Epilogue By: D of the DA's Office

"And you lived happily ever after, right Grandma?" two small voices asked in unison.

"That's right, cutie-pies, I lived happily ever after," Rita laughed as she ruffled the dark hair of her three-year-old granddaughters, who so closely resembled their mother and her twin at that age, not to mention Rita herself.

The little ones burst into giggles, and Rita couldn't help but to join them. The fairy tale version of her destiny with their grandfather was complete with an evil sorceress, a dashing prince, and a beautiful princess, and she knew it was her granddaughters' favorite story. Rita had lost count of the number of times they had pleaded to hear it, and she looked over their heads to the kitchen where her daughters were sitting and listening. A trio of hauntingly similar, lop-sided grins were exchanged in silent communication and confirmation that history had repeated itself.

Truth be told, it was a toss up sometimes for Rita to decide which version, the grown up versus children's, she enjoyed the most. And it suddenly occurred to her with great mirth: how many three-year-olds could give you a rundown on the meaning of destiny? Rita was sure the answer was only four: her two granddaughters, and their mother and aunt before them.

It was at that moment that Rita was brought out of her comical musings, as the little girls' laughter turned into squeals of delight. Their grandfather had come stomping through the front door, and he proceeded to toss a child over each shoulder and spin around, eventually falling with them into a tangled heap on the couch.

Laughter rang out from all those gathered in the Lorenzo home. Rita watched the playful scene with barely contained amusement, observing as well the humorous, reminiscent glances her daughters exchanged with one another, and the "take notes" expressions her sons-in-law wore.

An all-encompassing love settled upon her. She drifted back in time, taking note of all the people and events that wouldn't have been, if her Christopher hadn't lived.

But with a gleam in her eye and a gratefulness in her heart, Rita reverently whispered, unaware of the origin of the words…

"All was restored…"

The Fates knew that Chris and Rita were special, and so they allowed them a special destiny. This epilogue, which hints at The Sisters' promise of the Sams growing old together, serves as another tribute of my direct defiance to the "supposed" ending of Classic Silk Stalkings.

Genetic note: LOL, I know that technically I wasn't correct in having both the Sams' children and grandchildren be twins. 'Tis true that the occurrence of twins skips a generation, but 1) if I had to give Chris and Rita children, I'd give them twin girls, 2) it was easier to write the granddaughters collectively if they had the same mother and were the same age (so poof that made them twins) and 3) it's my fan-fic J I try to be exceptionally careful when it comes to accuracy with the Silk details, so I figured I could let the genetic accuracies slide.


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