I do need to say that this story is a bit steamy. If you are not of age or if you are offended by steamy scenes, please don't read any further. But if you like a lot of romance and mushy stuff, this story is for you. I hope you enjoy it.

Precious Gifts
(Part One)

"Believing in someone is possibly the most precious gift you can give or receive in this life."

It has been almost 3 months since Chris and Rita had broken up with Jillian and Eric. The bond between them was stronger than ever. They spent most all of their free time together and they never seemed happier. The Sams' have crossed into a new level of their friendship and it was about to be tested like never before.


"Well, did you get it worked out so that he will be on the case?" the woman's voice said with hatred seeping from every word, while unbuttoning the 40ish man's shirt.

"Yep, it's official, he will be the vice cop going in as the drug dealer." the man with reddish brown hair and dark eyes remarked as he lifted the dress off the younger woman.

"Great, I can hardly wait for tomorrow to come. I can't wait to bring down the infamous Chris Lorenzo and the love of his life. They'll be begging for my mercy and forgiveness by the time this whole thing is over." the young woman put her arms around the older man and kissed him passionately.


Chris was smiling at Rita as she walked up to him with their lunch in her hands. She had gone to get Chinese take out and he was supposed to meet her here at the beach. "Here let me help you with that Sammy," Chris stated with a smile as he reached out to help Rita with the bags.

"You're such a gentleman, Sam." she laughed and then kissed him on the cheek. The rush he got from her simple little kiss sent his emotions soaring to the sky. The feelings he was having were so new to him. Sure he was always in love with Rita, but he had never allowed himself to think about the possibilities before and now they were endless.

"Why thank you Miss Lance." he replied just to have something to say while he reined in his bulging emotions.

"You're welcome Mr. Lorenzo." she smiled at him and blushed. The everyday little things they did together seemed so special now. Was it just 3 short months ago that she broke up with Eric and Chris broke up with Jillian? She remembered thinking then, that she would never really be happy, but her partner proved her wrong again. Everytime her love life was in shambles, Chris was always there to pick up the pieces.


Rita was laying at home on her couch crying again. Why was she crying? Eric was not worth all of the tears she was shedding. If the truth be known, she would have to say she was kind of relieved when Eric abruptly left. Why was she so upset then?

She started thinking about the discussion she and Chris had at work last night. "Sam, you have invested a lot of yourself in this relationship with Jillian. The job can't love you back. You can always find a job, but how many Jillian's are you going to find?" her heart ached at saying this to him, but she just wanted him to be happy and she thought he was in love with Jillian. The thought of him leaving her was unbearable. When Rita looked up at Chris, she thought he wanted to tell her something, but he hesitated. "What Sam?"

"Nothing," Chris replied. He wanted to tell her so badly, "How many Rita's am I going to find?" but he couldn't bring himself to tell her. "It's just......how do I explained to you what I'm feeling when I don't even know myself?" he said looking deeply into her eyes. He was lying. He knew exactly what he was feeling, but he couldn't risk her rejection.

As Rita lay on her couch remembering last night, there was a knock at her door. "Yeah, come in, it's not locked." she said wiping away the tears from her eyes.

A smiling Chris entered her apartment and was a little shocked at her puffy red eyes, "Sammy, you all right?" Chris walked over to the couch and sat down beside his best friend and looked seriously into her eyes.

"Yeah, I'm OK. Its just been one of those days." she smiled at him and hugged him hello. As she had her arms wrapped around him she took the scent of his after shave deeply into her lungs. Man she loved him. How was she going to survive without him?

Holding Rita tightly in his arms, he tried to go over in his mind everything he needed to say to her. He pulled back and looked into her eyes, brushing some hair out of her eyes and pushing it behind her ear. "Would you do me the honor of taking a walk with me?" he smiled at her trying to get her to cheer up a little. His grin turned serious as he reached up and placed a kiss on her forehead. "Come on Sammy, you need to get out of here for a little while." Without waiting for a response, he stood up and pulled her off the couch and they headed for the beach.

They walked down the beach without uttering a sound. His silence had Rita starting to panic. What was he going to tell her? Chris being so quiet spoke volumes to her. He was going to tell her he made the decision. He was going to Boston with Jillian. For the first time, she finally realized why she had been crying so much lately. It wasn't over Eric, it was over Chris.

As Chris and Rita walked hand in hand down the beach, Rita was fighting back the tears. She stopped in her tracks and when Chris stopped and looked back at her she spoke. "You've made a decision haven't you Sam? Your afraid to tell me that you're going to Boston aren't you? Sam you can tell me anything, you know that right?" she looked at his face and watched as he tried to put together the words he needed to say.

"Let's sit down Sunshine." he pointed to a park bench. With a slight hesitation he started to reveal his intentions toward her. "Sammy, I'm not going. I thought about this a lot and after the conversation I had with Jillian earlier today, I know I can't go." he said smiling timidly at her.

"Why Chris?" her heart was pounding so hard waiting for the answer to her question. She braced herself for the words that were to follow.

"Jillian said that the reason I couldn't go with her was because of you." he said taking her hand.

"What?" she said with total shock on her face. With a tear running down her cheek she responded "what did I do Chris?" she held his hand tighter, afraid that she had ruined his chance at happiness.

Taking her face into his hands, wiping away the tears he continued, "Jillian said that the reason I couldn't go was because I didn't want to leave you, and she's right Sunshine. I don't want to leave you. Right now, what could be is not as important to me as what is. What I want is to be with you." he took her hands into his and looked into her eyes trying to gauge her reaction to his confession. When she squeezed his hands tighter into hers he looked down at her hands noticing how small and fragile they were compared to his.

"But Chris, it's not like we are family or married. I can't be the only reason you don't go." she took his chin and raised his head so that she was looking into his eyes.

"No, we aren't, I think we're closer than that. Does that make any sense Sammy?" he asked looking into her eyes begging her to understand. She smiled and then hugged him.

"Yeah, it does." she was so happy, she didn't know what this meant for Chris and her, but at least he was going to still be here for her to find out. Chris was holding her like he was never going to let go. Rita smiled even bigger when she started to pull out the hug and he pulled her back into it again.

"Can I just sit here and hold you for a little while Sammy?" he whispered in her ear after bringing her back into the embrace. He smelled her hair and thought how wonderful it was to be with her.

"You can hold me for as long as you want Chris. I'm not goin anywhere." she pulled him closer to her and they sat on that bench holding each other. They both knew that they had crossed a new line in their relationship, but who was going to be the first one to actually say it?

Ever since that day, they didn't spend a day apart and when he left her to go home to his own apartment at night, they both ached at the separation.

As Rita watched Chris lay down the blanket, she smiled at how funny life could be sometimes. She remembered an old saying she had heard in a movie once, "When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window." Never in her wildest dreams did she think this could happen to her. She was in-love, truly in-love for the first time in her life.

As Chris sat down and got settled, he offered his hand to help her sit down. As she took it, the look in his eyes made her heart leap for joy. "Thanks Sam." she said trying to talk past the lump in her throat. Never in her life had one person's touch set of so many different emotions. After sitting down Rita smiled at Chris because he still had a hold of her hand. "Ah Sam?"

"Yeah?" he responded without even looking at her. He was staring out at the ocean thinking that this had to be the most beautiful day he has ever seen. He couldn't believe how good he felt. He had never been so happy in his entire life.

"Chris, I need you to let go of my hand so I can eat." she smiled so sweetly to him and then glanced down at their joined hands. His glance followed hers down to their hands and he was a little surprised. He didn't realize he was still holding her hand. Having her hand in his felt like the most natural thing in the world to him.

"Oh, sorry." he replied a little embarrassed and disappointed because he had to let it go. Neither of them had talked about the new territory their friendship had been entering lately, but they were both very aware of it. "Well, I think we should talk about the reason we are having lunch at the beach." he said trying to get his mind off of how beautiful she was. Chris and Rita were put on a special assignment from a big wig in Vice. They were to go undercover with very few people knowing any of the details. Apparently there was a leak in the office and that is why they had to be away from the office when discussing the case.

"Yeah, OK. Cap gave me your cover before I left." she said handing him their undercover assignments. Opening the file he started to look over the contents. "Oh no, Cap!" Chris closed the file and handed it to a surprised Rita.

"What's wrong Chris?" she stated frowning. She opened up the file and read what he was upset about. Rita couldn't help but chuckle at his reaction to the new assignment.

"It's not funny Sammy, why do I always have to be a playboy?" In the work up, Chris was slated to be Sam Lucas, a drug dealer by day and a playboy by night. "It says in there that I have to get cozy with this girl named........" he took the file out of Rita's hand and looked for the name again. "Here it is, Veronica Woodward." he let a groan out at the thought of his assignment.

Taking the file back and looking through its contents, Rita's eyebrows furrowed, "Ah Sam, did you happen to see the picture of Veronica in this file?" her stomach was starting to feel a little sick as she saw Chris' new "Girlfriend."

"Nope," he reached over to get the picture she was handing him. "She's pretty." he stated not too impressed and handed the picture back to Rita and she grinned at him. "What? Why are you looking at me like that Sammy?"

"It's not so bad now is it?" she looked at him through her lashes.

"It doesn't change a thing." he stated matter of factly. He was so much in-love with Rita, that any other woman looked just "pretty" to him now. No other woman could light a candle next to the beauty that Rita radiated. Especially lately. She glowed when ever she was around him and nothing is more beautiful than a woman in-love. She always thought she hid her feelings well, but lately, she couldn't hide the joy and happiness she felt. As he looked into her shining, smiling face, he wondered if she knew what she did to him when ever she looked at him that way. Man he couldn't believe that here he was sitting next to his best friend in all the world and his palms were sweating.

"Come on Sam. She's gorgeous. You're just gonna to sit there and tell me that you're not the least bit intrigued by working with such a beautiful woman." she looked at him, questioning his lack of excitement and bracing herself for his response. She knew how he was with beautiful women.

"Sammy, I work with a beautiful woman everyday. What's so new about that?" he smiled at her and he had to laugh as she blushed. He wanted to take her into his arms right then and there, but she was his partner, his best friend and he was still too afraid to cross that line completely.

"Knock it off Sam, you know what I mean." she hated it when he made fun of her. He shouldn't say things he didn't mean. She turned her head to avoid eye contact.

"What? (he leaned over toward Rita and cupped her face with his hand, forcing her to look at him) Rita you're an extremely beautiful woman and I'm the luckiest guy in the world having you as a partner." he was deadly serious. Why couldn't she see what he saw?

"Really?" she asked in such a vulnerable voice, tilting her face into his hand. She couldn't believe he thought she was beautiful. She couldn't believe that she could feel this way for anyone, especially Chris. She had tried so many times to shut him out, to not let him into her heart, but fate won out. She couldn't deny her love for him anymore.

Looking deeply into her eyes he replied, "Oh yeah Sammy." he kissed her on the cheek and she blushed again. They were so close to telling each other the whole truth, but they were still to scared to admit it. Trying to get back to the matter at hand, 'Does it say in there what you'll be doing?" he asked clearing his throat as she continued reading the file.

"It says I will be in the car listening through your wire." she stated a little irritated. She didn't trust wires and she didn't trust what she couldn't see with her own eyes. "Looks like I am behind the scenes this time." she stated as she closed the file and started to eat her sweet and sour shrimp. "Hey Sam, taste this, it's good." she said as she leaned over and fed Chris some of her shrimp. His lips wrapped around her finger as she fed him. They both stopped dead in their tracks and looked into each others eyes and then smiled at each other. The tension between them had been growing for weeks now and one of these days, they wouldn't be able to hold back any longer.

"Sammy, you have plum sauce on your cheek." Chris said as he sat up and leaned over to kiss the plum sauce off her cheek (it was right next to her lips). He let his lips linger a little while, not wanting to ever let her go. His lips started to wander around her face as he slowly kissed her nose and her forehead, making their way back down her cheek.

Rita had her eyes closed and was enjoying the attention he was paying her, when she noticed his hesitation and opened her eyes to find his eyes looking deeply into hers. He smiled at her and when she smiled back he started to slowly make his way down to her lips. They were seconds away from a real kiss when Chris' pager went off. "Man I hate these things." he pulled away from Rita and looked at his pager. "It's Cap. I guess lunch is over." he stated disappointed by the interruption.

"Come on Sam. Let's clean this up and get back to work." she smiled at him and this made him smile. After throwing the trash away in the nearest can, Chris walked over to Rita who was still sitting on the blanket soaking in a few last rays.

"Sammy?" he held out his hand to help her up and she gladly took it. He was a little surprised that she continued holding his hand even after she reached down and picked up the blanket with her free hand. Chris just smiled and walked contentedly hand in hand with Rita back to their cars. He was very excited about this turn of events in their relationship and the anticipation of what the future had in-store for them sent his heart reeling.

Rita couldn't help but smile as she watched Chris. He always wore his heart out on his sleeve and he looked so happy and content. She noticed that lately his steps were a little lighter, his smiles where a little brighter and the dead giveaway was that he was whistling all the time. She hoped, no prayed, that she was the reason for his happiness, because he was differently the reason for hers.

He opened her car door for her and then leaned over and kissed her cheek, "Thanks for lunch Sammy. I don't remember ever enjoying Chinese so much before." he winked at her and she blushed again. She felt like a school girl with her first boyfriend.

"Anytime Sam, anytime." she smiled and then they headed for the station.

In the distance a photographer was snapping pictures of Chris and Rita. They were too wrapped up in each other to notice her. With an evil grin on her face, "Getting a little too cozy for partners now aren't we. This is perfect, not only will I destroy their love for each, I will destroy their partnership, too." The woman slipped into her Porché and drove away.


"OK, Lorenzo and Lance. Are we clear on everything?" Cap asked over the rim of his glasses.

"Yeah, I think we're set." Rita replied while stretching in the chair. They had been working out all of the details of the undercover assignment since lunch. Chris was sitting in the corner watching Rita stretch. He was thinking to himself, "why'd she have to wear that dress today?" his attention span was getting seriously shorter because of this beautiful brunette sitting in front of him. "Ahhh man," he said to himself as he watched her stretch again in her chair. He noticed lately, that his arousal threshold was seriously being tested whenever she was around. She always stirred something inside him, but since this "new" phase of their friendship began, every little thing she did made him so hot.

While watching her reading a report the other day, she bit on her pencil (something she always did) and he shifted around in his seat uncomfortably. When she took the pencil out of her mouth and her tongue came out and licked her lips, he groaned. Trying to make a fast exit he said, "Sam, I need to go see a man about a horse." he smiled at her and she laughed at his comment.

"Well, thanks for sharing that with me Chris." she grinned and then licked her lips again.

"Oh, God," he said to himself running out of the room to the men's room. She had him so flustered. When he got into the men's room, he went into the stall and shut the door and leaned up against the stall door. "Oh Sammy......." he whispered. As he leaned there waiting for his body to calm down, the dream he had last night came back into his mind.


"Chrissssssss," he heard a seductive voice calling to him. As he woke up, and rolled over, he saw Rita sitting on the edge of his bed in his shirt, with her bare legs crossed. As his eyes made the journey from her sexy long legs to her beautiful green eyes full of lust for him, he reached out to her. Just as he was to put his hand on her arm, she disappeared. "Chrissssss." he turned to back to his side of the bed and she climbed up on top of him. While he leaned back against his head board she was sitting on his lap slowly unbuttoning the shirt. Just as she undid the last button and was pulling the shirt off, she leaned down and started kissing him passionately on his neck.

"Oh Rita...." his voice quivered from the growing desire. He rolled over in the bed pinning his beautiful and naked partner under him. Rita's hands were all over his body and he was moaning from the pure pleasure it brought him Before he knew it, his shirt and sweat shorts were now laying on the floor next to Rita's clothes and Rita was whispering seductively in his ear.

"Now Chris.....Now" she brought his lips to hers and she kissed him with so much passion, he thought she was trying to steal his very soul. Slowly he started lowering himself down to her....when his phone rang waking him up. His heart was racing from the most real and highly erotic dream he ever had. (writers note: How did you like that dream within a dream huh? )

Rita amused by his day dreaming walked over to him and smiled. "Earth to Lorenzo, come in Lorenzo." she was waving her hands in front of his face trying to get his attention. Chris was moving uncomfortably in his chair again when he noticed Rita standing in front of him. "Why are you waving your hands in my face?" he laughed as he took a hold of her hands to stop her.

"Just wondering where you were." she smiled as she pulled her hands away.

"I was thinking partner."

"Oh, man that is a scary thought." she remarked and then headed for the door as fast as she could.

"You." Chris reached for her but he was too slow.

"Do you have any questions, Lorenzo?" Cap asked concerned. He was sending Chris and Rita out on a an undercover assignment and he didn't feel good about. It was very strange how they came to draw this duty. It came from very high up in the department that Chris and Rita were to work this undercover gig alone. Harry thought that strange and it really bothered him. So much that his stomach would start to act up when ever he thought about it.

"I'm ready to go Cap. Quit worrying." Chris stated while putting his hand on Cap's shoulder.

"It is my job to worry about you Lorenzo. Now just to humor me, run it down for me one more time." he wanted to make sure there were no mistakes.

"Oh Cap, not again." he moaned, but quickly changed his tune when he saw the look on Cap's face. "OK, I'm Sam Lucas, and we are trying to catch a drug dealer named, Veronica Woodward a.k.a. "The Snow Queen". I'm supposed to make contact with her at a bar called Society tonight at 10 PM. I will take her back to my hotel room and try to get her to sell me her next shipment. Rita will be out in the car as my back-up listening via my wire. How was that Cap?" he smirked.

"Good, that's good kid. Watch your back out there." he looked over at Rita who had come back in the door with a full cup of coffee and listened as Chris did his final rundown. "Rita, I don't have to tell how important you are do I? You're Chris' only back-up. His life rests in your hands." he looked her straight in the eyes to make sure she understood.

"I won't take my eyes (she paused and raised her eyebrows) or ears should I say, off him." she was grinning seductively at Chris and he was returning the smile.

"OK, I think you two have it. Now get out of here and be careful out there. I DON'T want any dead cops. Hear me?" he smiled at them and Rita walked up to him and hugged him.

"We love you too Cap." Rita stated after she hugged him.

"Yeah, we love ya too." as a joke, Chris acted like he was going to hug Cap too, when Cap stopped him.

"Hey Lorenzo, save it for Veronica OK?" he frowned and then kicked them out of his office. Rita didn't like his comment about Veronica, but she couldn't let Chris see how it affected her. Rita had been trying very hard all afternoon to be professional about this assignment, but as hard as she tried, it stilled bothered her so much thinking about Chris and Veronica. She hated feeling this way. She always prided herself with being able to separate work from her personal life and now they were colliding into each other.

Chris walked up behind Rita and put his arm around her shoulder. "How about I buy my partner dinner?" he smiled to her, noticing a worried look in her eyes.

"I need to go home and get ready for tonight Chris." she couldn't look at him. She still heard Cap's words and they were really bothering her.

"Come on Sammy, you need to eat." he gave her his best puppy dog look and she knew she couldn't fight it.

"OK, but YOU are buying, my fine friend." she laughed and poked him in the chest.

"I already said I would Sammy. Where do ya want a go?" he was at his desk packing things up for the day, waiting for her response.

"No Chinese or pizza, Sport, you are taking me out for a very nice dinner." she smirked.

"OK, how bout you go home and put on your prettiest dress and I will surprise you with the location." he smiled at her and she knew he had something up his sleeve.

"No McDonald's right Sam?" she tilted her head and was looking at him through her lashes.

"What Sammy? How cheap do you think I am?" he laughed and stopped her from responding to his remark by putting his hand over her mouth. "On second thought I don't think I want you to answer that. Now go home and be ready for me to pick you up in an hour. That's an hour Sammy, not an hour and a half, 60 minutes. Be ready in 1 hour." his eyes sparkled as he watched her walk away acting like she was offended. Man she was beautiful when she argued with him.

It was 7 PM when Chris arrived at Rita's house to pick her up for dinner. When she opened the door for him, his eyes just about popped out of his head. "Wow, Sammy, you look......" he had her hand in his and he was spinning her around, enjoying the view of her in a tight red halter top dress.

"Why thank you partner." she smiled and picked up her shawl and he helped her place it around her shoulders. "You look pretty good yourself Christopher. You clean up pretty nice." she loved teasing him.

"Shall we go Miss Lance?" he held out his arm so she could take it.

"Wow, we're even getting the full manners treatment huh?"

"Nothing's too good for my partner." he smiled and escorted her down to his car. He opened the car door for her and smiled as he noticed her long sexy legs getting into his car. When he got in the car, he looked over at Rita and she smiled at him and it was then and there he decided he could die a happy man.

They pulled up to a fancy restaurant on the beach and Chris helped Rita out of the car. "Wow, Sam, this place is really nice. You didn't have to go this fancy. Its too expensive." she looked at him worried. She knew what he made for a living, because she made the same amount of money.

"Sammy, stop worrying. I have a friend who works here that owes me a favor. Tonight is on Kyle" he smiled and again held out his arm to lead her into the restaurant. He felt so proud with her on his arm. Chris informed the Matree'd that he had a reservation for Lorenzo, party of two.

As they waited for the Matree'd to come back and seat them, a big group came in the door and they just pushed anyone aside that got in their way. Rita was looking around for a restroom when a woman came by and pushed her. She just about fell, but Chris saw and caught her. Rita landed in Chris' arms with her back leaning again his chest. Chris leaned down and whispered in her ear, "Are you OK Sammy?" Rita couldn't respond. The feeling of being in his arms and his warm breath in her ear was sending her to a place she could only refer to in her mind as heaven.

"Yeah I'm fine Chris. I guess she wanted through pretty badly huh?" she giggled and made no attempt to leave Chris' embrace. Chris noticed this too.

"Well, I think I better stand here and keep you in my arms, just to protect you then." he laughed and her response shocked him.

"Sounds good to me Sam." Rita leaned back and Chris wrapped her in his arms even tighter. He didn't care if the Matree'd ever came back. He stood there holding her in his arms with his hands resting on her stomach when she reached down and covered his hands with hers and then she sighed contentedly. The pure excitement of it all. He felt like he was in high school again and he was going steady with the most popular girl. He laid his chin on top of her head and took in her scent. The smell of her shampoo was driving him crazy.

"Ummmm...you smell good Sammy." Chris was again leaning down and seductively talking into her ear. He looked at her and smiled as she blushed in his arms. When the Matree'd came back, he smiled at Chris and Rita and he thought to himself that Love indeed was a many splendid thing. Chris was a little disappointed as the Matree'd came to seat them. He escorted them to a special table out on a deck that overlooked the ocean.

"This is our best table sir." the Matree'd smiled as he was leaving and watched Chris help Rita in her chair.

"Thank you Christopher." she smiled sweetly into his beautiful blue eyes. Chris was speechless as he tried to rein in his desire for her. "Sam this is so beautiful. I've always wanted to come here." she smiled and touched his cheek softly "Thank you for this beautiful evening." It warmed his heart knowing that he made her so happy. He took her hand that was on his cheek and kissed it and walked back to his chair.

"You're very welcome and I'm glad you like it." he smiled and put his hand over hers as he sat down in his seat. The sensation of her hand in his, made his heart leap with joy and he was sure she could see it in his eyes. The electricity Rita felt when Chris took her hand into his sent her spirit soaring.

"Would you like something to drink?" a waiter asked, startling them both back into reality. Chris took his hand back and told the waiter they would like two Iced teas. "We have to work later, no alcohol for us." Rita smiled and then looked out at the ocean again. A few minutes later, after the waiter had left, Chris broke the silence. "What cha thinking about beautiful." he smiled as Rita blushed at his compliment.

"Oh, about our assignment tonight."

"Are you worried?"

"Well, not worried, but concerned. I don't like the feeling that I'm not going to be able to see you Sam." she frowned as she remembered the comments that Cap made concerning Chris and Veronica.

"That can't be all you're thinking about. We've gone undercover with wires before. What is this really about?" he hated thinking she was worried about him.

"Sam...." with both of her hands, she took his hand this time and was trying to think of a way to tell him of her fears. Chris, a little shocked, looked down at her hands holding his and tried to rein in his budding feelings for her.

"Yeah Sunshine" he said with so much love, she thought her heart would melt right then and there.

"What are you going to do if she doesn't take the bait Chris?" she hated the feelings she was having right now. Her hands were fidgeting with his hand, as she looked up into his eyes.

Chris tilted his head and looked up at her and questioned her, "What do you mean, what am I going to do?" then it hit him. She was worried about him being alone with Veronica. He smiled at Rita and then took his free hand and placed it over their already joined hands, "Sammy, its up to me how far things go with Veronica tonight. I could sleep with her to make this case, but I won't. You know there's certain lines I won't cross. I can't and besides, I don't want to." he tightened his grip on her hands and smiled as he looked deeply into her eyes. He liked the feeling that she didn't want him to be with Veronica. "Listen Rita, you're going to hear alot of things tonight that might upset you, but remember, this is undercover. Its not real Sammy." he leaned over the table and kissed her on the cheek. He made a mental note to himself, when this assignment was over, they would have to have a big talk. They couldn't leave things unsaid anymore.

The rest of the evening was like a dream. They sat eating dinner, talking and laughing about anything and everything. After dinner they took a walk on the beach and watched the sunset. Chris stood behind Rita and wrapped his arms around her as they watched the last sliver of the sunset. "I hate to say this Sam, but I think we need to go. You have to be at Society by 10." Rita was a little sad their evening had to end. She was having the most romantic evening of her life.


It was two hours later and Chris was in a bar with Rita outside listening to his every move. She started smiling as she remembered the argument they had just before he got out of the car tonight.

*fade to memory*

"Chris I'm your partner. I can't believe you asked Cap if someone else could take my place tonight." she felt hurt that he didn't want her there with him. Earlier in the evening, Cap came to Rita and told her he was sorry, but he couldn't get anyone to replace her tonight on such short notice. "What are you talking about Cap?" she didn't have a clue what he meant.

"Lorenzo asked if you could have tonight off. Sorry there isn't anyone else available." Cap walked away leaving a very confused Rita behind.

"Hey Sammy, how's it goin?" Chris walked in whistling and ready to go undercover.

"Just fine. Let's get you wired up and head over to Society." she stated a little coolly. He wondered what was wrong. Not one hour ago, she was laughing and teasing him and now he could feel a storm brewing under those beautiful green eyes. After Rita wired Chris up and double checked to make sure it worked, she and Chris headed over to Society.

"Is something wrong Sammy?" he asked as he parked the car a few blocks away from Society. He couldn't stand the thought of her being mad at him.

"Sam, why'd you ask Cap to take me off this detail?" she was trying to hold back the anger. She was searching his face looking for any clue when he responded.

"Look Rita, I didn't think this was a big deal. I thought maybe you'd rather not be here tonight. You have better things to do. That's all I was thinking." he said shifting uncomfortably in his seat looking down at his hands. He couldn't tell her the real reason. He didn't want her to hear him with Veronica tonight. He knew what was going to happen and he didn't want to hurt her.

"That's not true Chris. What's the real reason? You don't trust me to watch your back anymore? Is that it?" she said with hurt in her eyes making him look at her by grabbing his chin and lifting his gaze. The thought of Chris not trusting her anymore broke her heart.

Realizing that he hurt her by trying not to hurt her, perplexed him. Taking her hands into his he responded. "No! Sammy that's not it. I trust you with my life. You know that. It's just....."

"It's what Sam?" looking deeper into his eyes.

"I don't want to hurt you Sammy." there he said it. He knew he was in for a big battle with her. She hated it when he treated her like a helpless female. All prepared and set to do battle with her, Chris was shocked when she smiled at him. She released her hands from his and reached up and framed his face with her hands.

"You're so sweet Sam." she leaned over and kissed him on the mouth softly but passionately and then got out of the car. Stunned, Chris was sitting in the car trying to figure out what just happened. "Well, are we going to do this tonight or what?" she asked leaning in the drivers side window looking at him.

"Ah, ya, sure......." he was still speechless and incapable of forming a clear thought.

"Rita, my name is Rita..Chris." Rita loved knowing that her kiss could disorient him to the point of not being able to form a complete sentence. Chris got out of the drivers side and just as Rita was getting into it, he took her into his arms and hugged her.

"Don't ever doubt what you mean to me OK?" he asked pulling away from her and caressing her cheek with the back of his hand. "When this case is done, you and I need to have a long talk." he kissed her forehead and then left her speechless this time.

*Back to present*

"Hey there, I haven't seen you around here before." a tall beautiful blonde with a briefcase was speaking to Chris.

"This is my first time here. Just got into town. My name is Sam, what's yours?" Chris smiled at her.

"Veronica, but my friends call me Roni." she sat down on the stool next to Chris.

"Well, which do I call you?" he said seductively, while pushing her hair out of her eyes. Chris didn't really know why, but women seem to love it when guys pushed the hair out of their eyes. He would have to ask Rita about that.

"I don't know yet. Let's have a drink and discuss it." she practically purred at him.

"Why don't we take this discussion over to one the booths. It would give us some privacy so we can get to know one another." Chris gave her his Lorenzo smile.

"You're on sugar." Roni ran her finger and thumb across Chris chin as she got up to follow him to the booth.

"What are you looking for here tonight Sugar?" she asked Chris as she moved around the booth to sit right next to him (others would say it looked like she was practically sitting in his lap).

"I was looking for some action. Do you know where I can find some, darlin?" Chris whispered in her ear seductively. His whisper sent her body into full alert and she was ready for a little action herself.

"Well, what kind of action are you looking for?" she stated looking directly into Chris eyes.

"This kind." Chris grabbed her and kissed her passionately. He was acting like a man that has lost control. He was all over her and she was definitely willing. After a few minutes, he pulled away and they were both out of breath. Rita was in the car trying desperately not to hear the hungry, kissing noises they were making. After an hour of teasing each other, Chris decided it was time to raise the stakes. "Why don't we take this up to my hotel room." he said while his thumb brushed against her lips.

"I don't know anything about you." she said highly aroused.

"What do you want to know about me?" he stated while running his hand through her hair and cupping the back of her head.

"What do you do for a living, where you come from, how you got the name Sam? Lots of things." she was getting lost in his beautiful blue eyes.

"Well, I'm a salesman" he leaned over and kissed her neck. "I come from New York." he kissed her ear. "And someone I care a great deal about gave me the name Sam." he remarked kissing her mouth. Rita was in the car and she was smiling. That was his way of telling her he knew she was there and that she was very important to him. "Is there anything else you want to know?" he grabbed her again and kissed her until she didn't know her own name, let alone his.

"No, let's go Sam." she begged him. Chris and Roni walked out to the curb and hailed a taxi. Rita had Chris in sight for the first time that evening. She couldn't stand the sight of Veronica on his arm.

"Rita, this is only an undercover gig. Stop it." she kept telling herself.

Chris opened the door and let Roni get in. When he was sure she was in the cab and couldn't see him, he looked at Rita and winked and smiled at her. It was as if he knew what she was just thinking. The smile she gave back to him warmed his heart through and though. Rita followed Chris and Veronica to the hotel and she sat back again to listen for her partner's voice.

"Do you want a drink, Roni?" he asked as they entered his hotel room.

"Sure, I'll take a scotch on the rocks." she said sitting on the couch waiting for him.

"You can put your brief case down there if you want Roni." Chris was pointing to the table beside the couch.

"I don't let this get to far from me Sam. It has my work in it." she accepted the drink from Chris and then started asking him more questions. "What is it that you sell Sam?" she eyed Chris.

"I sell spices for the soul and mind." he told her as he started running his hands through her hair.

"Oh, really, what kind?" Rita could hear that Chris was kissing her neck just by the way that Veronica was moaning.

"Nothing you would be interested in." he said as his mouth covered hers. She had her arms wrapped around his neck and they were in a full blown kiss.

"Oh Sam....." she moaned as Chris brought her closer to him and deepened the kiss. "Don't be to sure about that." she pulled back from him and the desire in her eyes was very evident.

"What do you mean by that?" he said kissing her ear and bringing her to the brink of excitement.

"What do you think I have in my brief case. I could sell it to you at a real good price. If you make me happy, I'll make you happy." she was moaning his name over and over again. Rita was dying a thousands deaths listening to them.

"I think I will take everything right now." Chris said enveloping her in a passionate embrace.

"No Sam, don't." Roni shouted. After about 5 minutes of silence, Rita started getting really nervous. What could be going on up there. Why is it so quiet. All kinds of images started coming into her mind. When the next sound she heard startled her.

"Bang!" a gun shot out. Rita's heart stopped there and then. She was running out of the car and into the hotel. She got to the elevator. "Damit, where are you?" she kept saying to the elevator while pushing the up button over and over again. When she got to the 8th floor, she drew her weapon and walked slowly up to Chris' hotel room. She didn't hear anyone or anything. She opened the door and started her search of the room. She was going from room to room but there wasn't any sign of Chris. "Sam?" she kept asking. Her heart was beating so fast she thought she would pass out. When Rita got into the bedroom, Veronica was stripped naked and she was dead, from a gunshot to the head. "Sam?" Chris was no where to be found.

After searching the whole room, she picked up the phone to call the captain. "Cap!!! Cap!!" Rita was practically screaming at him.

"Lance, what's the matter?" he could hear the panic in her voice.

"Cap......Cap........" she was so shook up she couldn't talk to him.

"Where are you Lance? Are you at the hotel?" he was really starting to get scared. "Is Lorenzo OK?" After he asked that question, he heard her voice quiver.

"I'm at the hotel. I can't find Chris anywhere Cap. He's gone and Veronica is dead." she was really starting to break up now.

"I'm on my way Lance. DO NOT move. Do you hear me?" he stated with a fatherly voice running to his car talking to her on his cell phone, trying to get her to explain what happened.

"Cap.....Chris......" she was really terrified.

"He'll be all right. You know him Lance." he tried to reassure her. "I'm almost there. Five more minutes OK?" he tried to calm his voice in order to calm her down.

When Cap got to the crime scene he couldn't believe what he saw. Rita sitting next to a naked girl and she looked like her whole world was blown away. "Rita?" Cap called to her.

"Its all my fault Cap. You told me his life would be in my hands and now he is gone and its all my fault. Remember you told me I was his only back-up. I blew it." she was almost in tears now thinking her partner was missing and probably dead.

"No Lance. Something big went down here tonight." Cap said walking around the barren room thinking aloud. "This was not a bust gone bad. It was too well organized. Someone knew you two would be here. Now stop this self pity and let's go find your partner." he wrapped her in a big bear hug.

Cap was right. Feeling guilty was not going to get Chris back. "Now tell me minute by minute what happened." By the time Rita finished telling Cap the whole story, the room was covered wall to wall with cops and Chris' biggest fan from IAD appeared. It was Rudy Galbreath.

"Oh no not Rudy. He would love nothing better than to run Chris' name through the mud." Rita said to Cap. "Rudy, what are you doing here?" she stated with a voice already defensive.

"I have an officer related shooting, it's my job to be here. You know what, I didn't know that Lorenzo was going to be so much job security." he smirked at Rita. "I just listened to the wire tapes of tonight, and I think we have a cop gone bad here." the dislike for Chris very evident in his voice.

Cap had to hold Rita back from jumping Rudy. "Don't you ever say that about my partner. He's a good cop. The best one I know." she said ready to take him on.

"Oh yeah Lance, listen to this and tell me again you think he's a good cop." Rudy hit the play button on a recorder and they heard Veronica and Chris talking.

"What do you think I have in my brief case. I could sell it to you at a real good price. If you make me happy, I'll make you happy." she was moaning his name over and over again. Rita had tears in her eyes as she listened to the sound of Chris kissing her again.

"I think I will take everything right now." Chris said.

"No Sam, don't." Roni's voice was screaming. Rudy jumped ahead on the tape, because of the 5 minutes of silence on the tape. Then he started the recorder again. The next thing Rita heard was a gun shot. Rudy turned off the recorder and looked at Rita and Cap smugly.

"It sounds like Lorenzo got greedy and wanted the coke after he had the girl." Rudy's words were like a knife in Rita's heart.

"No, Chris would never do that" she turned to Cap and begged him to understand. "I know it sounds bad Cap, but Chris could never do this, he couldn't." she had real fear in her eyes.

"Shhh, I know Lance. I know." he had her embraced in a fatherly hug.

"Captain I'm issuing a warrant for the arrest of Sgt. Christopher Lorenzo, and I want him found. Is that understood?" Rudy grinned evilly.

"Yes, Galbreath. I understand." he said to the man with a look as hard as nails. The look he gave made Rudy back off and leave the room.

"Cap how could you? You know he didn't...." Cap calmed her down and sat her down on the couch.

"You and I both know he couldn't do this, but if I'm the one looking for him, he will have a better chance. Who do you want in charge of looking for him, Me or Rudy Galbreath?" he asked looking into her eyes begging her to understand. She gave him a hug to assure him she understood and started to jump into Rita Lee Lance cop mode again.

"Cap we have to go look for him. Rudy just wants to bust him, but I know something bad happened to him to have disappeared like this. He could be really hurt or ....." she didn't even want to go down that road. The sun was starting to come up and Cap took Rita by the hand and was walking her out to her car.

"I want you to go home and sleep for a couple of hours. You are no good to Lorenzo like this. You need to be alert and focused. I'll go to the office and start the search. No arguments. GO!"

Rita couldn't argue she was so tired and so scared. She got home and the first thing she did is look for a message on her machine from Chris. There weren't any messages. She went to her room and lay down on her bed fully clothed and cried herself to sleep. Before to long she was dreaming.

*dream sequence*

Chris and Rita are walking hand in hand down the beach watching the sunset. He turns to her and caresses her cheek with the back of his hand and smiles at her. "You are so beautiful." Chris says leaning down to kiss her. Their lips meet in a tender, light kiss. Chris pulls away to look into her eyes deeply.

"Kiss me Chris. Kiss me again." she asked and no sooner had the words come out of her mouth he had captured hers in a loving, devoting kiss. Minutes later after the most wonderful kiss she ever had, she pulled away from him and took his hands into her. She laid down on the sand and she was pulling him down on top of her. She welcomed his weight as he pushed her down into the sand underneath him. Looking deeply into her eyes, Chris spoke.

"Kiss me Rita, Kiss me again." and she reached up behind his neck and brought him down to her in a hot, wet, and completely erotic kiss. The kiss lead to another and another and they started to roll around on the sand.

Rita woke up when she fell out of her bed from the dream. She was clutching a pillow to her and when she realized it was all a dream, she wept into the pillow. "Oh Sam, where are you?"


Across town in an alley, a man is rolling on the ground in pain. When he wakes he finds he is being rolled by a bunch of punks.

"Get him "L". one of the kids said. Chris was trying to get his bearings. Where was he and how did he end up in an alley. His heart began to race when he thought about last night. Someone had to know he was a cop. That meant Rita would have been made too. He started to panic at the thought of anything happening to her. He had to find out if she was OK, but first he had to deal with the kids that were pointing knives at him.

Looking around at his surroundings he saw a fire escape above him. Just as one of the kids started at him, he jumped up and grabbed the escape ladder and kicked the kid in the head. He saw in the kid's shades that a kid was coming up behind him at the same time so he kicked backwards immediately and knocked that kid out. He let go of the ladder and asked if anyone else wanted a piece of him. The other two kids got scared and ran away. "I didn't think you would." he said to himself as he started to gain his wits about him.

Standing in the alley shaking his head trying to get rid of the haze he was in a thought popped into his mind again. "Rita!" he was looking around desperately trying to find a payphone. He had to see if she was all right.

As he spotted a payphone, he started searching his pockets for a quarter, that is when he figured that those kids weren't the first ones to try and roll him. He didn't have a dime to his name and his wallet was missing. Walking up to the payphone, he asked the operator to make a collect call. He gave her his name and she dialed Rita's number. Meanwhile, a tired and scared Rita was trying to get herself under control. She knew she couldn't help Chris like this. She needed to get herself together if there was going to be any chance of finding him. The phone rang and Rita jumped half way across the room to get it.

"Yeah, Lance." she sounded so sad.

"Would you take a collect call from Chris?" Rita's heart literally stopped beating when she heard his name.

"Yes of course I will. Chris? Sam? Oh please let it be you there." she said so desperately.

"Sammy are you OK?" he said concerned for her.

"Chris, oh Chris, I'm fine. What about you. What happened Chris?" she was calming down now that she could hear his voice. Chris' heart jumped for joy.

"I'm OK. I don't know what happened Sam. I'm still a little hazy about last night." he said shaking his head trying to clear it.

"Sam, Rudy has issued a warrant for your arrest. They think that you killed Veronica and then took all of her drugs." she was trying to fill him in.

"Veronica is dead? How? When?" he couldn't believe what he was hearing. As she continued filling him in on last nights events, Chris started to get a little nervous about being spotted on the streets. They probably knew where he was right now. "Sammy, I have to go. Something big is happening here and I want you to watch your back. If they are after me, they will probably go after you. Promise me that you will be careful. PROMISE ME!" he was practically yelling at her.

"I promise Sam. Let me help you. I....." she was interrupted by Chris.

"No Sammy, if you help me they will think you are involved in this. Stay out of it. I don't want to take you down with me. I don't know what I'm dealing with. I have to go Sam. I may not see you for a while, so please believe me when I say I didn't have anything to do with this. Rita, I will be in-love with you always." and the next thing she heard was the phone line buzzing.

"Chris... what did you say?" she couldn't believe it. Did he just tell her he was in love with her. She had heard him tell her he loved her many times, but never had she ever heard him say he was in-love with her. She was completely dazed. "I love you too Chris." she said into the air praying that he could hear her say it.

Meanwhile across town, Chris was trying to figure out what was going on. Someone was going to an awful lot of trouble to set him up. Who and Why? As he stood there pondering he saw two cops coming up to him at the phone. He took off down the alley and ducked into a vacant warehouse. The cops came in and started yelling his name. "We know you're in here Lorenzo, just give yourself up. You don't have a chance. You make us sick. A good cop going bad." When they didn't get a reaction out of him they decided that maybe he didn't come in the warehouse after all. He overheard the cops talking. "Man, I can't believe we lost him. I hope that anonymous caller calls back. I can't believe they knew where he was so fast." After he was sure the coast was clear he came out of the building and started to head towards the beach. He had to think about this and try and come up with a plan.

Going to the beach was the perfect place to think, unfortunately it reminded him so much about Rita. He could see as clear as it just happened, Rita sitting on the blanket laughing and teasing him. His arms ached to hold her close to him. He needed his best friend with him right now, but it would be to dangerous for her. His mind drifted back to seeing her sit across the table at dinner with him and the sun shining on her hair. "Sammy........" he whispered longingly.

Just then he started to think about what the cops said in the warehouse. How did they know where he was so fast. They couldn't of traced his call so fast. Then he started to panic. How do you keep tabs on someone? He started searching his body for a bug or tracking device. He looked in every pocket of his shirt, pants and coat. Nothing. He took off his shoes and there was a bug taped to the bottom of his shoe. Who was doing this to him. Why didn't they just hand him over to the cops while they had the chance. Why play these cat and mouse games. Just then a dog came walking by and came up to Chris. He wanted to be petted. Chris smiled at the dog and played with it until the owner called the dog and he left. Chris smiled as he watched the dog run away with the bug taped to his collar. As he watched the dog disappeared into the horizon he got an idea. Dogs, Donnie Dogs could help him. He got up and started to make his way to the Dibarto Estate.


Rita made her way into the squad room and Cap's office as fast as she could. She didn't even bother knocking. "Cap..Chris called. He's OK, but he doesn't understand what is going on. He can't remember last night." she was leaning over his desk like she was whispering to him Rudy observed from her desk. He had informed the desk sergeant that he wanted to be told as soon as Rita arrived today.

"How did he sound Lance?" Cap was very relieved, but he was also very worried. This whole mess had to go pretty high up.

"He sounded kind of dazed. Cap, he needs me right now and I can't help him." she said extremely overwhelmed.

"He needs us to keep our heads Lance and figure out what is going on." Cap looks up as he hears someone knock on the door and groans when he sees it is Rudy. Waving him in he questions Rudy. "What do you want now Galbreath. I already have an APB out on Lorenzo."

"Rita, has Chris tried to contact you?" he asked knowing the answer all along.

"Ah, nope. Haven't heard a word from him yet." she trying her best to be calm.

"Rita, you just lied to me why? Are you in on this with Lorenzo? I happen to know for a fact that Chris called you collect this morning. Lying to me is a federal offense and I could arrest you right now." he had an evil smug look on his face as he watched Rita grow angrier.

"You bugged my phone. You had no right!" she just about had her full limit of Rudy.

"Detective, he had every right to tap your line. You are his partner and the first person he would think to call." Cap was holding Rita back from slapping Rudy across the face.

"Cap how can you condone this. This is against my rights. I have done nothing to warrant a phone tap." she couldn't believe Cap was on Rudy's side.

"You haven't, but your partner has and apparently the judge felt the same way about it. Rudy, I want a copy of the warrant to have her phone bugged on my desk in one hour." he let go of a shocked Rita and walked behind his desk.

"You haven't done anything to warrant it huh?" Rudy reached into his coat jacket and pulled some pictures. "These pictures were delivered today by an anonymous person. They show you and Lorenzo in some very compromising positions. I think you two are in this together." he handed Harry the pictures and Harry was a little shocked by what he saw. They were pictures of Rita and Chris at the beach and Chris was kissing her.

Harry handed Rita the pictures and Rita looked at them with tears in her eyes. This was a private moment between Chris and herself. No one had the right to invade that. Harry always knew that Chris and Rita were in-love with each other, but they couldn't of picked a worse time to explore those feelings.

Harry dreaded what he had to do next, but he had no choice. Chris and Rita were like his own children and he was going to help them in anyway he could, but he had to do his job. "As of this moment Sgt. Lance. You are suspended until further notice." the pain he saw in Rita's eyes as he suspended her was more than he could take. Taking her gun and badge from her he stated, "Lance go home and try to get some sleep. We'll figure this whole thing out." Rudy smiled at Rita as she was on her way out Cap's door.

"I'm glad to see someone around her still remembers the law." Rudy aimed towards Rita.

"Get the hell out of my office Galbreath, you got what you came for now GET OUT!" he slammed his door shut in Rudy's face.


As Rita walked pass her desk, she took the photo of her and Chris with her. This wasn't her desk anymore. She was just fired. What am I going to do? She had never been so scared in her life. She just begged God to bring Chris back to her. She needed him so bad right now.

Twenty minutes later Rita walked in her front door again. As she was closing the front door, she ran because the phone was ringing. It could be Chris. She grabbed it and practically screamed into the phone, "Chris?".

"Yeah its me Sammy, I can't talk to long because I am sure they have your phone bugged by now. I just wanted to let you know I'm OK and I needed to see how you are?" he noticed the quiet and got concerned. "Rita are you still there?"

"I'm here Sam. (She was holding back the tears. His voice sounded so wonderful) I was fired today Sam.."

"What? Why? Rita what is going on around here? I really don't know what is going to happen next." he stated starting to get angry. He knew how important being a cop was to her and now he cost her that too.

"I know Chris, I feel the same way. Someone was taking pictures of you and me on the beach the other day and sent them to Rudy Galbreath. He showed them to Cap and he had to suspend me. Chris they were of you and me at the beach, on the blanket. Remember?" for the first time all day she started to smile a little just remembering how it felt to have him kissing her. "Also,.." Chris interrupted her.

"You mean there is more?" he was flabbergasted. How did his life get so out of control?

"Yeah, Rudy asked me if I had heard from you and I said no. He then proceeded to tell me I was lying to him and that he could put me in jail for that." she was getting angry again just thinking about Rudy.

"I swear if that SOB ever lays a hand on you I will kill him." Chris remarked angrily.

"Wow, would you slay dragons for me too Sam?" she said trying to cheer him up a little. She couldn't stand the thought of him being so upset and she not able to be with him to comfort him.

"I would do ANYTHING for you my friend. I would give you the world if I could." he said lovingly to her. Remembering how much trouble they were in Chris' mood turned somber again. "Sammy I knew I should have left you alone, now look what I've done. I'm so sorry sunshine." she could hear the pain in his voice.

"No Chris I don't regret anything I have done or said. I miss you so much Sam. Thank you for calling me this morning. I was so scared. Please forget about it. Its just a job. Where are you. Let me come to you and help you." she begged him.

"Sammy, whoever is doing this is one taco shy of a combination platter, I can't risk you getting hurt. Its best if you stay away from me right now. I know Cap will look after you for me. Look I have to go. Its a pretty sad day when they think even the cops are going to the dogs. Be safe. You are my life and I love you." (click)

He did it to her again. He told her he loved her without giving her the chance to say it back and what was this bit about going to the dogs? After getting Chris' call, she sat down to write him a letter. She needed to write to him and tell him of her love for him, because she obviously wasn't going to get to tell him in person. At least for now.

Two hours later, she was totally exhausted. She would take a long hot bath, go to bed and try to start first thing in the morning to figure out how to find Chris. They needed to be together. When would he learn that they were unstoppable when they did things together. She was lying in the hot bathtub relaxing (as much as she could) when she hears his voice.

"Sammy?" she heard him calling her down the hall.

"Chris!" she started to get up out the bathtub when she heard his voice again.

"No don't get out on my account." she could see him now and she was looking into the most beautiful pair of blue eyes she had ever seen. She was frozen there as she watched him come closer and closer. "Hello Sunshine, mind if I join you?" he said in a deep husky voice. She still couldn't respond to him. Her whole body ached as she saw him coming closer to her.

"Chris?" she said in a soft questioning voice.

"Its me sweetheart. I've missed you so much." he leaned down and kissed her and when she actually felt his lips touch hers she grabbed him and dragged him into the bath with her. He was still fully clothed. They both laughed and but soon the smiles disappeared from their faces and Chris pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately. He kept mumbling something to her, but her mind was just swimming. It felt so good to be in his arms. He kept mumbling until she figured out what he was saying. "Dogs Rita, remember Dogs." he covered her mouth with his and she was startled awake. She had fallen asleep in the tub, but she remembered what Chris told her. "Dogs, Rita remember Dogs." what could that mean. Then it came to her. Donnie. Donnie must know where Chris is. That's what he was trying to tell her.

She smiled got out of the tub, got dressed and started to head out of her door. Remembering the letter she wrote to Chris earlier, she grabbed it and put it in her purse. Her instincts told her Donnie knew where Chris was and he would get the letter to Chris. She knew that Chris wouldn't let her really find him, but he was trying to tell her Donnie knew where to find him if she needed him.


"Boss, some crazy woman is demanding to see you. I tried to get her to go home, but she won't. She said she has to talk to you." the man took the dog from Donnie as he got out of bed and Donnie put on his robe. When he saw the woman, he grinned.

"Rita, you look as lovely as ever." he kissed her on each cheek.

"Not now Donnie. Where is Chris?" she went straight to the matter at hand.

"No, hello?" he tried to get her to smile.

"I'm sorry Donnie. Hello, how is Dutchie?" she petted the little dog and Donnie pointed to the couch.

"That's much better. Now what did you need from me?" he said petting Dutchie and leading her to the couch.

"Cut the crap Donnie, I know you know where Chris is. He told me on the phone. He said, its a sad day when people even think the cops are going to the dogs. I know he was trying to say if I need him, you would be able to help me." she had a tears running down her cheeks now.

"Oh my Bella, no tears." he tried to calm her.

"Donnie where is he? I need him Donnie." she begged him to tell her where he was.

"I'm sorry doll, but Lorenzo made me promise not to tell you where he is. He said you could get killed if you were with him."

"Donnie Please. Do you want me to get down on my knees and beg?" she was down on the floor on her knees. She didn't care about her pride anymore. Chris was more important than her pride. Donnie couldn't stand to see her hurting so much. He reached down to her and picked her up off the floor and sat her on the couch.

"You love him that much huh?" he said kind of sad wiping the tears off her cheeks.

"Yeah, yes I do." she said pulling herself back together.

"Look, I will tell him you came to see me and I will try to change his mind, but that is all I can do right now Rita doll."

"Would you give him a letter for me?" she begged.

"Sure I would. I would do anything for you Bella." he tried to make her smile. "Now go home and get some rest. Lorenzo would be very upset if he saw you like this."

"OK, I will. Promise you will give him my letter?" she pleaded.

"I promise." was the last words he echoed to her as she left his house. When he got back into the house he went straight into the library. "Did you hear her. Do you have any idea what you are doing to her?" Donnie was angry at Chris. "She was on her knee's begging me to bring her to you. Do you hear me? She was literally on her knees."

Chris looked up at him in shock. "What? God, what am I going to do? I need her so much, but if she is with me, she could get hurt." Chris had his head between his hands. He was so tired, but he didn't know what to do.

"She wanted me to give you this letter. Here." Donnie handed Chris the letter and he looked at it like it was the most precious gift he had been given. "I'm sorry Lorenzo, I know you are only doing this for her own good, but would she be better off out there alone, hurting so badly that she comes begging me for help or would she be better off with you, embraced in arms that love her, even though she runs the risk of dying? I think she would rather die Lorenzo." Donnie turned and walked out of the room and left Chris to his thoughts and his letter. Chris thanked Donnie and then started to read Rita's love letter.

My Christopher,

When I heard your voice on the phone this morning, my life began again. Please come and get me. We belong together. When we are together we can solve any problem. When you asked me to believe in you and that you had nothing to do with this, I already knew that. My heart can not hold back the love and trust I feel for you anymore. I heard this song today and it says everything my heart feels Chris. Please listen to it with your heart.

I believed in fairy tales
in magic spells, in wishing wells and pirates sails.
And once I thought I'd never fall in love,
that shows how much I knew.

I believed in Superman, in Santa Claus,
the World of OZ and Wonderland.
But one by one those fantasies have failed,
but you keep shining through,
and I still believe in you.

I could never doubt your kiss,
no other love fills me like this,
If you take a chance you'll see,
I believe in you,
Believe in me.

Other dreams may turn to dust,
but I don't care if you'll be there,
I'll always trust.
Cause I believe with all my heart and soul,
this dream we share is true
and I still believe in you.

I could never doubt your kiss,
no other love fills me like this,
If you take the chance you'll see,
I believe in you,
Believe in Me.

Please believe in me like I believe in you. Come get me. We need each other.
Always and forever Your Rita.

When he put the letter down, his heart just couldn't hold back the love he felt for her anymore. He put on his coat and he was on his way to Rita's house when he walked out of the door and there she stood. Was she a dream or was she really there.

"I knew you'd come and get me. I knew you would." she said as she jumped into his arms. "I Love you so much." she finally got to tell him for a change. He took one look at her beautiful green eyes and he knew, they would be together forever.

"I'm sorry if I hurt you. I thought you would be better off away from me. I was so wrong." he leaned down and kissed her with all the love he felt in his heart. He moaned as Rita opened her mouth and slowly deepened the kiss. He had her wrapped so tightly in his arms, you couldn't tell where he ended and she began.

After a few minutes he pulled back to look into her eyes. The smile he was sporting changed suddenly as he started talking to her, "you understand that you are a felon now. You are helping a fugitive. Its still not to late to turn back. I would understand." he searched her eyes for a spark of sanity. Hoping she would change her mind and leave him tonight. She pulled him down to her and started kissing him again.

"I'm (kiss) not leaving (kiss) you ever (deep kiss) ever again." she was giving him the most loving, warm and comforting kiss he ever had.

"Oh Rita" he says holding her so close he can feel her heart beating in sync with his. "I've been living for the moment when we touch." looking deeply into her eyes. She smiled so big and he couldn't help but laugh. He picked her up and was spinning her around and around.

"What's wrong with you jabeep?" Donnie couldn't believe they were standing outside in plain site of everyone. "If Rita found you, I'm sure the others aren't too far behind. You guys need to get out of here."

"He's right Sammy, we need to think about our next plan of action." Chris put Rita down and was looking worried into her eyes.

"Do you have any ideas?" she asked him while taking his hand in hers.

"I think we should get you two out of Palm Beach for now, then you can plot your next steps." Donnie was handing Chris a set of car keys. "I have some gear in the trunk in case you need it." As Chris took the keys, he thanked Donnie for all of his help.

"Thanks Donnie, I wouldn't have gotten this far without you. I just hope I haven't put you into a compromising position by coming here." he said reaching out to shake his hand.

"You think this is compromising? I was in more trouble in kindergarten Lorenzo. Just make sure you take care of the lovely Rita. You hear me?" he accepted Chris' hand and Chris smiled.

"I'll guard her with my life Donnie." he placed his arm around Rita's waist and hugged her. She went to Donnie and gave him a kiss on the lips. This shocked him completely.

"Thank you Donnie. Don't miss understand me, but I Love You Donnie." she smiled at him and then hugged him and then returned to Chris' embrace. Donnie just stood there dumbfounded. He dreamed of kissing her that way for years.

Looking at Chris, "Do you have any idea how lucky you are you jabeep? If I ever hear that you have caused her any heartache, you will have me to deal with. Capiesh?" he was deadly serious.

Smiling at Rita he remarked, "That's something you'll never hear Donnie. I Love her." She wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him tightly. They said their final good-byes and headed out in Donnie's BMW.


Rita was sitting in the seat right next to Chris laying her head on his shoulder and she was finding it hard to believe that they were in any kind of trouble. She was so happy that they were finally together. The next thing Rita knew, Chris was calling her name, "wake up Sunshine. We're here." he said kissing her softly on the lips. When she finally came out of the deep sleep (the first in two days) she asked where they were.

"Where are we Sam?" she said rubbing her eyes.

"We are at a campground near, Miami. Lets see if Donnie left us anything to eat in the trunk." he kissed Rita on the forehead and then got out of the car. In the trunk they found a tent, one sleeping bag and a radio. "Do you see any food in there Sammy? I am starving." as the words came out of his mouth, his stomach growled.

"I say you are huh Sam?" she laughed. "Aaha, we hit pay dirt." she pulled out a picnic basket and when she opened it up there was all kinds of food ranging from fruit, crackers, cookies, cheese and a bottle of wine. "Can you believe he sends us out on the lamb with a romantic dinner for two. He even has a cooler in here Sam." she smiled at Chris and then gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. Chris reached out to her and took her into his embrace and kissed her passionately.

"God I have wanted to do that for so long Sammy." he said pulling back looking into her eyes.

"Do it again Sam." Rita whispered in the moonlight. He leaned in and gently caressed her lips with his. He wanted to savor the feeling of her in his arms and the peace he felt from her being near. Slowly the kiss went from a gentle soothing kiss into a hot and fully consuming kiss. "Oh Chris....." she wrapped her arms around his neck and brought him in closer to her. After a few minutes, Chris pulled out of the embrace and tried to gather his wits.

"Sammy, I think we should set up camp, eat and then get some sleep. We have alot to figure out tomorrow." he hated putting an end to their romantic interlude, but he was really worried about their safety. He was not going to let anything stop him from getting to the real truth. The sooner he got it, the sooner she was safe.

"Your right Sam. Man I hate it when your right." she smiled at him to let him know she was not upset with his withdrawal. Two hours later, they had the tent set up and they had finished dinner. "What do you want to do about the sleeping Sam? There is only one sleeping bag." she would love to share it with him, but she didn't want to assume that he wanted the same thing.

"I think we have no choice but to share it. We've slept in the same bed before Sammy." he grinned as he remembered the time he came over to try to help her get to sleep. He ended up falling asleep in her bed, while she stayed up reading a book. "Are you OK with that Sammy? If you aren't that is OK. I will just lay out here and try to keep warm by dreaming about you." he smiled using his sad puppy dog look.

"Oh, that's a dirty trick Lorenzo. You know I can't resist those big beautiful eyes." she hugged him and whispered in his ear. "Please stay with me Sam, I need you close by." and he responded by wrapping his arms around her pulling her tightly against him.

"Oh, my sunshine, I'm never going to be far away from you again." he kissed her on the forehead and then walked them over to the tent. "After you," he said offering her to get into the sleeping bag first.

"You're such a gentleman, Sam." she said mockingly.

"Of course." he smiled as he followed in after her. "Aah Sammy, can you move over a little more. I would like to get in too." he teased her.

"Hey, watch it Lorenzo or you will be sleeping outside this tent." she jabbed him in the ribs.

"OK, OK, truce." he laid down taking her into his arms, with her laying her head on his chest. Chris let out a sigh as they snuggled close together. This was the first time in days he was able to relax. "Sweet dreams Sunshine." he spoke softly and kissed her forehead.

"Chris?" he was almost to sleep when he heard her whisper his name.

"What's wrong sunshine." he said holding her tighter to him.

"Nothing. I just wanted to tell you.......I....I Love you so much and to thank you for coming to get me Sam." she buried her face into his chest hugging him tight. He reached down and pulled her chin up so he could look into her eyes.

"I Love you to Rita and thank you for believing in me. I was so lost without you for the past two days. Don't ever leave me Sammy. I wouldn't make it without you." he kissed her forehead and hugged her tighter to him.

"You aren't going to get rid of me that easily Sam. I'm here to stay. It's you and me against the world." she laid her head back down on his chest and closed her eyes. "Good night Sam."

"Good night sunshine." they both went to sleep with smiles on their faces. Late in the very early hours in the morning, Chris was woken up by Rita talking. When he regained his senses he tried to understand what she was saying.

"Cap, I know it looks bad, but he didn't do it. You know that. Please Cap don't do this to him." she was shaking in his arms as she was reliving that awful day. "Rudy, don't you dare say that about my partner. He is the best cop I know!" she was trembling from anger. "Cap, something really bad had to happen to him. He could really be hurt or…….." Chris tried to comfort her as she started to sob a little. He was caressing her back and whispering in her ear.

"Shhhh, I'm right here Sammy. I'm fine. I Love you and I'm not going to leave you." She started to relax as his pleas were reaching her. After a few minutes she calmed down and he kissed her on the top of her head and closed his eyes.

To be Continued........


Who is after Chris and Rita? Will they get out of this alive? Will this story get any sappier? Find out in Part Two of Precious Gifts.

I have to thank Veronica for the use of her Snow Queen. That is why I named her Veronica in honor of her. If you haven't read the Snow Queen you are missing out on one of the best stories ever. READ IT!

I want to thank "D" again for her great advice.

You know how the rest goes....USA owns the rights to Chris, Rita, Jillian, Rudy, Cap & Frannie. I just borrowed them for some innocent fun. Thanks for the great characters!


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