Night Crawlers and Day Dreamers
By Lisa

They spent their first night in Sanibel, wrapped in each others arms, alternately making love, and catching up on their lost sleep. The next day after they had taken a relaxing swim, Rita laid on the lounge chair, soaking up the last of the sun's rays. He sat on the chair next to her, pretending he was reading a book, but really he couldn't take his eyes off her. In all of his daydreams, he had never imagined her to be as beautiful as she truly was. He knew she would be, yes, but his fantasies had never allowed him to experience the full splendor of her , and once he had for real, he knew he would never be able to get enough of her.

He watched as her soft breathing made her chest and stomach rise, saw her pink tongue come out to moisten her even pinker lips. Suddenly he needed to kiss those lips. He sat up, and leaned over her, and did just that. She opened her eyes, pleasantly surprised, and wrapped her arms around him.

They kissed, and it was hard and long. Together their kisses tasted sweet, hot and deliciously erotic. But it wasn't enough... He needed more now... He needed to kiss her neck, and he did, as her hands caressed his chest. Their eyes met, seeing so much more then just each other. She could see her future looking back at her, and he could see his reason for even living at all. He again kissed her, a gentle one now , and as he did he placed his arm under her knees and picked her up off the chair. She wrapped her arms around his neck, their kiss never interrupted. Carrying her into their motel room, a few steps away, he allowed her to loose touch with his lips for the few brief seconds it would take for her to open the sliding glass door, and shut it again behind them. He carried her to their bed, and laid her upon it, never letting her out of his arms as he joined her . Their kissing now got harder again and more urgent, and his hands frantically wandered over her bikini top, trying to unfasten the hook. When he managed , he slid it off her, and tossed it across the room, while she delved her hands deeper into his trunks, urgently pleading with him to get rid of them. Her hands made it a difficult task for him, but neither could bear for her to remove them from their place either. Finally they were both undressed and he could let his hands explore all the parts of her body. His hands caressed the softness of her ivory skin, always coming back to the perfect mounds of her breasts which became immediately alive at his touch. His mouth soon followed, with kisses and tender suckles. His hands found a new pleasure point that yearned to be touched then, and they glided over her flat smooth stomach to give her that secret ecstasy, and she moaned with her pleasure. Her body shifted under him, so that it could meet his, but he was still hard at work trying and succeeding to make this time for her. She was impatient for him though, and Chris enjoyed teasing her, just as any other time, and he made her wait, while he almost brought her to the point of brilliant yet blinding light, but not quite. His hands kneaded and caressed her , loving every part of her body, and hers did the same. She decided to play along with him, to make the pleasure unbearable for him as well, she rolled over as she let her hands wonder down to his buttocks while she clutched at them, and lowered her own kisses down his hard muscled stomach. Her tongue darted out, teasing him and he cried out himself. He was only vaguely aware of anything else now, but his desire for her. He wanted to roll her back over, to enter into her being, and he shook with his desire for that, but she had other plans. As her kisses wandered over his body, her hands caressed his hardness now, stroking , mesmerized by the beauty of him. After awhile he cried out, and she knew it was time for her to surrender to him, and she was only too glad to do so. Her own cravings were too strong now to keep the teasing up. He took her into his arms, and put her underneath him, gently laying his weight on her. He loved how she was so brazen and yet at the same time so needy with him. His lips caught hers, while his hands went back to the soft peaks of her breasts. They filled his palms so perfectly as every other part of her body fitted into his, as if they had been made to be together, made for each other. Before long he felt her body moving along with his to match his movements, and it was together that they met that blinding light, holding onto each other and whispering their love for all of time. It was then, that he realized his angel had brought her heaven to him. He had never before understood how love was supposed to be, until then.

As Rita felt her very soul being reunited with his, all her hidden fears and insecurities were set free, with the crashing of walls her lifetime had spent building. She soared to heights she never knew existed and she finally understood what love really felt like.

When they awoke, each in the arms of love, to a brand new day, they knew they weren’t daydreaming anymore. THE END.

I know this story was long... Sorry. I loved writing this one... It somehow just flowed right out for once. This was my first time attempting two new things in a story. I had never really tried to put an actual crime in a story before, because I thought that would be hard to do. It was, so I'm sure there are parts of that that could easily be picked apart, but I really did try my best. Then there was the love scene. For a long time, I kind of thought that something like that didn't need to be told to make the story.... Plus I was worried I couldn't write one . After some urging to give it a try from some of you, I did... And I hope it will pass. If it doesn't.. Sorry... But now you know why I avoided them! Again, I tried my best!

Now, as we all know, Chris and Rita, who I love writing about.. Belong to Stu Segall. USA, and Silk Stalkings, and whoever else... As well as Fran, cap, and George. All the other characters are mine. Green Eggs and Ham belongs to Dr. Seuss, and my daughter, Kaitlyn loves that story.Thanks also Kaity for the use of your bedtime ritual.

The song God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You, is by NSYNC, and I thank my daughter Alyssa for her love of NSYNC...Alyssa,. who God really did spend a little more time on!

This one is dedicated to Rob and Mitzi,, just to thank them for bringing Chris and Rita to all of us. I thought that of all people who needed to be thanked, it was them, because without their portrayals, Chris and Rita wouldn't be as special to us.

I'd also like to thank TKZ for her input into my title. She gave me Night Crawlers, but I did add Day Dreamers because it described another aspect of the story. Thanks also to the others on the list who added their vote as well! Since this is my first attempt at a crime, I would really appreciate hearing what you thought. Did it make sense? Was it easy to follow? I really want honest opinions... Because that's how I learn! Thanks! Lisa

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