Pandoras Box
By Lisa

Part Four

Chris placed the briefcase on the table between him and the man who they had been introduced to simply as Thorn.

"I see Jacko has already filled in the details then?" Thorn grinned,as he took notice of the case.

"Yes...he mentioned the contribution...Is one hundred grand a generous enough of a "donation" for your group?" Chris asked.

Thorn grinned,even more montrously then before "Depends on what you want...,this problem you would you like for us to take care of it for you?.... It can be eliminated for good."

"No!" Cindy cut in sharply ..."I don't want him dead.....he's to wake up every day and be reminded of what he did to my sister....I want that bastard to agonize over it, like he makes my sister."

"I like the way you think,lady." said Thorn ,as he lit a cigarette,and then offered one to Chris,who refused. "There are many ways in which we can do that just as easily."

"I want him to know what it is about...I want him to know just why...." Cindys' character demanded.

"It'll be our pleasure," he said,blowing smoke out the side of his mouth. Thorn looked over to Chris."Your agreeable with this?" he asked him.

Chris nodded "Yes.....whatever pleases my wife,pleases me...the guy is doesn't matter to me what you do to him.Now,do we have a deal...Our donation for your help?"

Thorn smiled,satisfied with this buisness deal."Oh..of course. We wish we didn't have to take any of your money,but these things are costly these days ....and it does fund our other endeavers of justice that we at times must do without reimbursement ...our work is very important to us,and your donation is greatly appreciated.

"So ...just how do you go about doing these things?" asked Cindy.

"Oh,Mrs...that is nothing for you to worry your pretty head about... We ourselves do not do the actual work,only set them up......but you can be rest assured that the job will get done...our group does not fail." Thorn told her proudly.

"And may I ask just how I would know that? Cindy asked him,sounding doubtful of him.

"The job will be done..however,you understand we're not able to give resumes or references " Jacko glared menacingly at her now,a look Chris had learned in past situations to take as a warning

"So..we're suppossed to just give you our money and then just walk that right? No...I don't think so.....Come on Chris"she said as she rose from the table. She turned back to Thorn.

"That's not how we do buisness." Cindy said dismissively. Chris began to squirm a little,wishing she wouldn't go in the direction she was.He tried to tell her to back off,but she wouldn't look his way.Chris knew she was pushing it........they were here only to check out the group,not get a confession out of them.Not yet.

Thorn shrugged his shoulders now.."Do whatever you want, doesn't matter to us what you have a desire,we have a buisness to fill that desire"

Cindy appeared to be thinking it over.She made a move to grab the briefcase.Chris stood with her.

Jacko and Thorn again communicated silently with each other.The money meant more to them then they let on. Their group was one of it's own high morals and set of standards....they couldn't just steal this money,they had to earn it...and they earned it by cleaning up the citys trash,and those who made the trash.And doing that required much needed funds.If these people had to know before they gave the group thier money,then they would be told.

The greater good was what mattered most.Of course,sometimes innocent victims had to be spared when they knew too much

Chris was fearfully astounded when Jacko began to describe in detail some of the groups past work.It was Thorn who finally mentioned the last job they had just recently taken care of. The judge who had released that Crago dude...and Crago himself would be thier crowning glory,......when they could do it with alerting any suspicion to thier group...these things had to be timed just right. It was too soon after the judge just now.......

That was it! Chris couldn't believe it! They had it on tape! Okay,Cap...get the hell in here,now! Chris prayed.

As Thorn and Jacko went on trying to assure Cindy who listened as if she was in awe of them,the door burst open.Immediately the small room was filled with cops. Thorn stood,and pulled his gun,catching the attention of the cops who yelled for him to freeze. It was then that Jacko grabbed Chris in a chokehold and pointed a gun to his throat.Despite everything that was going on ,Chris's thoughts were only of Rita just then,and praying he would see her again.

Chris heard the shot,and it was only seconds later when he realized he was safe,he hadn't been hit.Somehow he had been thrown to the floor,and as he stood up, he saw Cindy cuffing Jacko.

Cap,stood behind her,pale and shaky,then made his way over to Chris.Chris still hadn't figured out what had happened.

"What the hell just went on,Cap" he asked.

"She just shot at him...,the bullet just whizzed right by the guys head!.She did it just like that..he could have pulled his trigger on you Chris!"

Now Chris understood what had Cap so frightened...he had been lucky Jacko had been more concerned with his own welfare then in shooting him...what the hell was Cindy thinking?

Thier work wasn't over just yet though. At the station, Chris watched as Thorn and Jacko booked,and thier tape conversation was enough to cause them to sign a confession.Their lawyers were already talking about a deal with the DA,in exchange for the names of the groups other members.

Chris went back to his desk to finish filling out some papers George would need for the next day.

He could hear Cap yelling about proper procedure at Cindy in his office,mad as hell that she had been overly ambitious in risking her partners life the way she had. Chris cringed,remembering how close it had been.

A few minutes later,Cindy came out and walked up to Chris,offering him an apology.

"Look,Cindy...,that was good work tonight...your a good cop,......,but you are too ambitious.....and you have got to learn to take things can't always go charging full speed ahead into a situation and expect everything to turn out just doesn't always happen like that...sooner or later it's gonna get you killed."

Cindy nodded,as if she was accepting his advice."Listen,Chris...I owe you...why don't you let me take you out for a drink...calm down your nerves."

"I don't think so ,'s late,and I'm exhausted. "

"Oh come on Lorenzo....we just wrapped up our first case together..that is something worth celebrating,isn't it?"

Chris nodded in agreement with her"Sure...sure" He couldn't help reminding her."Our first case...most likely our only case,being this was temporary....but no" he shook his head..."how about tomorrow,or another's been a long day."

He walked off,heading towards Caps office,as Cindy stood looking after him.....She didn't want to go back to being Hastings partner,the man was too boring,too slow,and too by the book.She liked being Chris Lorenzos partner,and better yet,she liked being with Chris Lorenzo in general....... Don't be too positive about that,Chris.....she thought.


They wern't aware that anyone could overhear thier conversation,as they stepped out of Caps office,the halls were clear.

"Damn!... almost three o'clock in the morning, never even called Rita....she's gonna be so ticked off at me."

Harry shrugged his shoulder."So come home with me...When I'm out like at night like this,Fran dozes on the couch until I get in...come have a cup of coffee."

Chris accepted"Thanks Cap...knowing Rita,she'll probaly be waiting up with Fran too.

Harry laughed."Maybe that's why my ears have been burning,huh..?"

Chris chuckled along with his captain,then grew serious, hoping to find some way to get his partner back.

"Cap...I was wondering something....about the boards review.....just what would happen if Rita and I told the commishioner the truth about us? Is there anyway at all we could still be partners?"

Cap looked at Chris over his glasses."That's not a good idea,Lorenzo...They will immediately conclude that Ritas reaction in that shooting was due to your personal involvement.......and you know the physical relationships between partners...Like I told you both the other night....if the board got wind ofyour relationship it could cost Rita her career."

"But Cap... what if we went to them..were up front and honest about everything...and even threatened to quit ....they know as well as we do that it's Rita and I who keep them looking so good.Would it matter to them?" Chris was still convinced there had to be some way that he and Rita could remain partners,and still let thier feelings for each other be known.

"You mean,you want them to overlook the rules where you both are concerned?" Cap shook his head negatively..."I don't see it happening ,Lorenzo...Just don't say a word about it for now,until after this review,and that will give me a chance to look into things.....alright?"

'Thanks Cap...I owe ya!" Chris smiled the Lorenzo smile.

"You can stop grinning like that ,Lorenzo...that doesn't work on me!" Cap snapped jovially at him.

They reached the doors and went through.Cindy could no longer hear thier conversation,but she had heard more then enough.She smiled,anxious for the new day to begin. Things were about to change around here...finally,she thought.



Harry and Chris were eagerly greeted by Fran,who sat in the kitchen with a fresh pot of coffee waiting for them.Chris was surprised ,and maybe a little dissapointed though to learn Rita was sleeping.

"She hasn't slept very much since the fire,Chris...I hear her up every night..She just fell asleep a little while ago...I think she just couldn't fight it anymore."

Still...he thought, she would want him to wake her now, tell her everything was alright...and he had promised he would,no matter what the hour. He quietly went to the room that Cap directed him to, his heart filled with an urgent longing to reconnect with his soul mate.

Sitting on her bed, and watching her as she tossed and mumbled softly in her sleep,he decided not to wake her after all.Even a restless sleep was better for her then none. He caressed her brow with a kiss that he had placed on his finger tip,hoping it would calm her in her sleep.She was so incredibly beautiful,he thought.... Did she know how much he loved her? Did she have any idea that every single beat of his heart beated only for her,that every breath he took was only to live because she did. He knew her heart,knew that he had been allowed to get closer to her then anyone else had ever gotten....that maybe he had even torn down that fortress she had once hidden behind. Still though he worried for her.

"Shh"he whispered. Her words echoed back to him as he stroked her cheek,hearing her quietly whimper.

"I can get through anything as long as I have you.Nothing else matters."

She seemed to be holding up so well....and he wondered if maybe it was too well.

He wanted so badly to just lay with hold her in his arms..and calm her restless sleep in a way he knew he could .....Hell,he wanted more then that..,but he didn't know if Cap and Fran would appreciate that,and it wouldn't feel right with them being so close.It was then he decided that things were going to have to change ...and soon. Instead of crawling into bed with her,as he wished he could , he gently pulled the covers over her and kissed her softly on her lips,before going out to the couch and catching a few winks himself.


He watched as the two men came out of the station in the wee hours of the morning,looking exhausted but satisfied.He knew them both,and he followed the older of the men,already sure of where the younger man was heading.Surprised to see them both arrive at the older mans house he knew his guess had been correct. She was here ,he the house they had both just walked into.

She would be glad to see Lorenzo,...she would take him into her arms and gather more stregnth from him.....He had to take that away from her first............even before he could take Lorenzo from her.



She had just come out of the shower and gotten dressed when there was a knock on the bedroom door. She was a bundle of shaken nerves as she went to answer it,and it was obvious to him when


she opened the door.Seeing Chris, she practically fell into his arms that he already held out to her,demanding to be filled.She thanked God that he was there,and that he was safe. Chris held her tightly as she clung to him,wishing they could stay forever like that. It just felt so good ,especially when he had thought he would never again have that pleasure again........

"Chris....I was so scared...You didn't call ,and I couldn't help thinking something must have happened." she whispered her fears to him.

"Shhh...I know...I'm here though's okay" He pulled partly away , still keeping her in his arms,and smiled assuringly at her "Relax,Sammy...everything is fine now...." He kissed the tip of her nose,then the center of her forehead as she leaned gratefully into him."It's all over now."

Rita nodded her head slightly against his "It's all over?.......what happened??" there was fear in her questions.

Chris walked her to the bed,and guided her to sit along side of him. He could see she was still as exhausted as he felt. He was glad he hadn't disturbed her when he had first arrived.

"So what happened?" she asked,knowing that it was because of the case now that he hadn't called her.

Chris wrapped his arms around her,and she took his hand,caressing it,as Chris told her of the previous nights events.

Rita had closed her eyes while he talked, vividly imagining the scene as he told it. She turned around in his arms now,reaching to pull him into a hug."I knew something would happen out there." she said somberly.

"Nothing happened Rita...I'm fine." he said."

"It almost could have....I need to get back out there,Chris...I'm your partner........not her." she whispered this last part,almost barely.Chris heard it,but didn't really understand just what it meant.....thinking Rita only wanted to get back to work. Her job was her life.

"Rita...just wait a little longer...the boards review will reinstate you, soon it 'll be you and me,as always." he kissed the top of her head,reassuringly.

"It can't be soon enough for me,Chris" she replied.

Chris shook his head in understanding..."I either..", he said,thinking of Cindy,but quickly changing the subject....." about some breakfast Sam! I've been waiting forever for you to wake up and I'm starving!"

"What? YOU'VE been waiting forever? mean you were here? Why didn't you come in then and wake me?"

"Because when I got here,it was only four in the morning....I came in with Cap..... Fran said you had been up all I dozed a bit myself on the sofa until I heard you up." should have waken me...I was worried all night about you."

Chris teased her now by raising his eyes,and tickling her..."You worry pretty good for someone sound asleep!"

Rita giggled as she squirmed away from his tickles,but then got serious again.

"Well...I was......but now I'm glad it's over ...and your time,I'll be right by your side.." She pulled him into a kiss ,and for a few minutes,they were taken into that world where only each other existed....until the sound of someone moaning brought them back to a cruel reality.Cap was whining about something.Quickly they broke apart.

"Fran.......neeeee!!!!!" they heard even through the closed door. "Hurry...I'm gonna be sick again!"

"I'm coming Heshy....just hold on,Don't you dare vomit on that new carpet!"

They heard Cap grumble some uncomprehendable words,...then caught his last few words as he complained to his wife,who had by now returned to him...."I'm dying here.."

"Well,just don't expect me to feel sorry for you Heshy! You wanna go and eat like an eighteen year old kid,then it serves you right. What made you think you could eat the all that junk,and not be sorry for it...I wouldn't be surprised if you gave yourself an ulcer. "

"Franny,please,not now...I learned my lesson this time,I promise...I will never again eat anything except what you make for me...just please do something about this agony I'm in ." Cap whined.

"I'm giving you some Mylanta,Heshy...that's all I can do for you right should go to the doctor and get your stomach checked out..I'll make you an appointment. Here,drink this now."

They heard Fran a few minutes later go down stairs,and the occassional moan for thier captain. They had to muffle the giggles that couldn't be helped.

"We shouldn't laugh,Chris....this could be you and me twenty years from now" Rita said,surprising herself .

Her words caught Chris off guard. The future. It was something he had never given any thought to,and he realized he had always assumed it would be him and Rita,side by side forever.....but he grew quiet now,pondering the future for real.....,his future,and hers.Committment was never his strong least it never had been before...but tonight...once again his life had been spared.....he had a future,one that he had no intention of ever giving up.He had some serious thinking to do.

While Chris was deep in his thoughts,Ritas was doing some thinking of her own. She hadn't meant to bring up thier had never even occured to her before to think about it,but now that she did, she loved the idea of still being with Chris in twenty years,of being just like Cap and Fran. She couldn't help but notice though that Chris had grown very quiet when she had mentioned it...............well,twenty plus years was along time to be with just one person...especially for someone like Christopher Lorenzo,a born Cassinova who went through woman like she went through panty hose.She tried to bury the new fears that came.



After Chris ,Rita and Fran had already eaten thier breakfast,Cap was feeling somewhat better,and came downstairs.

"What's for breakfast,honey?" he asked her,hoping he had stayed upstairs long enough for her to cool off.

Fran was still annoyed with her husband ,and it was made obvious when she placed before him a cup of strong tea,and some plain toast.

'This is it?" he asked her bitterly.

"That's probaly all your stomach can handle right now."she scolded harshly as she continued on with the breakfast dishes,as Rita helped to clear the table. She felt sorry for her captain when she caught him glancing at the leftover french toast and bacon Fran had made for them.

Fran must have seen how she felt."Don't feel sorry him,doll...He brought this on himself...I make him good healthy lunches,and what does he do?....I'll tell you what he does..he goes and throws them into the waste basket.What does he expect when he goes and eats all that junk...tacos,pizza..burrittos...cheeseburgers......and to think he actually thought he was pulling one over on me" Rita watched as he cast his eyes downwards in shame "didn't you Heshy?" Fran continued lecturing."He went through four bottles of Rolaid tablets this past week....who does he think was buying them? "That's it,I said."Let him go...he'll have to learn the hard way.Well,Heshy...I certainly hope you learned your lesson now!"

Rita feeling suddenly like an intruder,quietly snuck out,giving them the privacy they were used to.

"Yes,Franny..I did...and I am so sorry ." He looked up to his wife,looking like a patheticly sad little boy,and Frannys' heart melted.

"Oh poor Heshy....maybe I've just been too strict...maybe if I allowed you to eat those things every once in awhile....I just wanted to be sure you were as healthy as you could be,Heshy."

"No, shouldn't aplogize...I'm a grown man.You were right,this was the only way for me to learn. Franny...I love you watching over me...please don't ever stop."

"Oh Heshy...I love you so much!"Fran ran into her husbands arms.

"I love you too,my darling dumpling...I love you too." he whispered in her ear. Thier argument ended they way they all usually a tender but passionate kiss.



Chris signed his name to the last document ,then tossed his pen aside.Letting out an exhausted sigh,he leaned back in his chair.He had finally finished with the mountain of paperwork that had piled up on his desk over the past few days.

He had come into the shop shortly after lunch time to find Cindy already busy with her own paperwork.

"Hey partner...I thought I'd move over here to make it easier for us to do our paperwork....look...I brought you in some donuts" she said,waving a bag at him,smiling.

Seeing Cindy at Ritas desk wasn't exactly the most pleasant sight,but he had to admit,it would make thier paperwork easier to do. He shrugged his shoulders and sat down across from her,getting right to work.

Now,several hours later,he was surprised when she leaned down close to him. He looked up,only to see her looking back at him,trying to get his attention.

"Chris...I just want to apologize again about last night...I hope you forgive me?" she spoke quietly,as she tried to make herself look upset about it.

"Of course I do...Cindy, it's the past,." He saw a tear fall from her eye,and handed her a tissue."Don't let it bother you,okay...hmmm" He saw how badly she felt,and he understood.It was the worst feeling knowing that you unentionally endangered your partners life.

She smiled at him."Okay," she sniffed " thanks Chris."She cast her eyes downward,then leaned in for a hug."Your a great partner,partner."

"Well....I'm sure Hastings is just as good." Chris said, again trying to remind her he was not really her partner. He was just about to take a step back to put some distance again between them when he heard voices he knew very well. Looking up he saw Fran and Rita,who had just walked through the palm doors.Thier laughter suddenly quieted when they saw Chris and Cindy,still standing very close to each other.

Immediately,Chris backed up from Cindy,and went over to Rita who stood there,quietly staring at him.. Cindy reached up to smooth her hair,and smiled at Rita ,as if she was a cat caight in the canarys cage. She walked over and sat down in the chair at her temporary Rita Lances desk.

"Hey Sammy!"

He happily embraced his Sammy,thrilled at the unexpected visit from her,and completely unaware of the tension in the room. He was just being Chris Lorenzo,and he had no idea of the currents passing between each of the woman.

Cindy sat at Ritas desk,and she pretended now to be absorbed in her reading over some papers,but Fran could see her eyes dart over to watch the scene with Chris and Rita .

Rita let herself be pulled into Chris's arms,trying to control her desire to simply cry....,annoyed at herself more then at Chris. She trusted Chris.......she just didn't trust her own emotions anymore,and jealousy was definetly one she wasn't used to.Walking in to see Chris obviously feeling close enough to his new partner to hug her...seeing his new partner now sitting at her all just left an uneasy feeling in her,one that she had no intention of letting Chris see.

"Hey are a sight for sore eyes....I missed you." he whispered to her,before backing away,and glancing around to make sure they weren't being observed.

Rita caught him glance over to Cindy,then back to her. "This is great timing,ladies....I was just about to leave."

Hearing his wifes voice,Harry came out to join the group.."Good,then we can all leave together...we'll stop off at Trinkles and get some dinner...not eating all day has me starving right now. My treat.....they have a great fish dinner there."

"Hey...sounds good to me...Rita?" Chris asked.

"Sure..sounds nice..that is...well,are you sure you want us tagging along Cap?"

'Oh,of course he does,dear...Heshy wouldn't have invited you if he didn' stop worrying so much,Rita and relax...okay. This is a night for fun!" Fran urged her,sending her a silent message with her eyes that Rita understood right away.

Rita smiled,trying to push away any lingering turmoil that suddenly rose from within her when she had first entered the room." sounds like fun to me..why not."

Chris went back to gather the paperwork he needed to hand in before he left."Let me just take these to George on the way out."

'Ah,Chris" Cindy pouted "I thought we were going to get a drink tonight."

Ritas eye brows shot up at hearing this,and any calm that she had managed to attain immediately left her again.

"" He hadn't exactly said yes for tonight,had he?

It was Cap who saved his butt..."Not a problem...You'll come along with us,McConnell....and we might as well ask George to even things out." Harry spoke up.

He wasn't aware of the peircing look his wife gave him just then,or that Rita seemed to actually wilt a little.

"Oh..No..I don't want to intrude."Cindy pretended to decline.

" wouldn't be intruding.Now,let's go everyone...I'm starving!"

Cindy rose,opening the desk drawer and taking out her purse.She smiled at the group as she joined them.

'Well,then thanks,Cap....and the drinks are on me!"

Harry and Chris led the way,with Cindy following them. Behind her,Fran and Rita exchanged a look before catching up to thier men.

It was a long night. Chris and Rita both knew they could only act as each others partner and best friend,rather then as the lovers they also were,and wanted to be now .George had come along,making a nice companion for Cindy ,but she had no intrest in him at all. Throughout dinner,Cindy would subtly,and unknowingly to him,flirt with Chris.

Looking around at the other dancers,she pulled Chris to a stand "Come on partner.....let's dance." Chris smiled quickly at Rita,winking over Cindys shoulder at her,but went along just to be polite.One dance turned into several others,and after awhile,Rita who had been watching the whole time,began to fidget restlessly.George and Harry and were deep into discussing a recent case,and Fran quickly took the opprtunity to speak with Rita.

"Rita.....I can't sit back and watch you do nothing while that maneater throws herself all over Chris....Why is it men cannot see something so blatantly obvious!"

Rita tried to meet this challenge bravely." Fran...I don't like it,but what can I do about it. Chris and I are suppossed to keep are relationship a secret.How could she know what she's doing."

"Oh...she knows alright,I know her type......No, don't have to sit there and watch her rub your nose in it.......fight back honey! "

Rita looked interested now. "How? "

Fran smiled at her young protegee'.This was a game she had experience with herself,in her younger days,and she had plenty to pass on to Rita now.


Rita smiled as she heard the manager thank the patrons for coming,and announce that the restarant would be closing in another ten minutes.He invited the diners to stay for the last dance of the evening,a song that was requested by one of the diners who wished to remain anomonous. She had waited patiently for the band to play it,asking if it could be the last song of the evening before the restarant closed.As the music began,she stood and walked over to ask Chris for a dance.

Cindy saw Rita smile as the manager mentioned the requested song,and then watched as she made her way to Chris.When Rita stood between Chris and her,she let her drink spill from her hand and all over the front of Ritas' blouse.

"Oh ..Rita dear...I'm so bumped into my arm,as I was setting it down....I am so sorry!"

Rita let out a small cry of shock as the icy cold drink spilled onto the new silk blouse she was wearing.Most of her clothes had been destroyed in the fire,and her wardrobe was still very limited She excused herself,and went to the ladies room,Fran following her to help her with the stain.

"Rita...she did that on never even touch her...that conniving little witch..." She looked from rubbing at the stain with a paper towel,to see tears brimming in Ritas eyes." Oh,'ll be alright...we'll get the stain out......"

"'s not that Fran."Ritas' voice broke.

"What is it then,honey?"

"My song....our dance..." she could barely get the words out.

It was then that Fran understood what was making Rita so upset. They could hear the band playing ...Save the Best for Last.....,and in that instant,Fran grabbed Ritas' hand and pulled her out into the dining room.

The song was just ending though as they reached the dancing area. They saw Harry and George sitting at the table still,but Chris and Cindy were no where to be seen...until Rita looked out onto the dancing floor and saw them in each others arms dancing the last dance,and the only dance she had hoped for,to the song she had requested.


Chris had no idea that Rita had requested that song,but he was dissapointed that he had missed the last dance with her. He had wished the whole night that it was her in his arms,and he decided one dance together wouldn't hurt thier secret...they were still best friends after all.When she had ran off to the ladies room,he had started after her,but was stopped by Cindy,asking for one last dance.Looking over in the direction of where Rita had dissapeared to,he shrugged his shoulders and allowed Cindy to pull him back to the dance floor,his only thoughts being that he was glad the evening was finally ending so that he and Rita could spend some time together alone .


He didn't understand her silence in the car as he drove her back to Caps and Frans place, but then she had been pretty quiet lately ever since the fire. He knew she wasn't letting on how much the fire had really upset her. He was worried that she was bottling things up inside her explained why she told him no when he suggested they go back to his loft for awhile.

They pulled up in the drive way,seeing Fran and Cap already home.Rita got out of the car and heading into the house.

"Hey,Sammy...wait up a minute...let's go take a walk first,"

"Not right now,Chris,I'm tired...I think I'll just go to bed. Thank you for the ride."she said curtly.

Fran opened the door."Oh Kids...I just put on some fresh coffee..come in and have a cup Chris."

Chris accepted,hoping for some extra time with Rita.

By the time he entered the kitchen,she had already dissapeared from his sight,and he began to wonder what was going on. She had been acting strangely all night.

Fran knew exactly what Rita was upset about,and she guided Chris over to the table,placing a cup of black coffee in front of him.She had hoped that they would have talked and smoothed things out on the way home,but she could tell that hadn't matter what Heshy said...she just could not stay out of this...Chris and Rita belonged together,and she was going to make sure that they stayed together.

She was just about to have her talk with Chris ,when she was interupted by a peircing scream.For an instant,they both sat frozen in shock,until they heard footsteps running upstairs and the sound of Harrys booming voice yelling for Chris.Chris was up the stairs within seconds,hearing Cap again call for him " In here,hurry!"Chris followed his voice.

Standing in the doorway to the guest bathroom he saw Rita ,down on her knees,and doubled over,with her arms held tightly to her chest.He heard her words.."No,no,no,no" as she shook her head and rocked slightly forwards and backwards."no,no,no,no"

Cap was leaning over her,trying his best to pull her to a stand as he tried to comfort her at the same time.He knew he had to get her out of there."Lorenzo!!!"he hollered.

He looked up,hearing Chris enter,and his desperate eyes answered the panicked questions he saw in Chris' own eyes. Chris looked over to where Cap had signalled,and it was then that he saw what greeted Rita as she entered the room.

"Oh hell.......!"he whispered aloud ,feeling his heart drop into his stomach....thinking of Rita walking in here....of her seeing this.

A mannequin was laying in the bath tub, a hole through it's head,and some red type of sauce ozzing out. A gun had been positioned in the mannequins hand. Outside the bath tub,stood a small but real tombstone,with black roses scattered around it.

He could see two names on it.,the first being the name of who the tombstone had been intended for...... Donald Fontana.Then Chris read the words that had been spray painted on it .

Rest In Peace,Lorenzo.


Well....I know how you all just love these cliff hanger endings ...(hehehe)...and you all know how I love to give them to you! This story may be done after part please bear with me...and stay tuned for part 5. Don't you all just HATE me now!!!....LOL!!! .............


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