My dearest Sammy,

I know that right now you must be in a lot of pain. Pain that my passing has caused. Trust I never wanted to hurt you. My soul purpose in life was to protect you from pain, and if I couldn'tít to comfort and console you. It tares me a part inside knowing I have caused you pain. I know that right now you are scared, and sad. Probably even angry, but Sam you are carrying our child.. You have to stay strong.. I wish I could go back and just do something to change the out come, but I canít. Iím angry too. Iím angry and sad that I wonít get to be there when my child is born. I wonít be there when it sayís itís first words, or takes itís first step. Things I have dreamed of for so long. You have to make sure our child knows that I loved him/her so much that I gave my life. Our life. Iím sorry, I know I promised I would never leave you. Just keep my memory in your heart and I will live forever in there. I want you to know that my death had nothing to do with the fact you loved me. The hope of having your love some day kept me alive for six years. I have to go now Sammy, Iím sorry. I love you heart and soul. Please donít ever forget that. Tell our child everyday that I loved him/her.

Love youíre Sam
Detective Sergeant Christopher James Lorenzo

b. 4/63 d. 12/95

Rest in heavenly peace

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