A Silk Stalkings Christmas Story
By Lisa

It was Christmas Eve, and Fran had really outdone herself. She had colored lights strung up everywhere, with silver and gold bells hanging from them. Cardboard pictures of Santas, reindeer, and Christmas trees were hung on every desk, and free window space, and wreaths decorated the walls. Mistletoe had been strategically placed over doorways, and in the background, Christmas music was softly playing. Off to the side of the room, a table was set up, and on it were the fixings for sandwiches, along with side salads and chips. However it seemed to be the homemade cookies of several varieties that were going the fastest . . .. Fran could bake one mean chocolate chip cookie. Inside Caps office, a whole other world existed, decorated just as festively for Hanukah. Just about everyone was laughing and in good cheer, it was a Christmas party after all. George and Rita stood together, laughing at a past court case they had worked on together earlier in the year. Fran was busy trying to get Gracie to understand just why it wasn't a good idea for her and her husband to be working behind a closed door. Meanwhile a crowd had gathered around Cap to hear him tell a story from when he had been a patrol cop in New York, and had found a drunk Santa passed out in the street.

There was one person however; who just wasn't in a Christmas mood... sometimes he almost hated this time of the year. Christmas was for families, a time of coming together, and having a wonderful time with each other. He had never had that in his life, it had mostly been just him and his Grandma Rose. His father could never get away from some important case, and he would always send Chris some money, telling him to buy something special for himself, that he was so sorry he couldn't make it down there that year. Then there was Anna, his mother. He considered himself lucky if she even remembered Christmas each year. She was always off in another country, on the set of one movie, or another. For many years, he wouldn't even get a phone call from her until two weeks after, and then there was the time he had received a gift from her in the mail... in February. It had finally arrived, but when he had opened it, he had been disappointed to read 'To: Christa, Merry Christmas, with love, Mom'... and inside the box had been a doll. It had been obvious to him then that she had asked someone to buy and send something to him... only that person had thought he was a girl. He could only remember one Christmas from his childhood of his mother and father both there with him for Christmas. They had both mistakenly decided to visit with him, without the other knowing. It had been a disaster, and Chris had never wished for them to come for Christmas after that. He had been resigned to just spending Christmas with his Grandma Rose, and that had been fine with him. She would always go all out to make sure Chris would have a great Christmas, and he always did, even if it hadn't been as he wished it could be. He would always remember the last Christmas he spent with her... now he was alone, and Christmas without her was just unbearable. He had no family, and he was just plain tired now of spending Christmas with his friends and their families. He watched the party taking place before him, and let his sour mood grow within him. Rita seemed to be having a great time, he thought. They usually spent Christmas Eve and day together. He supposed he should be grateful . . .. She also did not have any family either, but at least they had each other. It was just that even spending Christmas that way, getting together with someone for lack of anything else, was not how it should be. It was that feeling that was making him sulk, and his depression only grew as he watched all the others happily celebrating. He decided to just go home, and ignore the entire day tomorrow, and when he came back to work the day after, it would all be over for another year. Standing up, he began to gather his things together. From across the room, Rita saw this, and rushed over to him. "Chris . . .. Your not leaving already, are you? You haven't even tried the eggnog yet.... "Rita leaned closer to him, whispering . . .. "I saw George spike it.... So don't drink too much. "She started laughing, but stopped suddenly, realizing Chris wasn't even smiling.

"Chris . . .?" Her concern for him showed on her face . . .. Same old Rita, he thought... his heart softened just a bit when he saw her worry for him. He reached out and tenderly wiped away some of her hair from her eyes. As horrible as the holidays could make him feel, she was the one steady in his life that he could always count one... the only one, he thought somberly. "Rita... I'm sorry... I guess I'm just not in a party mood tonight . . .. I'm just gonna get going, and make an early night of it. "

"Okay, just let me get my things, and I'll join you in a minute... what movie did you have in mind for us to rent tonight ... and no Maltese Falcon either, Chris . . .. Something different for tonight, huh?" she asked, taking for granted that they would stick with their usual Christmas Eve plans. "Ah, Rita... I don't think I'm in the mood for a movie either tonight... why don't you just stay at the party, have fun, and I'll see you the day after tomorrow, okay" Rita looked up at him, turning her head to the side, a puzzled look on her face. " You mean tomorrow, Chris... are you feeling alright?" She reached out to touch his forehead. He pushed her hand away, annoyed by it somehow. "Listen, Rita... about dinner tomorrow... I don't think I can make it after all... I think you should take up on Cap and Fran's offer of Christmas dinner with them, okay" Rita turned away, trying to hide the disappointment on her face from him. She did not want to tell him that since she and him had declined Christmas dinner with Cap and Fran, they had since made other plans out of town. "Chris... I don't understand.... If your not feeling well, I'll just bring the fixings for dinner over to your house, and make it there, ... no problem. What time should I be there?" "Rita... I don't want to get together tomorrow, can't you get that! "He growled at her, feeling sorry the moment he spoke. The iciness he was feeling in his heart had escaped him and found their way directly to the warmth of hers. "Oh... I'm sorry... I just thought... I'm sorry. " She said, looking at him with an expression he had never seen on her face before, in all the time he had known her. "I just assumed... like always.... "She turned away from him, to hide the tears. It was the desperation in her voice that she had been trying to hide, the look on her face, hurt and confused... it made him feel worse then he thought possible, and guilty also for bringing her so down as well. "Look, Rita... I'm not sick... I just need to be alone... it has nothing to do with you... I'm sorry... you were right to assume... it's what we always do every year... but I can't this year... okay? You have a nice Christmas tomorrow... and when we return to work, I promise I'll be my old sweet self, okay. "He gave her arm a gentle squeeze, hating that he had spoken to her so harshly. She looked down, away from him, and shook her head sadly. 'It's all right, Chris... I understand ... Go home... I'll see ya later. " She turned and walked away from him, heading into the ladies bathroom. He figured it was as good as time as ever to leave, grabbed his things and was out the door, before anyone even noticed he was heading that way. When Rita never showed back up at the party, everyone just assumed Chris and Rita had left together, and wondered why they hadn't said their good-byes and best wishes for a merry Christmas, as they usually did. No one suspected that Chris was home alone, nursing his turmoil emotions with several beers, and Rita was home alone, crying herself to sleep.


Chris had fallen asleep on a chair, a half dozen beer cans strewn all around him and the TV softly playing, it's light shining in the darkness of his loft. He jumped with a start though when a voice called him to wake up. "Chris Lorenzo! It's time to wake up... they will soon be here" Chris looked up with blurry eyes, thinking he was still dreaming... he had to be... he was seeing Brent standing in front of him... it couldn't be... Brent was dead... he had killed himself. He closed his eyes to go back to sleep, and rid himself of the nightmare... but just as he did, there was Brent again, this time pulling him up to a stand. 'Hey, buddy, I said it's time to wake up... this isn't a dream Chris... I'm hear to tell you... Tonight, three ghosts will visit you. The first will arrive at the stroke of midnight. You will need to listen to them carefully... if you don't... this... "Chris looked to see what it was Brent was showing him. On his arms and legs were chains and he held them up to Chris. 'I came to warn you Chris, ... listen to them... or this could happen to you. 'That couldn't happen to me... I would never do the things you did in life, Brent... and we're not buddies anymore... you tried to kill Rita.... I can never forgive you for that!"

"Chris... I lost my way in life... and for my deeds, I now must pay the consequences.... You must heed my warning... Ghosts from Christmas's past, present and the future will come to you tonight... You must understand what it is they will show you.... Understand, Chris Lorenzo.... understand... "

Chris rubbed his eyes, still not quite believing he wasn't dreaming. When he again opened his eyes, Brent was no longer there. 'Just what I thought" he muttered to himself... letting his eyes close once again. He was fast asleep when the numbers on his VCR clock turned to 12:00 midnight. "Christopher Lorenzo! Wake up... you need to wake up. I'm speaking to you Christopher!

Chris opened his eyes... now what? he thought, hearing the voice, and looking around for whoever was calling to him now. He sat up straight as soon as he saw the source. His Grandma Rose stood there, her hands on her hips, giving him the same look she had given him when he was a kid getting into trouble. "Grandma Rose?" he said aloud, feeling confused. Was he having another nightmare? First Brent, and now his grandma... that was the last time he would drink so much beer right before bed....

"Christopher... I am the ghost of Christmas past... I have come to take you back to a time when you were younger, to show you some things... come, my boy" His Grandma Rose held out her hand to him, and he took it. Suddenly he felt himself being thrust into another time, another scene... ...

He saw a young boy, sitting at a table helping to decorate Christmas cookies, and laughing. He was talking with a middle aged lady, who was smiling at him lovingly, and bringing him a cup of hot chocolate... Chris suddenly remembered that day... it was another Christmas Eve, one from his childhood. Then he was in a new scene.... Watching the same boy, a little older now, opening a stack of presents that had been set before him whooping with joy as he saw what each package contained... Again... he was suddenly in another scene, seeing a teenager helping his grandmother to decorate a Christmas tree, listening to some Christmas records of hers, and the teenage boy had taken the lady's hands and began to dance with her, twirling her around... laughter again filling the air. . They were happy images, and they brought back sweet memories to Chris. Then he saw the one Christmas he would never forget... his parents with him, and fighting the whole day.... Their little boy sat crying in his bedroom, wishing they would just go away, and leave him and his grandma Rose alone again. He had been just a little boy, but he had learned so much about his parents that day, and he knew he didn't have a mommy and daddy like his friends did... his were different, and he had wished that he could have a new mom and dad. Chris looked away from the scene, he didn't need reminders of that day... those memories had been haunting him all week long.

"Grandma Rose... I don't understand... why show me that... why show me any of this? Okay... I'll admit that not every Christmas I had was horrible... When you were alive, you gave me the best Christmases... it's just that I miss that Grandma... I miss not having a family... I never had that, you know... I sometimes think how unfair it is... ' His Grandma just looked at him... and Chris seemed to read her mind... "I know I should remember all those great times we had... that's the problem, ... I do... they are what makes me miss what I don't have now... I see everyone getting to be with family, and. well....

Once again Chris was thrown into another scene. This was one he didn't recognize though.... A small girl, with dark hair sits alone, in a white room, with three chairs lined up, and a small Christmas tree, sparsely decorated, off in a corner. She clutches tightly to a teddy bear, and there are tears in her eyes, as she looks around her as if she was frightened. A door opens, and a tall, stern lady enters the room. She takes the bear away from the little girl, telling her that she couldn't take toys up into the room where she would sleep... all toys must remain down stairs in the rec room, where everyone must share. The little girl begins to cry, and tells the lady her daddy gave it to her, but the lady gives her a slap across the face, telling her to quit being a baby... her daddy is dead now... he killed himself... he just didn't care enough about her, the teddy bear he had given her couldn't possibly mean that much... and then another flash.... Another scene.... The same dark-haired little girl, now a little older, in a living room, full of people, and watching them as they drink and laugh with each other, a book in her hand, she approaches one of them, asking if they would please read to her. The woman shoves her away, telling her to go to bed... adding to her guests that she didn't think this foster parent thing would work out after all... the money really wasn't all that good, and the kid was more trouble then she was worth. Chris watched the little girl walk into a bedroom, and try to read the book to herself, as a tear rolled down her cheek. He saw the title of the book... Suzy Pratt, Girl Detective... "Oh, Rita... I never knew what it was like... he whispered to himself. Soon, he was in another new scene ... and this one was of a car wreck... he saw a teen aged Rita standing before it, watching as workers tried to get her foster parents out of the crumbled car. She was crying, shaking her head no. As she was being told both had been killed instantly... a drunk driver... she was handed a package wrapped in Christmas paper that had been found in the backseat... on it read TO RITA, OUR BELOVED DAUGHTER, WITH LOVE TOM AND SUE LANCE... Chris had seen enough.... "Alright... I can't take anymore... Please take me back now, Grandma... please, no more. " She smiled at him now" Christopher... You will have two other visitors tonight. You must try to understand their message. Remember Christopher... Love.... That's what makes a family. I must go now" "Wait, Grandma! I still don't understand... why? "

She was gone now. He thought back to all she had shown him... he knew Rita's childhood had bad memories as well... but why had his Grandma shown him them? He was just about to take another swallow from what remained in an open beer can, when again, a voice called his name. 'Hey, Chris... it's me... Lem... So are you ready to see the present... I've come to show you things you don't see, things that are taking place in your life right now. Chris just stared... this was really getting weird, he thought... he was having one hell of a nightmare... Lem was gone now as well... he had been killed during a case he and Rita had been helping him with... "I know the present... I'm living it right now... can't say that much about you Lem... this has got to be a dream.... "Chris shook his head, trying to shake the image of his dead friend away... it wasn't working... He turned away from Lem, but a hand reached out to him, turning him around, telling him to look. Chris saw a small office, and Rita, as he knew her today, sat in front of a desk, answering the phone and talking, a soothing tone in her voice. He knew this must be the runaway shelter she volunteered at. She would spend all day at the cop shop, and then several nights a week, she would spend at the shelter. Chris often wondered if she was taking on too much, worried that she would run herself down, but she never showed any sign that it was more then she could handle... she actually seemed to enjoy the time she spent at the shelter.... Then he saw again, a new scene... Rita was sitting on a bench in the hospital, and Cap was holding her as she cried... He could hear her words "I thought I lost him Cap... I really thought he was gone... " Another scene... seeing him and Rita as they walked along the beach... him telling her that no matter what, no matter where, he would always be there for her... and her saying that as long as they stuck together, that wouldn't be a problem.... Her telling him he was her best friend... that as long as she had him by her side, she could make it through anything... Another, in which she was sleeping in her bed, but suddenly she wakes up, screaming from a nightmare... she is all alone this time, not like when he had been there to comfort her once.... And then he saw the scene from tonight... they were at the Christmas party and he was moping at his desk.... He watched the scene play out in front of him again, this time from a different perspective... had it really happened that way? . Chris looked over to Lem.... 'I didn't mean for her to be hurt...." He said, but Lem only shook his head... then he spoke.... I am here to give you a message... look... again >" Lem pointed a finger, and Chris found himself in another scene... he saw himself brooding in his beers... and then he was in Rita's apartment. He saw the boxes of Christmas decorations, and an empty tree... he remembered then that they usually decorated her tree every Christmas Eve, after the party... staying up until early in the morning enjoying one another's company. He remembered the times now with a fondness... how they would pop corn, and watch movies all night long, talking and even singing carols... why had he forgotten all that? He blinked, and next he saw he was in Rita's bedroom. Again he saw her lying on her bed, and she was crying, clutching the same teddy bear she had when she was a child.

... His heart broke at the sight... he knew the reason she was in tears. He had done that to her... All he wanted to do then was reach out to her, and take her into his arms, and tell her how sorry he was... he tried to comfort her then... but he just felt air... no, he couldn't touch her... this had already happened earlier tonight... while he had been home feeling sorry for himself. He turned towards Lem... 'Take me back now... I need to go talk to her. "

Lem sadly shook his head "Not yet, Chris, I can't.... There is more you must see....

Chris didn't think he could take any more... he was beginning to realize what a jerk he had been, he was sorry... "Please, Lem, ... no more... I think I understand now... I don't want to see the future... " A smoky mist had formed... and Chris could no longer see Lem... he called out to him "Lem... don't leave me here... Lem... " The fog soon became overbearing... and Chris started screaming, for anyone now... Grandma Rose... Brent... Lem... help me, I can't see anything!" A flash of brilliant white light came to him suddenly... and what he saw scared him.... Standing before him was a dark figure... it had no face... and it wore a robe. It reached out a hand, saying no words to him at all... and Chris saw the hand was only a skeleton. It grabbed at him, and he tried to pull away, but soon found he had no energy in him to fight this creature... Chris realized he had no choice, that he would have to see what it was that this figure would show him...

He found himself in a scene... watching himself as he was driving a car, and then stopping it to park.... And then getting out.... And then he saw another car pulling up, and he saw them pull out his partner... an exchange of some kind was being made... Chris gave them something in a bag, and Rita had been released. He then watched as the men got in a car and drove away... and then he cried out in horror, as he watched a shooter coming towards Rita and himself. He saw Rita had no gun... and he saw himself pull out his... and he watched as bullets were fired back and forth. Chris stared in horror as he watched himself duck behind the car, using it as a shield... while Rita was left alone, and unprotected, rushing to the side of the car, trying to find some safety from the bullets. Chris screamed as he watched Rita get hit, again and again by the shooters bullets... as he watched himself continuing to stay behind his shield.

"No!!!!!!... I wouldn't let that happen... that isn't me! . I would never leave Rita unprotected.... We always watched each other's back... No. Your wrong!" Chris couldn't stop crying ... He knew it hadn't happened yet... but just seeing Rita getting hit with all those bullets, seeing her go down, laying unconscious on the ground, while he had been cowardly hiding behind a car... he knew he could never let anything like that happen... Another scene.... A funeral... and he was standing a distance away, watching the mourners... knowing he would not be welcome there. He could feel a devastating sorrow in his heart... but it was too late... realizing that he had gone over the edge, and there was no turning back. . He saw Cap and Fran crying... and he heard Cap trying to console her. "I just don't understand what happened to him... they were so close... and then he just stopped caring... she always tried to reach him, but he just wouldn't let her in. she used to come to me, begging me to please tell her what was wrong with him... she thought I would know... I could never help her... It's still so hard to believe she is gone... that he could let this happen to her. "

Now he was watching another scene... he saw himself again... sitting at a bar.... All alone. And then some of his friends came up to him... one of them being Donavan.... But now they were no longer his friends... while the others were ridiculing him, Donavan could only sit and stare at him... and Chris saw his eyes... he had lost all respect for Chris Lorenzo.

His tears would not stop coming... 'You can't let this happen! This can't be my future! I couldn't go on if she was ever taken away from me.... She means everything to me... Don't you get it! I would give my life to protect hers... What you showed me could never happen... I would never let it!" Please tell me... I have to change the future, It hasn't happened... I can stop it, I know I can... Please give me that chance! I want to go back now... Take me back... I understand... I really understand. " He was on his knees now, begging the robed figure... hearing his own tears, and his pleas mixed with his screams... he knew what his hell was now.


It was a noise from the TV that awoke him.... A Christmas carol, playing in a movie that was on. It's a Wonderful Life... a Christmas classic. Chris jumped up, looking around him.... As if he expected to see someone. It was then that it all came back to him.... Last night... and he knew he hadn't been dreaming after all.

"Oh God... Rita, " he said aloud, as he rushed over to his phone. He dialed up her number, but there was no answer. He wondered where she had gone. A thought suddenly struck him... what if what he had seen really did happen? What if he was now existing in the future? His mind was whirling, confusion running rampant with the memories he had of last night. He went to the door, opening it up and found the newspaper there... December 25, 1994, he read... and he whispered a silent prayer of thanks. Rita was still alive... and he could still make amends to his behavior last night. He went back inside, cleaned himself up, and began to plan out the rest of his day... It was Christmas Day, after all!

He finally understood what last night had been about, the message he had been sent. All along he had been letting a blackness seep into his heart... letting a bitterness he held within him, grow. He could only focus on the bad memories, and feel the loss of all he didn't have. He knew he had Rita... that was what his Grandma Rose had been trying to tell him... she was his family now... Chris knew it was her who had the most reason to feel bitter about Christmas, and yet inside her heart was love... she didn't let the ugliness from her past destroy her present.... And he knew that if he did, then he would have to live with loosing her... and it would be by his own actions, the choices he chose to make now, that would matter. Chris finished getting ready, deciding he would give Rita the best Christmas she had ever had.

An hour later, he showed up at her apartment, with several large bags filled with the ingredients he would need to give Rita a great Christmas. He let himself into her apartment, calling out to her as he did, and not getting an answer in return. Figuring he would get started anyway, Chris went to the boxes of Christmas decorations, and began to set up her tree, listening to some Christmas music as he did. When he was finished with the tree, he decided to start on breakfast. While it was cooking, he set the table with a Christmas tablecloth he brought with him. It had been intended to be one of her Christmas gifts from him. He remembered when he had bought it for her, they had been together at a craft fair, and she had admired it so much... but wasn't willing to spend the amount they asked... she said she didn't need anything so extravagant. While she had been standing in line for a lemonade, he went back and bought it for her. He was glad he had done that now... he couldn't wait to see the look on her face when she saw it... it would make up for the one he had seen last night.

He had the coffee going, breakfast finished and keeping warm, Christmas carols playing, and the tree twinkling it's colored lights, now all he needed was Rita. He hurried to place all the gifts he had bought earlier for her, under the tree, and then sat down to wait for her, wondering just where she was. He had just closed his eyes, thinking he would take a catnap while he waited for her... when he heard the sound of a key turning the lock on her door. He opened his eyes, just as she walked in. seeing the weariness around her eyes turn into a surprised shock. He watched her as she took in all that he had done to bring Christmas to her. She turned to him, the questions in her eyes soon replaced with unshed tears, but a smile was beginning to form on her face now. He walked over to her, holding out his arms for her. Looking down to the floor, she tried to hide her emotions, feeling overwhelmed at what he had done... and when she looked back up, he could see the tears streaming down her face. He took her into his embrace now, and she laid her head down on his shoulder.

"Rita... sunshine... I am so sorry... I was having a bad night ... but I am over it now... will you please forgive me? I want to make it up to you... "

"Chris... you didn't have to do all this... I would have forgiven you; ... you know that... besides, it wasn't really that big a deal... I've forgotten it all already.

Chris pulled away from her a bit, still holding her in his arms... but wanting to look her in her eyes. He tenderly wiped away the last of her tears. "No, Rita... it was a big deal... you are the most important person in this world to me.... I shouldn't have treated you the way I did... I hurt you... and for that there is no excuse. "

Rita felt for him, ... she hated to see him feeling so bad.

"Sam... it's okay, really.... "

Chris pulled her back into his embrace.... Thinking how blessed he truly was in his life... how happy he was that he had been made to realize it. He knew Rita had been more hurt last night then she would let on... but she would never admit to that... and it wasn't because of pride, but because she knew it would bother him... and she always put him first.

She deserved the best Christmas ever... he had seen just a few of hers... he knew she never talked about those times in her life, she had simply left them where they belonged, in her past... It was time to make new, extra special memories for her now.

Releasing her from his arms, he looked at her. "And just where were you this morning, young lady? His blue eyes twinkled at her. "Here I was hard at work slaving over a hot stove... and you were out gallivanting around... hmmm" She smiled at him. "I promised I would help with the breakfast over at the homeless shelter... You have seen the kids over there Chris, ... they were so cute... I gave them all a teddy bear, and they were so thrilled with it... I just had the best time, even though it's really kind of sad... I wish I could have brought them more... " Chris smiled, ... she never failed to amaze him...

"Well... now it's time for your breakfast... right this way, my lady. "He led her over to the table, and for the first time, she saw the tablecloth he had placed their breakfast on. Her eyes lit up, and she turned quickly to him. "Merry Christmas! he said laughing at her reaction. They ate their breakfast, and then Chris proceeded with the rest of the day he had planned for them. First they exchanged their gifts, singing along to the Christmas carols as they opened them. Next came the cookie baking, followed by popcorn and hot chocolate, as he read to her from Suzy Pratt.

After they had eaten their Christmas dinner, they decided to take a walk along the beach, walking in each other's arms. They walked slowly back to Rita's apartment just as the sun was setting, and they watched the brilliant show it made as it's rays played across the ocean. It had been a perfect day. Rita sighed contentedly as she sat down on the sofa, along side Chris, and they listened to some more Christmas music playing from the radio. After awhile, a song came on, and the next thing Rita knew, she was being whirled around and suddenly caught in Chris's arms... "May I have this dance, Sammy?" he asked her. She laid her head on his shoulder. Letting him lead, enjoying just being in his arms. She knew something had been bothering him all week, and especially last night, and she worried about him still. 'Chris... you know... if you need to talk, I'm here for you... anytime, friend. "

Chris nodded his head at her... 'I know that Sammy... but it's really okay now... so don't worry anymore. "

Rita looked into his eyes, wanting to see if he really was his old self now. He took her hands into his own. "I'm fine, Sam... honest. "He winked and then gave her the smile that only she could bring out in him. She smiled back at him then, and Chris leaned over, and placed a soft kiss on her cheek. "Merry Christmas, Sammy" he told her. "Merry Christmas Sam" she said back to him. 'Thank you for today... it was perfect... I mean that, Chris. "

"I know you do... but I had a great time myself... aside from trying to swallow that turkey you cooked, that is. "He joked with her, then quickly gave her a twirl, trying to avoid the playful punch she was ready to give him. A new song came on the radio, and they began to dance, both of them thinking how perfect it was for them, and how perfect it was holding the other in their arms... wishing it could go on forever.

In these moments, moments of our lives All the world is ours And this world is so right You and I sharing this time together Sharing the same dream As the time goes by, we will find

These are the special times Times we'll remember These are the precious times The tender times we'll hold in our hearts forever These are the sweetest times These times together And through it all, one thing will always be true The special times are the times I share with you

With each moment, moment passing by We'll make memories that will last all our lives As you and I travel through time together Living this sweet dream And every day, we can say These are the special times Times we'll remember These are the precious times The tender times we'll hold in our hearts forever These are the sweetest times These times together And through it all, one thing will always be true The special times are the times I share with you

These tender moments When Heaven is so close These are the moments that I know

These are the special times Times we'll remember These are the precious times The tender times we'll hold in our hearts forever These are the sweetest times These times together And through it all, one thing will always be true The special times are the times I share The special times are the times we share The special times are the times I share with you.



The song These Are The Special Times, can be found on Celine Dion's new CD.... These Are the Special Times, and Diane Warren writes it. I just borrowed the song for Chris and Rita. We all know that all the other stuff that needs to be said... Chris, Rita, ect, ect, ect... belong to the creators of Silk Stalkings.... I just borrow them all as well... and also I know you have all heard the true version of A Christmas Carol... so you know I used that to base this story on... Anyway, I wish you all Happy Holidays, and hope that everyone remembers the true meaning of Christmas. Lisa

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