The Opera
By Kristen

This is my very first attempt at a fanfic. I know it is short and there isn’t any murder or mayhem but I really enjoyed writing it. I hope you get some pleasure from reading it. Please let me know your thoughts . Email me

The standard disclaimers apply, I do not own Silk Stalkings or any of the characters. I just love them!


Rita looked up and saw Chris walking her way. She couldn’t help but think how handsome he looked in his tux though she knew he hated dressing up so much. She was pleased that he had agreed to come to the opera even though he had brought Jillian with him. Wait a minute, what was she thinking? She was here with Eric and Chris was with Jillian. That is how it should be, how it had to be…so why was her heart doing flip-flops as she watched the handsome man approach her?

“Sam, your friend really was incredible tonight. Has she always been able to hit those high notes?”

“Christopher, she is a trained opera singer, that’s what she does.”

“Yeah, but I bet she can’t shoot a bad guy like you can.”

“Oh Sam, you overwhelm me with your flattery!” She panned, rolling her eyes and clutching at her heart.

He gave her one of those heart stopping smiles, “I thought you’d like that!” His eyes shifted around he room. “It seems you have to be pretty important to attend one of these benefits, I feel like a prince and you partner, look like a princess.”

Rita looked down at her formal ball gown. She felt like a princess. She did a little pirouette and as the skirt of her gown swirled around her legs, she smiled at Chris. “Why thank you Prince Charming!”

The love song from the opera began to play. Chris looked at Rita, “Would you care to dance, Cinderella?”

“I thought you’d never ask…” Chris reached for Rita’s arm just as Eric and Jillian walked up to them.“Chris, I wondered where you went! This song is gorgeous, let’s dance.” She grabbed his arm and headed to the dance floor.

Chris looked back at Rita helplessly and shrugged. Without letting any of the disappointment she felt show, she smiled her understanding and turned towards Eric.“Are you enjoying yourself Eric?”

“Well, I’m enjoying the bar. I told you I didn’t want to come to this thing,and then you had to invite your annoying partner and his babe along too.”

“Look Eric, this night is important to me. Tricia was one of my best friends in school and I’ve been looking forward to her big night. If I knew you were going to come here and complain I wouldn’t have asked you. I’m sure Chris would have been my escort.”

“Oh you would have loved that…getting him all to yourself. You must really hate the doc for honing in on your territory huh?” Eric smirked, “I bet if you told Chris he’d take you home and take care of that little fantasy you have about him…, or maybe he already has and you just want more!”

“Eric you’re drunk and I’m starting to think that you’re a bit insane.” Rita made a move to walk away but Eric grabbed her arm. “Let me go!” Just then,Chris and Jillian walked back up to the couple. “Is everything okay?” Chris asked, knowing that it wasn’t. One look in his partner’s eyes and he could tell that she was furious.

“Everything is fine.” She stated through clenched teeth, “Eric has decided to leave.”

Jillian looked from Eric to Rita. She could feel the tension in the air. She hated the idea of what she was about to do but it seemed like the best way to handle the situation. Many of her colleagues were in attendance at the benefit and she didn’t want to be involved in a scandal. “ Look, I just got paged to go to the hospital, why don’t I drive Eric home and Chris can give you a lift after you get to see your friend.”

“Hey, that’s a great idea Jillian. Rita, is that okay with you?” Chris looked to Rita making sure she was fine with the plans that were being made around her.

“Yes, fine. Excuse me while I go to the ladies room.” With that, Rita turned and walked off.

After Jillian left with Eric in tow, Chris set out to find Rita. When he couldn’t see her in the ballroom, he decided to wait outside the ladies room. As a young lady exited the door he looked in and saw Rita sitting on a little couch in the corner of the room.

“Rita!” he said in a hushed whisper.

She didn’t look up. He peeked his head around the corner and couldn’t see anyone else in the room so he went in.


“Hi Sam. Is he gone?” Rita asked tiredly as she looked up at him. He could tell she had been crying.

“ He’s gone.”

“Will you drive me home?”

“You don’t even have to ask.” Chris reached down for her hand and helped her up. He put his arm around her as they made their way out of the building to her car. As they settled into the car, Rita began to cry again. Chris reached over and grabbed her hand “Sam, don’t cry. I know you love this guy but he doesn’t deserve your tears.”

“I’m not crying because I love him, I’m crying because I’m mad that I made such a bad choice. How did I end up with a guy like him?” The vulnerable look she gave Chris almost broke his heart.

“You needed someone and he was there I guess.” Chris said with a shrug. “I’m not going to argue with if you dump him though. I thought he was okay at the beginning too but now I know he doesn’t deserve you. You need someone who loves you and treats you like you are the most precious thing on this earth”..... You need me, Chris thought but quickly brought his private thoughts to a screeching halt. This was Rita -- his best friend. She had made it clear to him long ago that they could be nothing more than friends. He turned his attention back to his partner.

“If I can’t have someone who meets all those lofty standards I guess I’ll make do on my own. Being with someone who isn’t right for you isn’t worth the effort. I can’t make someone into my perfect matter no matter how hard I try”


She said as Chris pulled the car into her driveway. Rita gave him a weak smile, “You’re welcome to take my car home and pick me up in the morning.”

Chris nodded and Rita got out of the car and closed the door. She leaned down to the window, “Thanks for rescuing me tonight Prince Charming.”

“Hey, wait a second!” Chris said as he jumped out of the car. He walked around the car to Rita, “Cinderella, will you finally give me my dance?”

Rita giggled, “Chris, there’s no music!”

“Let’s pretend.” He said as he bowed gallantly in front of her.

He stood up and took her in his arms. Rita close her eyes as Chris led her around the driveway that had become the most beautiful ballroom in the world.

The sky was dark and the stars sparkled around them. As he spun her around and around, she did what he said and let herself pretend…

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