." Chris grinned real big at Cap and Rita. Rita just tilted her head and looked at Chris with a questioning grin. He had been in such a good mood all day. Maybe now sheíd find out why he was so excited about tonight.

"Rickki's coming over..." he was interrupted by Rita's sigh.

"I should have know it was a woman that got you this excited." she smirked.

"Actually Sam, its a man that's got me this excited."

"Oh, Jeez Lorenzo, I don't think I wanna hear about this." Cap covered his ears and walked out of the doors shaking his head. Rita stood at her desk with her mouth wide open in surprise. Chris walked over to her and grinned while closing her mouth shut with his hand.

"He's handsome, with dark hair and deep blue eyes. Too bad he pees all over me when I change his diapers." Chris shook his head and walked back to his desk while laughing at Rita.

"Oh, you're baby-sitting tonight?"

"Yeah, Rickki has a date and I offered. I really get a kick out of little Joshua." his eyes sparkled when he talked about the 9 month old baby. Rita walked over to Chris' desk and ruffled his hair and kissed him on the cheek. "What's that for?" he asked, not that he minded her kissing him.

"Because you're so cute Sam." she smiled and walked away.

"Why thank you partner."


"Oh, really?"

"Don't push your luck Sam." she smiled back at him. Figuring that this conversation would go no where he smiled and switched the subject.

"Wanna come over and sit with me Sammy?" Chris knew how much Rita loved kids and in the little amount of time she had helped him sit with Joshua, she really bonded with him.

"Do I have to change any diapers?"

"Nope, you my friend are there for entertainment purposes only."

"Well, then it's a date. Want me to bring anything?"

"Just you Sammy, just you." he smiled and waved to her as he was heading for home.


It was 6 PM on a Friday evening when Rita got to Chris' apartment. As she knocked and opened the door she heard Rickki giving Chris the phone number of where she would be tonight. "He might be a little fussy tonight Chris, he's teething." she said as she put her coat on.

"Anyone home?" Rita asked poking her head in the door and grinning at Chris and Rickki.

"Hey, Sammy. Come on in." he had Joshua on his arm and the baby got so excited when he saw Rita. He held up his arms to be taken by her.

"Hey little man. How are you?" she took him from Chris and hugged him and kissed him.

"Hi Rita. Are you tag team sitting again?" she laughed. Every time she brought Joshua over, Rita came over, it seemed.

"Nope, Chris is here to baby-sit Josh and Iím here to baby-sit Chris." Rickki and Rita laughed and when Josh saw Rita and his Mommy laughing he laughed too. Chris tried to act insulted.

"Hey, Sport youíre supposed to be on my side." he tickled Josh under the chin. Rita and Josh went to sit on the couch while Rickki gave Chris the rest of his instructions.

"If he gets fussy, try....." Chris interrupted her.

"I know what to do Rickki. I have been baby-sitting for him for 3 months now. Don't you think I can handle it yet?" he gave her his Lorenzo grin. She smiled and looked at Rita and began to talk again.

"Like I was saying, Rita if he gets fussy, I brought his teething ring and put it in Chris' freezer. Let him chew on that, it will make his gums feel better."

"I thought you were supposed to give them brandy for that?" Chris looked at Rickki with complete sincerity.

"Sam!" Rita said shocked and amused.

"Really Sammy, I heard you were supposed to give babies brandy for teething."

"Sam, some people rub brandy on their gums, but they donít actually give the baby a drink." she smiled when she thought about Chris and his ideas.

"Oh...." he said deep in thought.

"What ya think they were doin? Getting them drunk so they wonít remember it Sam?" she could read his mind and that really ticked him off sometimes.

"No" he said to her annoyed. This caused Rita to laugh. When he looked over at her laughing he couldnít stay mad. Seeing her smile and hearing her laugh always made him feel that all was right with the world.

"Chris Lorenzo, you better not be giving my baby Brandy," Rickki was about to have a serious conversation with him, when he smiled.

"Relax Rickki, I would never give a baby alcohol. Anyway, I donít like brandy." he gave her the Lorenzo smile that she couldnít resist. She had to grin in response to it.

"Good luck with him tonight Rita. Heís such a brat. You certainly have your hands full." she stuck her tongue out at Chris and he laughed. Chris leaned in and kissed her on the cheek and told her to be careful and have fun.

Looking over at Chris and Rita sitting on his couch with her son made Rickki smile. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do you two. Just remember there is a child in the house." she teased while heading for the door.

"Well, that doesn't leave much that we can't do Sam."

"I heard that Lorenzo," she laughed and closed the door.

When he was sure she was out the door he turned back to Rita, "when we were dating......" Rita interrupted.

"I don't think I want to know what you two did while you dated Sam." she smiled at him and stood up to find the baby's diapers. He followed her over to the kitchen bar and watched as she changed Joshua's diapers.

"OK Sammy, but boy you are missing some good..." she jumped in again.

"Uh, Sam, why don't we take Josh to the park? It's early and it's so pretty outside." she smiled at him and he had to laugh. She never wanted to hear his stories about his dates with other women. Cap loved his stories.

"OK, Sammy, you win. Grab the kid, I'll get the stroller." he went into the spare bedroom and got Josh's stroller. When he came back into the room, Rita and Joshua were standing in front of the window looking out in the yard when Josh started patting her cheeks and babbling. Chris got a sudden twinge in his gut as he watched Rita smile at Josh and then kiss him. (Dream sequence)

Rita was in the living room swinging a giggling baby up and down when she noticed Chris and smiled.

"Hello handsome husband of mine." she smiled.

Setting the baby upon her hip she walked over to her husband and kissed him on the cheek. The baby looked up at Rita and spoke for the very first time. "Momma." Rita turned back to the baby with tears in her eyes and hugged him.

"Did you just hear your son Chris? He said his first word." Chris reached up and cupped his hand on his wifeís cheek and wiped the tear away. (End of dream sequence) Whoa, Lorenzo what are you thinking. He snapped out of his thoughts when he heard Rita talking to him.

"Ready Sam?" Rita looked at him strangely and wondered where he just was.

"Ready. Let's go swing in." he walked up to Rita, smiled at her and took Josh and put him in the stroller.

Twenty minutes later Chris and Rita were walking down the park pathway with Chris pushing the stroller. They were talking and laughing and having a wonderful time. To any stranger watching as Rita took Chris' arm, they would think this was the perfect family. A beautiful baby, and parents that were completely in love.

"So what happened next Sammy?" Chris was smiling at Rita as she continued the story she was telling him about the Captain this morning.

"Well, Frannie and Cap came through the doors and Frannie was as quiet as a church mouse. She didn't say a word."

"Ohhhhh, that's really bad. A quiet Frannie is not a happy Frannie." he smiled at Rita while she finished the story. All he could do was look into her beautiful green eyes and thank God that he created such a lovely creature. He never noticed before that when she smiled her eyes lit up like brilliant stars. Her laughter was more beautiful than singing birds on a spring morning. Chris nodded his head as if he was listening to her, but he hadn't heard a word she said from the moment her green eyes sparkling with laughter met with his blue eyes that were in awe of her.

"Then Cap said "Oh yeah what about the Postman?" Sam I couldn't believe it when Frannie grabbed Capís cold cup of coffee and poured it down his pants!" she was laughing as Chris pulled out of his private thoughts of her.

"Sammy those two are something else." he was smiling at her and then he put his arm around her and she put her arm around his waist. "I cant believe they are the same two people that were going to have such a hot date tonight."

"Yeah well Sam, passion is a very strong emotion. Especially when you love someone as much as they love each other." she said sweetly looking up into her best friends eyes.

"Sammy have you ever loved someone like that before?"

"Like what Sam?"

"Like you're so mad at them that you could scream, but the only thing you really want to do is kiss them until they forget their own name?"

His question surprised her. It took her into a memory that she had almost forgotten (on purpose).


Rita couldnít believe what she was hearing from Cap. He called NYPD to check up on her boyfriend Eric. She knew Cap wouldnít have thought to do that on his own. She got up from her chair and pulled Cap's door open and called out the name of the guy she was sure was behind all of this. "Christopher James Lorenzo get your butt in here now!" Chris just shuttered when he heard all of the anger in her voice. After he entered the office she slammed the door shut and Chris tried to start defending himself. "No Lorenzo sit down and be quiet. I cant believe you did this. How dare you? What? The state of Florida trusts me to carry a badge and a gun, but my own partner doesn't even trust me to pick out my boyfriend?" she was hovering over Chris looking straight down into his defiant blue eyes. He had the audacity to try and look angry himself. He had no right.

"Rita you're my partner, no forget that your my partner, you're my best friend and best friends look out for each other. I care about you and I was only trying to help."

"I don't remember asking for your help Chris." she was getting angrier by the second and so was he.

"Look Rita..." he said his voice starting to get as loud as hers.

"No Lorenzo, you crossed the line today. You had no right." all of the sudden Chris stood up and grabbed her by the arms (which startled her).

"I have every right Sammy, you're my best friend and I love you." he stated as he let go of his grip on her and started to walk away.

"Get back here Lorenzo." she stated loudly and when he turned around to look at her he had a very angry look in his eyes. Why couldn't she understand that it was his job to look out for her and he would do it time and time again if he had the chance.

Seeing the smug look he had on his face pushed her over the edge. She walked up to him and got in his face, "Love doesn't give you the right to poke your nose into my personal life anytime you want." The next thing she knew she had her arms wrapped around his neck and had him embraced in the hottest, most passionate kiss of her life. Chris responded in shock at first, but it didn't take long for him to meet her half way in the sensual thrill she was giving him. He had his arms wrapped tightly around her and he had lifted her off the ground. As they melted into each others embrace, Chris groaned as Rita's tongue dipped deeply into his mouth tasting him fully. The force of her body so suddenly up against his made him loose his balance and slammed him up against the wall. "Oh God Sammy, don't stop." he begged as his hands slid up under her blouse and his mouth captured hers with a passion stronger than he had ever known in his life.

Like a flash of light, Rita realized that she was standing across the room from Chris and that she was just fantasizing about him. She didn't remember even stepping away from Chris, but the tone in his voice got her full attention.

Softly and lovingly, "Love has every right to try and protect you from harm, whether it be physical or emotional. You cant put boundaries on love Sammy" he was more than a little concerned about her now. She seemed to be in another world there for a second. When she looked up into his eyes and she saw unconditional friendship and trust. "I'm sorry if I hurt you Rita, but I didn't know what to do. I've never seen you this down for so long, and it's scaring me. It's killing me to see you so upset all of the time and I just cant sit by and do nothing. It's against my nature to let anything or anybody hurt you."

She reached up to Chris and hugged him. "I'm sorry Sam."

[back to the present]

When Rita came back out of her memory, she saw Chris looking at her while he was taking Josh out of the stroller. "Ahh, no Sam, I haven't loved anyone like that yet." she couldn't look him straight in the eyes and lie, so she took Josh from him as she replied. Chris noticed. He wondered if she was lying to him. Why did his heart ache when she said that. It must of been Eric, she was really upset when he left her, she must of really loved him. Just the thought of Eric made him angry. He had Rita's trust and love and he just threw it away. He would give his shooting arm at a chance to love her that way. When Chris realized what he just thought, he knew he couldn't deny to himself any longer that he was in love with his partner and he had to figure out a way to tell her before some other "Eric" came by.

"Chris? CHRISSS?" she tried to get his attention.

"Ah, yeah Sammy?" he replied and did what he so often did, he pushed his feelings down and looked up at her.

"I asked if youíd hand me the baby's bottle."

"Oh, OK." he reached over and handed her the bottle and she started to feed Josh. Chris walked over to the bench she was sitting on and sat down right next to her and put his arm around her and laid it on the back of the bench.

"Puff the magic dragon, lived by the sea and folic in the autumn mist to a land called honilee" Rita was singing to Josh while he was taking his bottle and he was rewarding her with a milk grin. Chris sat back and closed his eyes and listened with his heart at the sounds of Rita and Josh. The smile on his face turned into a frown when he heard a very familiar voice. When he opened his eyes, he couldn't believe who he saw, it was Eric.

"Rita? Is that you?" he inquired of the couple sitting on the bench. When Chris looked over at Rita, she looked like she just heard a ghost, but in true Rita Lee Lance style she quickly covered it up with a look as hard as nails. She didn't know what she should be feeling right now. This was the first time she had seen Eric since he walked out on her a year ago.


"Eric?" Rita said as she climbed the stairs to his apartment, she was hoping to take him to lunch. She got an erie feeling as she knocked on the door. To her surprise the door opened from her touch. "Eric, you really shouldnít leave your door open like........" she was stunned, the apartment was empty. The only thing in the apartment was a letter on the counter addressed to her. She took the letter and started reading it.

"Rita, Iím sorry to leave things this way, but I didnít know any other way to tell you. I donít think things will work out for us. Iím not the kind of man you are looking for. We both know who is. Anyway, I hope that you will forgive me for leaving like this, but it is for the best and I donít think it is good to go on pretending that we love each other anymore. Eric."

Rita felt like she was kicked in the gut. As she walked around his empty apartment she tried to hold back tears. She was not going to cry over this guy. No, heís not worth it she kept trying to tell herself. She went back to work and tried to put up the strong front. The minute she walked into the squad room and looked at Chris, he knew something was terribly wrong. She never could hide anything from him.

"Sammy, whatís wrong?" he said softly while walking over to her desk and kneeling down by her side.

"Nothing Chris, letís just get to work OK?"

"Sammy......" she interrupted him.

"Its nothing Chris. Just drop it." she snapped at him. He knew something was very wrong if she was defensive. This was her way of coping when things got really bad. It was her way of staying in control. He got up went into Capís office and 5 minutes later he came out and took her hand. "Chris what are you doing?" she said surprised and a little ticked.

"Cap gave us the rest of the day off and you my friend are coming with me." he didnít let her words of refusal stop him. He was going to find out what was wrong with his partner even if he had to drag it out of her kicking and screaming.

"I donít want to go Chris." she knew if Chris got her alone, she would cave. Then she would have to admit to the pain. Ritaís biggest fear in life was losing control.

"I donít really care if you want to go or not. When will you learn you canít keep things from me? Why wonít you let me in?" he said dragging her into his car. He was heading for the beach. She knew she was going to have to tell him. How was she going to explain to Chris what she was feeling when she didnít even know herself. He pulled up at the beach and stopped the car. "Take off your shoes Sammy." he stated matter of fact and he was not taking no for an answer. So she took off her shoes.

He took her hand as they walked down to the beach. She noticed that it felt different this time. Does that sound crazy she asked herself. He was holding her hand tenderly, not like a best friend, but like a lover. He let go of her hand and laid the blanket out on the sand. He sat down and then he reached for her hand again. "Come here Sammy." she took his hand and sat down in front of him. He wrapped his arms around her and she leaned back against his chest and they watched the tide come in. Chris leaned down and whispered in her ear, "Now, I want you to know that Iím here for you. You donít have to tell me anything you donít want to, but know that I am not going away. You will have to deal with me eventually. These shoulders of mine are big enough to handle any problem you have so please let me in." he kissed the top of her head and pulled her tighter against him.

He wondered if she had fallen to sleep because she was so quiet for so long, but then he heard a sob. He didnít say anything, he just held her tighter. The hard wall that she had built around her heart was breaking down by the loving feel of his arms around her. She couldnít stop the tears from falling anymore. She turned around in his embrace and threw her arms around his neck and cried. Chris just held her and rocked her. "I Love you Sammy. Please always remember that." Chris said breaking the silence after awhile.

[End of Flashback] To this day Rita could still remember what it felt like to be in Chrisí arms. It felt like she was in the arms of "the one." She smiled to herself until she remembered where she was.

"What do you want Eric?" anger dripped from her voice. When she looked up at him, she saw him standing there with a baby in his arms. Was that his baby?

"I thought it was you and Chris sitting over here. How are you Rita?" he watched Chris pull Rita closer to him in an the protective manner he always had for his partner.

"I'm fine Eric." her voice softened as not to scare the baby in his or her arms. When Eric noticed Rita was looking at the baby, he introduced them.

"Rita, Chris, this is my son John." Rita was in complete shock. He had a son. He never wanted children when she was with him. She was holding back tears from her eyes as he introduced them.

"Eric?" a female voice called from somewhere behind them.

"Over here Janie." he called to her. The young lady came up beside Eric and put her arm around his waist and smiled at Rita and Chris. She had a lovely smile and she looked like a very nice young woman. "Janie, these are some old friends of mine. Chris, Rita, this is my wife Janie."

Chris could feel Rita's back stiffen as Eric introduced his wife. He wrapped his arm around his Sam even tighter while extending his hand to Janie. "Its nice to meet you Janie."

"This must be your son. He looks a lot like you Chris, and he has your smile Rita. What's his name?" Eric asked trying to end the awkward silence. Much to Chris' surprise, she didn't deny that Josh wasn't theirs.

"His name is Joshua." she didn't feel the need to explain anything to Eric. He had no right to know anything about her life. "Chris we better take him home now, it's getting late and Joshua needs to go to bed." She looked at Chris with eyes that begged him to take her away from this painful scene.

"Okay, Sammy let's go." he took smiling Joshua from her arms and put him in the stroller and said his good-byes to Eric and Janie. What he did next startled Rita, in front of Eric, he leaned down and tenderly kissed her on the lips and then took her hand in his, "let's go home Sammy, I think you owe me a back rub." he smiled at her knowing he was going to catch hell for that. She couldn't help but smile back at him.

"It was nice to meet you Janie. I'm very happy for the two of you. If youíll excuse me, we need to get Joshua home and then I need to give my partner what he has coming to him." she looked straight into Chris' eyes with a mixture of amusement and "boy are you going to get it Lorenzo" in her eyes. Chris knew he was in for it when they got home, but he didn't care, at this moment he was living his fantasy having kissed his Sammy and holding her hand in his and that is all he cared about.


Chris watched Rita from the doorway of the guest bedroom as she put Joshua to bed. She pulled the blanket up over the baby and then kissed him softly on his forehead. "Sweet dreams little man." then she turned out the light and ushered Chris out of the room.

"Want some ice cream Sammy?" Chris said trying to delay the inevitable.

"Sure, do you have chocolate?" she knew he was trying to distract her. She thought what Chris did at the park was really pretty sweet. He was always trying to protect her no matter what.

"Sammy, what do you think?" he answered back with the Lorenzo smile. He always kept chocolate ice cream in his freezer when he found out it was her favorite. He discovered early on that she a had a weakness for it and it was a great way to get her to come in and stay awhile.

"I'll take some chocolate then, DADDY." he was already heading for the kitchen when she said that and he stopped dead in his tracks. He slowly turned around to start explaining when she held up her hand to him. "You don't need to say a thing Chris. I know you were only trying to protect me, and I'm the one that didn't set him straight about Joshua." she got a sad look in her eyes when she continued. "Its just that he was the last person I expected to see today. I cant believe he is married and has a child. He never wanted those things while we were dating."

Chris came over to stand by her side and embrace her. "I always told myself that we just didn't want the same things, like getting married and having kids, but the truth is he did, he just didn't want any of those things with me." she buried her face in Chris' chest and cried.

Chris pulled away from her to look in her eyes, "Rita, if you could have him back right now, would you take him back? Do you still love him " his heart was pounded so hard in his chest while waiting for her answer, that he was sure she could feel it.

'No, Chris. I don't think I ever really loved him. That's not it. It's just.....why doesn't anybody want to marry me Chris? What's wrong with me." she looked up at him with tears streaming down her face and then she returned to the warmth and safety of his embrace. Chris hugged her tighter to him. If only she knew how he felt about her. He would marry her right now if she'd say yes.

He took her face in between his hands and made her look up at him. His thumbs were stroking her cheeks wiping the tears off her face. The look in his eyes warmed her heart. "Sammy if you only knew...." then there was knock on the door. "Damn it." he said angrily as he went to the door. He almost had it out. He almost told her. He was shocked when he saw Eric standing in his doorway.

"Can I come in Chris? I need to apologize to Rita."

"I don't think you are capable of being sorry Eric. Rita doesn't...." Rita walked up behind Chris and gently laid her hand on his back.

"Its OK Sam, let him in."

"Rita, I know I have no right to ask for your forgiveness, but I need to tell you I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you." he sounded sincere. "Its just that I was so angry at you because I knew even then that you were messing around with Chris while you were seeing me." the old Eric slipped out.

Chris lost his temper and grabbed Eric by his shirt. "You sorry piece of garbage. Don't you ever talk about her like that. You had the best thing in this whole entire world and you just threw it away. Do you have any idea what I would give to have the chance you did?' Rita was stunned by Chris' revelation. She wondered if he even knew he said it. She tried to pulled Chris off Eric.

"He's not worth it Chris. Let him go." Chris was not listening to her until she took his face in her hand and made him look at her. "Sam," she said softly and lovingly, "please let him go. It doesn't matter anymore. He doesn't matter anymore." she smiled at him and caressed his cheek and he realized she was right, so he let him go and walked out of the room.

After finally telling Eric off and kicking him out of Chris' apartment, Rita went in search of Chris. She had to tell him what she was feeling for him. The last few hours had opened her eyes to the man she called her "Best Friend." She finally understood that he could never be just her best friend. She didnít want him to be just her best friend anymore.

When she finally found Chris, he was in the guest bedroom holding Joshua in his arms and he was humming softly to him. Rita came into the room and sat down beside Chris and lovingly stroked the baby's head. "I'm sorry about that Sammy. It's just when I think about the way that guy always treated you. I lose it." he was nodding his head no and slowly rocking the baby. He couldn't look at her right now. He was sure everything he felt for her would be written all over his face.

"Chris," she whispered softly as to not wake the baby.

"Yeah Sammy," he still would not look at her.

"Christopher, please look at me." she requested so sweetly. The sound of her kind, sweet voice and the use of his full first name made him look up at her. When their eyes finally met, she smiled at him and caressed his cheek, while her thumb caressed his lower lip. Slowly she leaned into him while closing her eyes and just as their lips were to meet in their first real kiss, Joshua started to cry and Chris and Rita started to laugh.

"Shhhh, pal. What's the matter?" he was rocking the baby again and Rita noticed that his dummy had fallen out of his mouth.

"Let me go wash this off Chris. I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere." she smiled to him.

"Dynamite couldn't get me out of here now Sammy." he was giving her a smoldering intense look and to his surprise she was giving as good as she was taking. Is it possible that she felt the same way for him? As he watched her walk out of the room Chris started talking to the infant that was sucking on his finger. "Hey pal, we need to work on our timing OK?" he smiled at Joshua and then kissed him on the forehead.

"You are going to make a wonderful father someday Chris." Rita said as she put the dummy in the baby's mouth and took him from Chris. Rita laid the baby (on his stomach) on the bed, and sat down beside him while covering him with a blanket. Chris was standing by the bed looking at her with eyes full of love. Joshua was still a little fussy so she sat there tenderly rubbing his back while she started to sing to him,

I peered through windows, watched life go by
Dreamed of tomorrow and wondered why
the past was holding me, keeping life at bay
I wondered lost in yesterday
wanting to fly, but scared to try

But if someone like you
found someone like me
then suddenly nothing would ever be the same
My heart would take wing and I'd feel so alive
If someone like you found me

(Chris sat down beside Rita and took her hand in his as she continued to sing for the baby, but to Chris looking deep in his eyes)

So many secrets I longed to share
All I have needed is you there
To help me see a world I've never seen before
A love to open every door
To set me free, so I can soar

(the baby had drifted back to sleep and Rita now took Chris' face in her hands)

If someone like you
found someone like me
then suddenly nothing would ever be the same
there would be a new way to live
a new life to love
if someone like you found me

(Rita stood up and pulled Chris off the bed. He puts his arms around her and she put her arms around his neck and looked deeply in his eyes. The baby stirred a little so she finished the song in Chris' arms)

If someone like you
found someone like me
then suddenly nothing would ever be the same
my heart would take wings
and I'd feel so alive........
If someone like you (Chris was pulling Rita closer to him)
loved me.......loved me........"

With tears rolling down her face, Chris' mouth sought out Rita's and he kissed her so slowly, deeply and completely. Never in his life did he ever feel this total completeness as he did having her in his arms. He groaned as if he was in agony because she was giving him the most tender, passionate kiss he has ever had. "My God I love you," he said to her as they came up for air. His words sent chills down her whole body and they earned him another achingly slow, hot kiss. Rita slowly pulled away from him and took one more look at the baby to make sure he was OK and she took Chris' hand in hers and led him out of the room to the living room.

Chris couldn't believe it, he was shaking. You'd think that this was his first time. It was. He had never been in love like this before. "Sam, dance with me." she smiled at him and her wish was his command. He went over to the stereo put in her favorite Bradley Kapture CD and then turned down the lights. There was only the light from the stereo to illuminate the room. He walked up to her and they stood there looking at each other. Not saying a word. The look in his eyes brought an immediate reaction from her body. She was wearing a thin, tight T-shirt and it was letting him see exactly how she felt about him. Out of no where she started speaking, "Do you know how wonderful you are Mr. Lorenzo?" She couldn't stand it any longer, she walked towards him slowly and he felt as if his body was on fire and going to explode.

"No, Sammy, you're the wonderful one and I'm the luckiest man on the face of this earth tonight." he said softly reaching for her. She moaned as he pulled her against him and she felt his excitement.

"Dance with me Chris. Please." she wanted nothing more than to be held in his arms for the rest of her life. With her arms around his waist and her head against his chest and being completely surrounded in his arms, she felt like she was finally home. "There has never been a more perfect place to be then in your arms Sam. From the very first day I met you, this has been my favorite place in the whole world." she hugged him so close.

As the song played, Rita couldn't resist exploring his chest. She admired this chest for 5 long years and always wondered what it would feel like under her hands. With her head still resting on his chest, she tilted her head up to look at his beautiful handsome face. She had to reach up and caress it. He looked down at her, their eyes locked and she brushed her thumb across his lips. Slowly moving her hand to the back of his neck, she pulled him down so she could taste his lips again. She let her lips gently caress against his and then her tongue came out and brushed against his lips. When he couldn't take the sweet torture anymore he opened his mouth to let her tongue in. He was so moved by her, he couldn't do anything but let her play. Her tongue explored the deepest most intimate places in his mouth and when it finally met his, he was more than ready to take full participation in the most erotic sexual experience of his life.

It was Rita's turn to moan in pure pleasure as he took control of the kiss while slowly laying her down on the floor. With her laying on the floor under him, he stopped to look at her face one more time before giving into the passion he has been holding back for 5 years. Looking in her eyes smiling, while she had his face between her hands, she said the words to him that he longed to hear for years. "Christopher, I love you and I need you and Iíve wanted you for so long." her eyes were holding back the tears of joy she felt from being in his arms. He closed his eyes letting the her words sink into the depths of his soul. When he opened them again, he saw she couldn't hold the tears back any longer. The look on his face when she finally told him how she felt was more than her heart could hold. It was overflowing with emotion for this wonderful man and now she was going to show him just how much she loved him. He now had his hands on both sides of her face and his thumbs were brushing away the tears. She started to pull him down to her and when their lips met again, this time is was hard, deep and completely engulfing.

He couldn't hold back any longer. He had to have her, to be with her, to love her and yes, protect her. His kisses were getting harder and more possessive by the minute and as his mouth trailed down her neck, his hands were making their way under her shirt. The next thing he knew she had his shirt off of him and now she was taking her shirt and bra off. He was surprised at the urgency of her need for him. After she reached down and opened his belt and unzipped his pants, he begged her to stop. She had a panic look on her face. She thought he was changing his mind, but there was nothing farther from his mind then that. He noticed the frightened look in her eyes and did his best to ease her fears. "Just let me look at you for a while, please Sammy. Youíre so beautiful." He was caressing her stomach looking straight into her eyes and saw that he just set the fire in her eyes an even hotter green. She sensed his need to show her every facet of his love so she smiled and laid her arms down by her side and let him take his time and explore her whole body.

To someone that would be just listening to him talk, youíd think he was taking inventory of her body, but she knew he was paying homage to every wonderful thing about her. He was stroking and caressing her, in the places he was announcing "your hair, your eyes (kissing them) your nose and mouth (his eyes were glued to her mouth as his fingers stroked her lips), your chin and neck." His hands started to move slower as his breath started to get shorter. "Your breasts" he was caressing them so gently and then he started to kiss them, then he started to suckle on them. Rita felt like she was on fire, and she couldn't resist running her hands through his hair as he pleasured her in ways she didn't know existed. As his mouth captivated her very soul, his hands had ventured lower and were now undoing her jeans and had them down around her ankles. She helped him by kicking them off. With his mouth now lingering around her belly button, he looked up to her as if asking permission to take off her panties. She sensed his apprehensions and urged him further. "Please Chris, make love to me." he couldn't wait any longer. He striped her completely and then he finished the job she started. As he took off his jeans and then boxer shorts, the longing and desire she had for him was very evident in her eyes.

As Chris made love to Rita, he heard her moan from a place deep in her soul. "I love you Rita." was all he could say as he thrust them deeper and deeper into a world neither of them had ever known before. The ultimate lose of control happened when she wrapped her legs tightly around him so she could get closer and he could get deeper. When the moment finally arrived, she was saying his name over and over like it was the air she was breathing.

As their hearts and breathing returned to a normal pace, they were still clinging to each other afraid that if they let go, they would lose each other again. Chris looked down at the woman in his arms and he smiled bigger than she has ever seen him smile. "You must be pretty proud of yourself to be smiling that big Lorenzo." she returned his smile with as much happiness.

"It's you that I'm proud of. I thought for sure you would run for the hills when I finally got up the nerve to tell you." he smiled, but hugged her tighter afraid she still might run.

"What exactly do you think you told me Chris." she was baiting him and he didn't pick up on it yet. He thought she was serious. How could she have any doubts about what she meant to him after the last two hours.

Getting up on one arm so he could look her in the eyes he noticed she had a completely serious look on her face. He started to tell her again, "Rita, how could you not know, let me say it again just to make sure you understand. I love you with all of my heart and soul. Without you I am not me." When he hesitated, he saw a quick glint in her eyes and then he knew she was teasing him. He took that as a sign of war and started to tickle her. "Why did you just tease me like that Sammy? Huh?" he was trying to get a confession out of her. When she couldn't take it any longer she spoke up.

"All right, all right I give." she laughed and then she smiled at him while running her hands through his hair. "I just wanted to hear you tell me you loved me again Sam." she said with eyes of an innocent child.

"Oh Sunshine, Iíll tell you that anytime you need to hear it. Youíre going to hear it for so many years, you will probably get sick of hearing it." he teased her.

Deadly serious she shook her head no, "No Chris, I could never get tired of hearing you say that. I have dreamed of it so many times." she said getting emotional on him, which in turn got him emotional.

"Me too Sammy, me too." he leaned down to kiss her again. One kiss from her and his body was ready to start round two, but a cry from the other room changed those plans.

"I'll get him Sam. Rickki will probably be here soon anyway." she gave him a quick kiss on the lips and stood up and started to get dressed. Chris laid on the floor watching her put on the clothes not two hours ago he took off her. He groaned as his body was begging him to get up and give her a replay of earlier.

"I think his teeth are bothering him Sam. Does he feel warm to you?" Chris got up off the floor, buttoned his jeans and reached over and felt Joshuaís forehead.

"Maybe a little. Let me go get his teething ring and see if that will help." he disappeared into the kitchen and when he returned he had two glasses of wine and one teething ring. When he entered the living room, Rita was sitting on the couch waiting for him.

"Wait here Sammy." when he came back he had a candle and he placed it on the coffee table and lit it. "How's he doin?" looking at Joshua in her arms.

"He went right back to sleep in my arms. I guess he just wanted me to hold him." she was lying on the couch when she leaned forward and let Chris slip in behind her and when he got settled, he pulled her back against him and wrapped them in his arms.

"I don't blame him. That's all I want too." he smiled and then kissed the top of her head. When Rickki got there two hours later, she opened his door and walked in to his living room.

"Chris, Rita?" she stopped and smiled at the sight of all three of them laying on the couch. Joshua was asleep in Rita's arms with his head resting on her shoulder. Rita was laying between Chris' legs leaning back on his chest, asleep in Chris' arms with her head on Chrisí shoulder, and Chris was awake watching both of them sleep. "Well, well, well, I see you guys must of had a very good time tonight." she was smiling at Chris and he was beaming.

"Rickki this was the most amazing night of my life." he hugged Rita tighter to him and she just moaned in response to the pleasure it gave her and she softly spoke his name in her sleep.

"It's about time Chris. You two belong together. Youíre both so great and you would be so great together. I really hope everything works out for you." she was lifting her son off of Rita's shoulder as gently as she could, and Chris was going to wake Rita to help Rickki get all of Joshua's things down to the car.

Seeing what Chris was going to do, she stopped him, "No don't get up Chris. I'll just leave all of his baby stuff here tonight and get it tomorrow. Let her sleep and enjoy the dream she is having. It must be really good, because she is smiling up a storm there." Rickki winked at Chris and said goodnight. "I'll lock the door on my way out. Thanks again for watching Josh for me. Oh yeah, Chris can I take you and Rita out to lunch tomorrow. There is something I want to talk to both of you about."

"Yeah sure. Want to give me a hint of what it is about? Are you in some kind of trouble Rickki? Is everything all right?"

"I am just fine Mr. Policeman. Why do you always have to assume itís a bad thing when someone needs to talk to you? Iíll see you tomorrow OK?"

"Okay then. Be careful going home." he said like her brother. Rickki leaned down and kissed Chris on the cheek and then let herself out.

Chris pulled Rita closer to him and he couldn't resist nibbling on her earlobe. Even in her sleep, her body responded to his. She turned herself around in his arms and she was kissing his chest. He had to smile as he watched her. She was sound to sleep and she was saying his name over and over as if it was a prayer. As her body was coming to life, she started to wake up. Looking into Chris' eyes she smiled and then frowned.

"What's wrong Sunshine?" he asked with a worried look in eyes.

"This is just a dream I know it. I have had this dream so many times and then I always woke up." she was sure she was just having another fantasy. She had to admit to herself that it was the best one yet though.

"No, this couldn't be more real Sam." he said as he leaned down and kissed her warmly at first and then it turned more urgent and hot.

As he pulled away, she smiled at him seductively, "Prove it Chris." and it was as if she just pulled the trigger of a starters pistol. He pulled her up on him more and with one hand behind her head (woven in her hair) and one on the small of her back, he pleasured her with a kiss that was so slow and deeply intimate, that she peaked right there and then. "Oh my God Chris," she moaned "I've never felt anything like this in my life." She was now rubbing hard up against his body and he was losing control fast. She couldn't get close enough to him.

In one fast move, Chris stood up from the couch with Rita in his arms and he headed for his bedroom. Startled at first, but quickly brought back to the matter at hand she moaned as his mouth covered hers, "Where are we goin Sam?" she asked with eyes full of desire for him and still catching her breath.

"To bed Sammy, to bed." he gave her the smile he reserved for her only and for the first time she didn't look away.

"I don't want to go to bed Chris. I don't want to wake up and find this was all a dream." she started kissing his neck and made her way up to his ear and Chris moaned and closed his eyes as he felt her tongue sliding slowly into his ear.

He pulled her tighter to him as he was climbing the stairs and responded, "Don't worry Sammy, I don't plan on letting you get any sleep tonight."

"Oh Christopher." was the last thing she said as they disappeared up in the loft.


What did Rickki need to talk to Chris about? Will Rita be able to forgive Eric? (to tell you the truth, who cares whether Rita forgives Eric or not?) *g*. Was Chrisí dream about he and Rita having a son a premonition? Find out in part 2.

Thanks to Linda and Tuna for the great ideas and tips on this story. They helped a great deal. I think this story is a lot better because of their input. Thanks to Linda and Kristiina for putting it up on their web site.

I donít own Chris, Rita, Cap, Rickki or Eric (I really hate that guy) *g*, they belong to USA.


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