Friends, Lovers and Liars Part 2

The usual disclaimers apply: this is a work of fiction, based on the USA network series Silk Stalkings. I'm just borrowing the characters for a short while. I do want to warn you, this part is rather steamy. So, if that makes you uncomfortable, you might want to pass. Once again, I' d like to thank Lisa for posting. You may email me at with any comments.

Friends, Lovers and Liars, Part 2

Chris and Rita drove their rented Lexus SUV from the Denver airport to Vail, using caution on snow-packed Interstate 70. They marveled at the wintry landscape, so unlike Palm Beach. The sky was heavy, the low-slung clouds promising even more snow soon. They had donned heavy jeans, sweaters, coats and boots before leaving the Mile-High City, and they were grateful for the warm blast from the heater. Rita consulted the printed itinerary, and directed Chris to their hotel. As they rounded the last curve, he whistled in appreciation.

"This is even better than the pictures",he commented as he stopped in front of the hotel.

"Well, I certainly hope these accommodations are up to our high standards, Mister Bennett"she adopted a snobby inflection, but her eyes crinkled in fun.

"Only the best for Muff",he teased as he jumped out of the vehicle.

She rolled her eyes and muttered, " Don' t call me that!" but he'd already slammed the door.Rita was, in truth, absolutely awed by their surroundings. She also realized that they' d have to play their part to the hilt, and there was no time like the present to start. She affected a bored look as the bellman opened her door,

" Thank you." She turned to her" husband" and said,

"Darling, I hope this snow doesnt affect the night life around here"

Chris didn't dare meet her gaze, afraid he' d burst out laughing, " This is Vail, Colorado. Lots of people with money and lots of time to play. I' m sure we can find some suitable diversions for you, Muffin."

She leaned close to him, kissing his cheek, and moved her lips to his ear," I will GET you for that," she hissed.

Chris eyes twinkled, and he said aloud, " I ca' t wait," as he swept her into a passionate embrace. Rita was so surprised, she didn' t resist as he eased his tongue between her lips. Her only conscious thought was, "God, could he kiss"

Chris felt his gesture backfire as he forgot where they were. The only thing he was aware of was how soft, how sweet.

"Mr. Bennett? Sir?" someone tapped Chris on the shoulder.

" What?" Chris broke the kiss, and stared blankly at the bellman. The wind had suddenly picked up, and snow was falling heavily.

The lobby is right this way, sir"the young man smirked as he watched the couple

." Oh, yes, of course" Rita shook her head to clear it, and shivered.

"It is FREEZING out here, Michael!" and she moved into the cavernous entrance.

Chris followed in her wake, knowing he was REALLY in for it now. He couldn' t help grinning. If she wanted to play a part, so could he.

The lobby was even more impressive than the exterior. Heavy dark oak beams crisscrossed the ceiling and the sofas and chairs were upholstered in rich tapestries and leather. The floor was covered in thick deep burgundy carpet, and the walls were papered in elegant cream and gold. A huge live Christmas tree dominated the center of the atrium, and miniature white lights adorned every potted plant in the lobby. A piano played soft music, and there was a multitude of well-dressed people moving about. Next to the registration desk, an elegantly dressed white-haired lady was serving hot cocoa and cappuccino to arriving guests

The Florida detectives registered as Michael and Lisa Bennett, from Toronto, Canada. Rita sipped a cup of mocha cappuccino as Chris signed the register, observing the layout of the hotel, and noting all the obviously well heeled clientele. She asked the concierge, David, where the best restaurants and nightclubs were located.

"My husband and I would like to celebrate our wedding anniversary in style."

David took in the way the couple was dressed, and her attitude. He produced a list, and made a mental note to call The Boss. These people looked good for the kind of not-quite-legal fun that his side job afforded. It was his mission to introduce moneyed newcomers to his "chemical import/export business." He had made a tidy living the past few years luring rich, bored yuppies and Gen-X ers into the sales and distribution aspect of the" chemical business."

Lisa smiled and thanked David for the list, and turned to Michael .

"Let' s hurry and get changed, so we can go out" she urged as they followed the bell captain to the elevators.

" Anything you say, love." Chris purposely wrapped an arm tightly around her waist

She smiled up at him, but her green eyes were fiery.

The bell captain slid the keycard in the door, and opened it. Chris scooped Rita in his arms, and carried her over the threshold. He grinned and explained, "It' s our anniversary."

The elderly gentleman nodded and smiled. In a distinctly British accent, he asked, " Very good, sir. How long have you been married, if I might ask?"

" Five glorious years," Rita managed to free herself gracefully.

" Ah, that is wonderful," the man nodded." My wife and I have been together for 40 years, next month"

Chris pulled a fifty from his wallet," Wow! That' s outstanding." He handed the man the tip

" Thank you very much. Happy Anniversary, and enjoy your stay in Vail," he bowed in a courtly manner, and closed the door behind him.

Rita gave Chris a long look, and asked " Was that REALLY necessary?"

He gave her an innocent look, "What? WHAT? We' re supposed to be a happily married rich couple, and it IS our anniversary."

She rolled her eyes, and turned to look at their accommodations. " This is GREAT" she observed.

The room was actually a suite. A stone fireplace was open to both the bedroom and living room. The color scheme was tasteful, in shades of moss green, plum, taupe and cream. A fire crackled in the fireplace, and the lights were low, lending to the cozy atmosphere. The picture window afforded a spectacular view of the slopes.

Chris agreed, " This is looking better and better all the time." He took Rita' s hand, and pulled her into the bedroom.

A king-sized four poster bed, covered by a flat canopy dominated the room. The bed was covered with a handmade quilt and pillow shams. The colors were similar to the living room. Off to the left, there was a sumptuous bathroom, complete with Jacuzzi and separate shower.

Rita gulped at the sight of the bed, and tried to make light of her discomfort," Gee, Chris, I guess we' ll have to take turns sleeping on the couch"

' Huh-uh," he objected." We' re supposed to be married-we sleep in the same bed."

She looked at him silently, unwilling to admit her nervousness."

Chris reached out to stroke her cheek, " Look, I was just goofing around before. I promised you I' d be a gentleman, and I will. Do you trust me?" he smiled, his eyes tender.

" I trust you with my life" she said seriously, pressing a quick kiss onto his hand." So, should we get ready to party?"

"Shure", he agreed." You can have the shower first, milady" he grinned

" Thanks," she smiled." What are you doing?"

He picked up his keycard." I' m going to check out the place, see what I can find out about the hot spots. See ya!"

"I' ll see ya" she grinned as the door shut behind him. She was tired, but found the shower perked her up. She chose a deep green silk dress from the elegant garments she brought, and pulled her chestnut curls into a French roll. She let a few tendrils frame her face. Skillfully, she applied makeup, and debated which shoes to wear. In stocking feet, she wandered into the living room and looked out the window. It was still snowing like crazy, she observed, and the thought of going out into the cold, snowy dark was becoming less and less appealing. Rita consulted her watch, and wondered where Chris was

As if he' d read her mind, the door opened. "Didn' t mean to be gone" he apologized, then paused in surpriseso long. "You look wonderful."

She smiled shyly, " Thanks. Uh, did you find out anything?"

Chris was still staring at her, " What? Oh, yeah. There are three great restaurants right here in the hotel, and a nightclub on the lower level. You know that David guy Shelby warned us about?"

Rita nodded, " The concierge, um-hmm. What about him?"

"I agree-he might just be our in" Chris explained.What do you think? Should we approach him tonight?"

Rita considered it for a minute, then said, " No, I think he might get spooked if we do that right away. Let' s just sort of case the place tonight, have a nice dinner, maybe some dancing,see who' s who in this before we do anything. Sound like a plan?"

" Definitely!" Chris grinned at his partner. "And I have to say it again, Sammy. That dress is-WOW!"

She tossed a pillow at him," Get in the shower," she ordered. I' m hungry!"

A COLD shower" he muttered to himself as he headed for the bathroom."

"What was that?" Rita didn' t catch what he said.

"I said You are so bossy" Chris grinned as he left the room. After a quick icy shower, Chris felt much better. He donned a charcoal Armani suit, knowing that he had to play the part of a rich man. He selected a tie that coordinated with Rita' s dress, and joined her in the living room.

"Bout time"she laughed as he opened the bedroom door. She turned and gasped when she saw him,


I take it you like this monkey suit," Chris teased, pretending to be irritated by the tie.

She came over to him, adjusted the offending article of clothing, and casually brushed her hands down his lapels.

" I like it very much," she said softly, tilting her face up to his

So help me, I' m gonna drown there someday, and nobody better try and save me, Chris mused as he looked into her emerald eyes.

Rita was having the same thoughts as she stared into his bright blue eyes, loving the look he was giving her, the feel of his hands on her shoulders.

After a long moment, Chris cleared his throat, " Well, Mrs. Bennett. Are you going dancing without shoes?"

Rita laughed nervously," No, I just wasn' t sure if we were going out in the blizzard, and whether I should wear my parka and boots."

She picked up a pair black high-heeled sandals. "

What do you think of these?"

Chris pushed her gently into the nearest chair, and slipped the sexy footwear on his partner.

"Perfect," he pronounced.

It WAS a perfect evening as they dined on lobster, sipped champagne. Rita, conscious of the form-fitting wardrobe she packed, declined the waiter' s offer of dessert. But Chris'S choice of chocolate mousse was too tempting, and he caught her sigh of envy. Laughingly, he spooned some of the sweet treat into her mouth. It tasted divine, Rita decided, probably the best chocolate mousse she' d ever had. They lingered over the last course, savoring every bite of the rich dessert.

Chris groaned as they got up from the table, " Oh, I could use a nap."

Rita was sleepy, too, but she stuck to her guns,"No, what we need is to go dancing, sweetheart." Funny, how easily that endearment slipped out!" Come on, you can do it!"

Chris continued to protest, but led his "wife" to the noisy nightclub downstairs. The music was loud, fast-paced. Because of the storm, most of the hotel guests elected to stay in and the dance floor was crowded, leaving little opportunity for conversation. Chris and Rita danced until nearly one-thirty, when he shouted into her ear" I' ve had enough of this, what about you?"

She nodded vigorously, " YES!"

They walked out, arm-in-arm, not noticing the couple watching them in the corner of the club. The woman shot Rita a look of pure hate, and began to follow them, but her escort jerked her back angrily.

" Not yet" he yelled over the pounding beat." You' ll have your chance soon enough!"

Chris and Rita' s ears were ringing as they walked up the stairs. They paused at the top, deciding to head for one of the quieter spots to have a cold drink. They went into the lounge off the main lobby, and sank gratefully onto a small leather sofa. The waiter took their orders for two sodas, and they sat for a bit, enjoying the peace.

Another couple, about their age, took seats not far away. They were grousing good-naturedly about the noisy club. The man said, " We must be getting too old for this, Celia. Remember when we' d dance at places like that all night?"

Celia laughed and took her husband' s hand," Yeah, but that was in the days BC, Jack!"

Rita smiled at them," We were just saying the same thing"

"Oh, so you'e re on vacation from your kids, too, huh?" Jack asked.

" What? No!" Chris said, mystified.

"BC means before children" , and we have three we are currently escaping from," Celia explained " I' m sorry, where are my manners? I'm Celia Demming, and this is my husband Jack."

" My manners aren't the greatest, either," Rita laughed, extending her hand. " Lisa and Michael Bennett"

"Nice to meet you both" Jack replied." So, what brings you to Vail?"

We' re celebrating our anniversary" Chris found his voice." And, no children yet, but we' re working on it, aren' t we, sweetheart?"

Rita smiled sweetly, " Yes, after five years, we' ve decided it' s more than time to start a family."

Jack chuckled ruefully, " Well, enjoy this while you can. Once you have kids, vacations like these are rare."

Celia shook her head," Yes, that' s why we had three kids in four years," she teased Jack." You' d think we' d figure out what causes that"

Rita and Chris looked amazed, " Wow, you must be really busy," Rita marveled.

"Oh, it' s not so bad. And we love them to death. Our nanny is bringing them here tomorrow, as a matter of fact, because we miss them too much," Celia confessed.

Jack rolled his eyes, " I repeat, Mike, enjoy this time while you can!"

Chris and Rita visited with the Demmings for another hour, then said their good nights.

It was getting easier and easier to imagine themselves as the Bennetts, a happily married couple celebrating their anniversary. They walked through the now-dim lobby, arms around each other. Once in the glass elevator, they continued to hold each other, watching the snowfall out the cathedral windows, and the thousands of Christmas lights twinkling below. Chris pulled her closer and brushed his lips against Rita's, lips,carried away by the romantic setting.

Her eyes closed as she returned the kiss, and she swayed against him as the elevator glided to a stop at their floor. Chris was just pretending, this wasn' t real, Rita tried to remind herself as their tongues began to tango, their hands explored.

We' re here to... What? She forgot everything as the kiss deepened, and she returned his ardor full force. Well, it certainly FELT real. She moaned softly.

Chris held out his arm as the elevator door started to close, and whispered hoarsely, " Not here, baby. Come on."

Rita ran her fingertips down his back while Chris struggled with the keycard. Her heart pounded in her ears, but it didn' t matter. They weren' t playing a game, after all. The door finally opened, and they were inside their suite. Alone.

For a moment, Rita thought Chris had changed his mind, but nothing was further from the truth. He pulled at the pins that held her hair up, leaving the silky curls free to fall to her shoulders. Tenderly, he cupped her face in his hands," I love you, Rita, and I have for so long," his voice broke." I can' t stand you not knowing that anymore. If you don' t feel the same way, I' ll try to understand. I would never do anything to hurt you. Whatever happens tonight, it has to be right for both of us."

For the briefest of moments, all of Rita' s old fears and defenses bubbled up, but they soon evaporated under Chris's loving gaze. She could hardly believe herself when she whispered," Chris, I have loved you from the second we met. I always knew we were meant to be together. I' ve been so scared-you didn' t feel the same way."

She moved her lips closer to his. But I' m not afraid anymore, Chris" she breathed. "It IS right, and I want to make love with you tonight."

He thought his heart would burst from his chest as he heard her words. Tears in his eyes, he picked her up in his arms, and carried her to the bedroom. The only light in the room came from the flickering fireplace and a small glass-shaded lamp. This is what it feels like, he marveled, as he sat her on the bed, and slipped off her shoes. This is how it feels to have your ultimate wish granted, your most secret dream come true. He moved to unzip the silk dress, and slipped it from her shoulders, savoring each sensation. The black lace bra she wore barely covered her breasts, and he discarded it, too. Tentatively, he reached out and touched them, feeling her nipples react to his caress of his smooth tanned skin. She could hear his heart pounding beneath her ear, in perfect time with her own.

Rita felt herself being lifted slightly, and heard the soft swish of silk as Chris slid her dress off the rest of the way. He kicked off his shoes, and she reached for him, pressing her breasts to his chest. Their mouths collided again, eager, seeking, hungry.

Chris pushed her on her back, and fumbled with the hooks on her garter belt. First one stocking, then the other fell to the floor, as he ran a trail of kisses from her thigh to the sole of each foot.

Rita' s back arched off the bed at the sensations rioting through her body, and she moaned desperately, " Chris, oh, Chris!"

He paused in his seduction long enough to tease her a little, even though he felt himself losing what little control he had left, "Shh-patience Sammy. We have all night."

I have waited for five YEARS," she whispered hoarsely, sitting up. " I am out of patience!" She unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, nibbling down his chest to his stomach, her hand caressing his source of desire through his shorts, causing him to gasp," Rita, oh baby, yeah."

"See, you' re out of patience, too!" she laughed breathlessly, as he moved over her.

In seconds, the last barriers were gone, and they were together, as they were always meant to be.

And that's it for part 2! Now that Chris and Rita are together, who would DARE to try to come between them? The answers to these and other questions are to be found in Friends, Lovers and Liars part 3. Keep watching Lisa' s site!



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