For Ever I Will Cry

There is no way I can tell the difference
between night and day
There is no way
I can tell the difference
between today and tomorrow.

All the days that come
will be the same as the one
I live today
You will not be here when I wake up
or when I go to sleep.

Just one thing is the same every day
I wake up when a tear leaves my eye
I saw you again in my dreams, Sammy
I see you every night
And I will see you every night when I go to sleep.

I have promised you for ever
and I never break my word
I am standing near the window
looking at the stars above
knowing you are watching me.

But when I wake up without your
warm and tender arms around me
when I wake up in a bed so cold
when I wake up alone
I miss you a little more each day.

We had so many dreams, Sammy
so much that we wanted to do
Why was it taken away from us
it was just too soon
why did the hand from above had
to take it all away from me?

Suddenly its all over
and there will be no later
You have drifted away from me
with the harbor in sight
I wanted to save you
but the sea was too strong
and took it all away from me.

Suddenly its a storm over the ocean
that takes you away
the anchor is weighted
you drift away from me
with the harbor in sight
All I can do is stand there
and cry

The memories, all that we have been through
come back to me in every dream
the good things and the bad
the laughter and the tears
they will always come back to me, Sammy

I promised you for ever
you promised me for ever
we promised each other to be together
But every morning I wake up crying
another day without you

Every time when a new dawn breaks
another tear will leave my eye
I promised you for ever, Sammy
so for ever
I will cry

by Christel Poel

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