I will Remember

Here I stand on solid ground
Reaching up to you
Begging for the strength and will
That I pray will see me through
I feel you there inside my heart
Asking me, "please, not to cry,

Just live for all we shared together,
There's no such thing as good- bye."

The courage you showed throughout it all
despite the fear I know you felt inside
But you never stepped down or lost your ground
You fought with dignity and pride
And it's pride I have for all you are
For everything you gave
You never questioned the way things were
You just kept on true and brave

You opened my eyes to a brighter world
Side by side, we rose above
You graced me with your friendship
And you honored me with your love
I can't promise to always be strong
And never shed a tear in your name
But I will never regret and I will never forget
And I will never quit the game
So I lay a rose beside your name
And I wipe away a tear
And I hear you whisper inside my heart
Saying, "Remember me here. "

author unknown

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