WARNING: I wrote this part after watching the scene where Chris and Rita finally admit how they feel about each other (Partners 1). So it is pretty sappy. But I like them that way. < G >

Blind (Part 2)

From Part 1
"Chris" she says still panting trying to catch her breath, she looks him straight in the eyes, "I love you, I know you don't like me the same way, but Chris I love you." He is looking her straight in the eyes holding her face in his hands. What she just said opened his heart to her completely. He leans down and kisses her gently on the lips. He brushes his lips across hers savoring the softness and fullness of her lips. Then he pulls back again and sees the most beautiful pair of green eyes he has ever seen. They are eyes full of love for him. She swallows the lump in her throat, daring herself to be brave one more time. "Chris, do you think you could ever love me?"

She is gazing into his eyes looking for any sign of the way he feels about her. With shinny eyes (holding back tears) he chuckles a little and says, "I really thought you knew. I can not believe you are asking me if I could love you, Rita I already do."

Later that night......
Rita leaned into him and whispered in his ear. He moaned and grabbed her by the waist and kissed her very hard while trying desperately to unlock the door. He finally had to pull away from her or he would never get the door open. While he unlocked the door Rita bent down and picked up her shoes. He opened the door and was going to say something when the lights suddenly went on and they heard a big "SURPRISE!"


Surprise all right. Chris and Rita just stood at the door with their mouths wide open when out of the crowd Jillian walks up to Chris and plants a kiss on his mouth. "Jillian what is going on here?" he states pushing her away from him. Jillian doesn't take the hint and puts her arms around Chris' neck and whispers into his ear.

"I am on the organizing board of this pageant Chris and when I saw Rita up on that stage, I knew you guys were going undercover. So to help make you look good, I arranged this party for Rita. I knew you would end up here tonight." she looked at Rita with fire in her eyes. She was not blind she saw the way Rita was looking at Chris tonight during her song and she saw the way Chris was looking back at her. "I did have to tell the hotel that I was your FiancÚ in order to get into the room and so people would not get suspicious when they saw me here so you better go along with it so you won't break your cover." Jillian was smiling at Rita while she was holding Chris close and kissing his cheek. "Everyone, this is my fiancÚ Chris."

Chris looked over at Rita and what he saw in her eyes, broke his heart. He just broke hers. What could he do? He couldn't break his cover, they needed to catch a killer, but he couldn't live without Rita either. In typical Lance flair she sucked up all of her hurt (and it was substantial and unlike any pain she had ever felt before) and thanked Jillian for the party. "Thank you for the party Jillian. It was very kind of you to do this for me." Rita remembering that she didn't have her shoes on excused herself and went to the bathroom to "Freshen up."

Closing the door and locking it she finally cut lose all of the pain and hurt she had inside. "Oh, what have I done?" she thought to herself. She spent the next 20 minutes in the bathroom trying desperately to compose herself, until there was a knock on the door.

"Sammy are you all right?" he almost whispered to her. She put her hand over her mouth to hold in the sound of her crying. The sound of his voice so loving and concerned was almost more than she could bear. "Sammy, its not true. You know what I am talking about. I can't explain now, but I need you to know, ITS NOT TRUE."

After a long silence and after finding all of the courage she could muster she managed to finally speak. "I'm fine. I'll be out in a minute OK Chris?"

"Sammy.......I'm sorry. Please come out." she could hear the agony in his voice.

"I will, just give me another minute. I'm OK Sam. I'll be right out." she was looking at herself in the mirror (praying to God that he meant what he just said) and trying desperately to fix her make-up. After 20 more minutes and three different people begging to get in the bathroom, Rita came out of the bathroom prepared to give the acting performance of her life. Chris in the mean time had slipped out on to the balcony for a breath of fresh air. He had to get out of there. He felt like he was suffocating. He stood out in the dark cold night and had only one thought on his mind. Only one person...Rita. He stood there thinking what he really wanted to do when he went to the bathroom door.

(Chris is daydreaming)

"Sammy open this door now. I mean it or I will break it down." she knew he hated having any locked doors between him and his partner. Rita realizing that he would not give up opened the door and let him in. When he got in he closed the door and locked it. This startled Rita. She had her back to him. She didn't want him to see her crying.

"Go away Chris. Your FiancÚ is waiting for you outside. How would it look to people with you and me in the bathroom behind locked doors?" she was still wiping the tears away from her cheeks when he came up behind her and put his arms around her tightly.

"I don't give a damn what anyone thinks (he is whispering in her ear). Rita, I could never marry anyone but you. Sammy, this was supposed to be your night. I want to spend it with you. Even if it means we spend the next 4 hours in the can." he was trying to lighten the mood. He knew she was extremely hurt. His response did manage to get a chuckle from her. "That's what I want to hear. Sammy I want to hear you laugh at me for the next 50 years." he was kissing her neck and she was starting to respond to him. He could feel the tension starting to fade away. She leaned back onto his chest and closed her eyes enjoying the feel of his mouth on her skin. He was kissing her neck and she could feel her body tingle all the way to her toes.

Chris could feel her need to be touched and caressed right now. His need for her would have to come in second to her need to be held and assured of his feelings for her. "Come here Sammy." he walked her over to the bathtub and he got in and sat down. She looked at him like he was insane. "Trust me sunshine OK?" he reached out his hand to her. She took it and he guided her to sit down between his legs with her laying back against his chest. He put his arms around her and brought her close to him and he just held her.

This pure and loving gesture was more than she could take. She finally let go of her tightly controlled emotions and started crying. He rocked her while holding her telling her over and over again that everything was going to be all right. "Its all right Sunshine. Shhhhhhhhh. I promise you that I will never hurt you. NEVER." There they sat two grown adults in an empty bathtub just holding on to each other for dear life. After a while she calmed down and was able to speak.

"I'm sorry Chris."

"No, you don't have anything to be sorry about. Do you feel better?" he asked her as he kissed the top of her head.

"I always feel better when I'm in your arms." she had her head back looking up into his eyes. She could tell he wanted to kiss her (by the way he was staring at her lips), but he didn't want to push her and that is why her next statement came as such a shock to him.

"Kiss me Chris, please." he wasted no time in fulfilling this request. He lowered his head and gently brushed his lips against hers. He was waiting for the permission to continue the kiss when she opened her mouth to deepen the passionate embrace. Chris could hold himself in check no longer. He groaned at the feel of her tongue deep into his mouth tasting him fully. In the meantime, Rita had turned herself around in his arms and now she was laying on top of Chris in the bathtub and their passions were soaring high.

"God Rita, I want you so much. I don't think I have ever wanted anything more." he had his hands running through her hair and they were battling for control of the kiss. Rita's body was rubbing mercilessly against his and she felt exactly what he meant as she could feel his excitement pressed against her. It was her turn to moan as he started caressing her breasts. He felt her nipples harden under his loving assault. The way this beautiful woman made him feel was unlike anything he has known before. It wasn't sex he wanted, it was "Her." He wanted to make her feel as wonderful as he did.

"Oh Chris, don't stop." He started wandering down her leg hoping to feel her long sexy legs when he was reminded again that she was wearing a long formal gown. "Sammy I hate these gowns." he said between kisses (with a smirk on his face).

"Why don't you take it off then?" he stopped what he was doing and looked her in the eyes. Her eyes were burning with passion that sent him straight over the edge. Taking her advice he started unzipping her gown and his hands were slipping in to rub her bare back. That is when he noticed she didn't have anything on under her dress.

"Sammy, oh my god, are you trying to kill me? I am glad I didn't know about this earlier, I wouldn't have been able to walk straight." he had her mouth covered in a hard, lustful kiss.

Rita and Chris were reaching their arousal threshold as Rita started controlling the kiss. Chris could not stop his hands, he wanted to caress every inch of her body with not only his hands, but also with his mouth. He started to slowly pull down her dress. It was off her shoulders and it was almost to her breasts when.....he heard a knock at the door and Jillian's voice calling to him.

He was jolted out of his dream and realized he was standing on the balcony, and that Jillian was indeed calling his name and knocking on the sliding glass door. When Chris made his way back into the room his eyes sought out Rita. When they finally found her, they locked on Rita's eyes. She smiled at him to let him know she was OK and that is when he let out a sigh and breath he didn't even know he was holding.

Just before Jillian grabbed his arm to pull him away, he mouthed, "I Love You." to her and the smile that he received soothed every fear and worry he had. With Jillian tugging on his arm, he made one finally gesture to Rita that had her laughing hysterically. He rolled his eyes up at Jillian and he was pouting at Rita. He didn't want to go. Looking around to see if anyone was watching, Rita blew him a kiss. He grinned with the famous Lorenzo smile and was then lead off by Jillian.


Jillian trying to embarrass Rita thinking that she only knew the one song said out loud, "Rita, please sing us another song." she was coaxing the crowd to help her. "Oh yes Miss Lorenzo, please sing us another song." many voices sounded. Rita was shaking her head no and tying to get away, before Jillian grabbed her arm and looked her straight in the face with a smirk. "Yes, Miss Lorenzo, sing for us." Rita was getting tired of Jillian thinking she could run her over like a truck so she agreed, which startled Jillian. Jillian was about to realize she had made a big mistake trying to take on Rita Lee Lance. Rita walks up to the band whispers to them and then walks up to the microphone. "I guess I have been drafted to sing one more time, but this will have to be my last number. I only know one more song and this is it." Chris heard her on the speakers and was slowly making his way up to the front by the band. Rita nodded to the band and the sweet low sound of a clarinet filled the room. Chris was now up front looking at Rita as she started to sing.

"When somebody loves you, its no good unless he loves you, All.....the......way. Happy to be near you when you need someone to cheer you, All....the......Way. Taller than the tallest trees, thats how its got to feel. Deeper than the deep blue sea, thats how it deep it goes when its real." (she is now looking at Chris and he is looking into her very soul) "When somebody needs you, its no good unless he needs you, All....the....Way. Through the good and lean years (she is smiling at him) and all the in between years, come...what...may. Who knows where the road will lead us, only a fool would say (looking into his eyes with tears in hers) but if you let me love you, its for sure I'm going to love you, All....the....Way. ALL....THE.....WAY."

The song is finishing and Chris and Rita are lost in their own little world until the crowd begins to clap and yell. The band starts to play the same tune again and the sax is playing the lead in a sweet, sexy slow sound. Chris walks up to Rita and takes her hand in his and they are dancing slow to the romantic ballad. They are looking into each others eyes convinced they are seeing heaven its self. They didn't need to speak, their eyes said everything that their hearts felt.

Chris took her deeper into his arms and she closed the distance and rested her head on his chest. They were moving so slow, it was hard to tell if they were dancing or mearly holding each other. Chris starts to sing into her ear "Who knows where the road will lead us. (Rita leans back to look in his eyes) Only a fool would say (he now was the one with tears in his eyes) but if you let me love you, its for sure I'm going to love you, All...The.....Way." They were startled when a tall, dark and handsome man asked, "May I cut in?" Chris looked at Rita and then Jillian appeared.

"Sure you can. I want to dance with my fiancÚ anyway." the next thing they knew Rita was in another mans arms, while Jillian was in Chris'. He couldn't stand this. He was not going to let Jillian do this to them. Just as he was about to say something, someone tapped Chris on the shoulder. It was Ms. Decker. Chris stopped dancing and asked her if she would like to dance. "Jillian will understand. She and I have an understanding." he looked in Jillian's eyes and he knew that he finally got through to her. He was ticked and he was not taking it anymore. "Come on Ms Decker, may I call you Deborah?" he turned on the Lorenzo charm. Maybe a little to much. Ms Decker looked at him with surprise and pleasure as he started dancing with her.

"Only if I can call you Chris." she smiled at him. This smile kind of made him uneasy.

"It's a deal Deborah. So how did the event go tonight? Was it a success?" he had put a little space between himself and her. He was getting some very strange vibes from her.

He had to laugh inside. Rita must really be rubbing off on him because he was starting to listen to his gut. What did she say to him once? "Chris you buy shoes on a whim and solve cases with your gut." he was smiling again just at the thought of her. Deborah thought he was smiling because of her.

"It went very well and we made a great deal of money from this. What do you think about the girl that won Chris?" he was startled by this question and his eyes tried to find the girl they were talking about. When he finally saw Rita his eyes immediately changed into soft, warm, baby blue. He had no idea that he was giving everything away just by looking at the object of his affections.

"Well, I think the judges made the best choice. Don't you?" he was looking back at Deborah and what he saw there surprised him.

"I guess. If you have seen one pretty face you have seen them all." she said this with almost hatred in her voice. The dance ended and Chris said his farewells and went in search of his partner. When he found her she was standing in the middle of a circle surround by men. He was so startled to see her laughing and obviously enjoying herself.

"Miss Lorenzo? May I speak to you? It is regarding the pageant." he said trying to hold his voice calm and in check. He had to just admit it, he was jealous. He would have to deal with that later. Right now they had to catch a killer. Rita excused herself and then walked out onto the balcony with Chris. She knew something was wrong, just by the sound of his voice.

"What's wrong Sam?" she said with concern on her face. One look at her face and his face softened.

"Hey, I have been talking with Ms. Decker. What do you think about her?" he was in complete cop mode now which relieved Rita. She was getting emotionally drained and it was good to hear her best friend's voice again. He was looking at her waiting for her to reply.

"Why what happened?"

"I was just dancing with her...."

"Yeah I noticed." she said before she could stop herself. He looked at Rita and just grinned.

"As I was saying (he was smiling at her with the famous Lorenzo grin) I was just dancing with her and Sammy, I got the strangest vibes from her. I think I am going to go into the office tonight and run a background check on her." Rita was grinning at him now. "What?" he said answering her grin with his.

"I thought you didn't believe in "VIBES" Chris. You always laughed at mine. You know I think there is hope for you yet Lorenzo." she laughed.

"Well, I guess I have learned a few things from you "Lorenzo", he was putting his arm around her shoulder. He loved calling her Lorenzo. Maybe someday he would really get to call her that. He startled her when he put his arm around her. It sent a shiver down her spine and he felt it. "Are you cold Sam?" he was rubbing her arms up and down trying to warm her up. And he was doing exactly that.

She looked him in the eyes, "not anymore," he understood what she meant. God he wanted to kiss her. But they couldn't risk it. Rita saw Ms. Decker watching them. She saw Chris with his arm around her and she looked upset. Rita's next step surprised Chris.

"Rita, I want to kiss you so much right now."

"I know, me too. Chris.....forgive me for what I am about to do and know this, when this case is over, I will rub ANYTHING, that still hurts." Rita lifted her leg and gave Chris the ultimate sense of pain. He was bent over and groaning in pain. His face was totally startled as Rita marched off in a huff. Rita walked up to Ms. Decker and said, "Your judge just tried to hit on me. Where do you get these clowns?" Chris stood up and understanding crossed his face. As he turned around to walk off the pain a grin spread across his face. Ms. Decker walked up to Chris and put her hand on his shoulder.

"It seems you have been a very bad boy." she sounded angry. All Chris could do was to smile and shrug his shoulders at her. The anger was starting to go away from her eyes and what Chris saw there was even more frightening. She wanted him. She was about to suggest something when Jillian walked out onto the deck and saved him.

"There you are. What are you doing out here Chris?" sensing he was relieved she came to his rescue.

"Nothing Sweetheart. Ms. Decker and I came out here to get some fresh air." he put his arm around Jillian's shoulder and whispered into her ear, "I owe you one." Ms. Decker sensing that she was not wanted got up and left.

"I will see you later Chris." and she left. When Rita saw that Deborah was no longer on the balcony with Chris she decided she better go check on her partner. When she reaches the balcony she can hear Chris and Jillian talking She knew she should walk away but something kept her there. Chris' back was to her so he no idea she was standing there. Jillian saw her and decided to end this thing once and for all.

"What can Rita give you Chris. She has nothing." Chris looks at her and does not reply. Rita is just about to leave, knowing that Jillian is telling the truth. If they were to stay together he would lose. She didn't have the money Jillian had and he would lose his partner. "Nothing physical between partners." The words that came out of his mouth next would shock Rita to her very core.

"Nothing huh? Jillian, she makes everyone of my dreams come true just by smiling at me. She stirs something down deep inside of me everytime she is near and I see my unborn children everytime I look into her eyes. And looking in her eyes I can see that my life is worthwhile. I would not call that nothing. I would call that everything. She is EVERYTHING to me."

Chris heard someone gasp and realized it wasn't Jillian. When he turned around he saw Rita looking at him and she had tears rolling down her cheeks. He started to panic realizing Rita heard more than he wanted her to. He thought she would turn and run. Her first instinct was to always push him away. Fearing to get to close to him. "Sammy......." he didn't know what to say to her. She saw the fear in his eyes and could sense the lose of his words. He tried again to speak, "Sammy......." she went to him and before he could get another word out, she had him embraced in deep and completely engulfing kiss.

They were completely lost in their own world. They did not notice Jillian leave or that Ms. Decker was watching them. Chris lead Rita over to the bench and they continue kissing. He was completely lost in the feel of her warm soft lips. He felt like a teenager again. He couldn't get close enough to her.

Rita could not believe this was happening to her. He had done nothing but consume her every waking thought for years. He even consumed her dreams. She was holding back no more. She couldn't. What they felt was bigger than the two of them. After about 20 minutes Chris knew they had to slow down or there was no stopping at all. "Rita?" he said with the sweetest voice she ever heard.

"Yes Sam?" she looked up into his eyes and knew what he was tying to do. "Its all right Sam. I understand. We have a killer to catch." she smiled at him and he took her into his arms and held her tight. They sat out there for a good hour. Rita felt so safe and warm in his arms and it had been such a long hard day, she couldn't help falling asleep in his embrace.

He grinned when he realized that she had fallen asleep in his arms. This was not the first time she had been asleep in his arms and it would not be the last. He lifted her up into his arms and carried her close to him. He took her into his bedroom and laid her down on the turned down bed. He pulled the blanket up over her and kissed her on the forehead. "Goodnight my sleeping beauty." he took one last look at her and smiled as he closed the door quietly. Chris went into the living room and saw a pad of paper on the table. He wrote Rita a note that he was going to the office and that he would be back soon. In the meantime, Rita was sleeping soundly and was sure she was dreaming.

She walks out of the bedroom in search of Chris. What she finds is the living room lights down low and the stereo was playing softly and the table held a bucket of champagne and two lit candles. It was so romantic. "Sam?" she is still looking for Chris and she stops dead in her tracks when she hears him call her from behind.

"I'm right here Sunshine." he said it with so much love. When Rita turned around she could not believe all of the love she saw coming from his eyes. It was too much. She had to turn her back to him. Tears were filling her eyes just from the thought of how much she loved him. He walked up behind her and placed his arms around her. And they started to dance slowly to the music. She was leaning back on him and getting completely lost in his touch.

Rita was starting to melt under the assault his lips were making on her neck. She never felt this ever before in her life. He was bring out passions in her she didn't know she possessed. His lips were getting more possessive and they were now whispering words of love to her that was sending her heart soaring right through the roof. She couldn't take it any longer. She reached for the top of her zipper (at the back of her neck) on her gown and tried to bring it down. His hands stopped her as he gently started to take over the job for her. As he slid the zipper down, his mouth was following behind it, kissing her back all the way down to her waist. When the zipper finally stopped he kissed his way all the back up to her neck. What he did next had Rita moaning in pure pleasure. He slid his hands into the dress made his way from her back to her front. He was caressing her breasts and she was moaning at the pure desire it was creating.

"Oh, Chris......" she leaned her head back, put one hand up behind his head looked into his eyes, and pulled him down to her until their lips met in the wettest, hottest kiss he had ever gotten. She was starting to turn the tables on him as she turned around in his embrace and started to push him backwards. He let out a startled groan as she pushed him up against the wall and started to undue his shirt. She was devouring him with every button undone. As she came to the last button, she was kissing him and her tongue was making circles around his belly button as she pulled his shirt out of his pants and started to make her way back up his chest. He took her face between his hands and led her mouth back up to his and they were battling for control of the kiss as she undid his belt and started unzipping his pants. He stopped her hands and she looked up at him startled.

"No, Rita, you first." he was looking and referencing to her gown. Smiling, she took one step back and started to take off her gown. He could not believe it when the gown fell to the ground. His heart was pounding so fast and so loud he was sure she could hear it. The woman that stood before him was the most beautiful and sexy woman he had ever seen in his life. The look that she had in her eyes as she took that step forward again took him right over the edge. He didn't know what was happening to him. He started to continue the job Rita started by unzipping his pants, but Rita's hands stopped him.

Rita once again had his zipper in her hands and as she was unzipping them she said, "Let me do it." when he looked into her eyes they were a dark green shade, full of desire.

"Oh, Rita, what are you doing to me?" he was saying it like he was in pure agony.

"I'm loving you Chris. I'm loving you." he could take it no longer. He lifted her into his arms and took her into the bedroom and finally showed her all of the love and desire he had for her. As their bodies joined from two into one, they finally found all of the love and happiness they had looked for all of these years. "They had finally looked into the right ones eyes."

When Rita woke the next morning, she was lying in Chris arms. That is when she realized last night was not a dream. It really happened. She saw Chris' shirt and put it on and was getting up out of bed to make her way over to the bathroom when a hand grabbed her arm and pulled her back down onto the bed. "Morning sunshine." he said as he engulfed her in a deep hungry kiss.

Smiling at Chris as she pulled away from his kiss she remarked, "Morning Sam. How can you even think about that after a night like last night?" he grinned in response to the question.

Chris sighed "Last night......." he said it like it was a prayer. He couldn't believe it finally happened. When he got home from the office, he noticed that the lights were down low and that there was a bucket with ice and champagne on the table. Thinking Rita had awaken and was in the kitchen preparing something enticing, he went into the bathroom and tried to make himself presentable. When he came out of the bathroom, she was in the living room looking for him (You know the rest).

"Yeah, last night......" she says back to him with love and desire. He pulled her back into his arms and was holding her close to him.

"I was so surprised when I came home and found the champagne and low lights and then you. waiting for me." he said fondly remembering. Rita was enjoying the memories herself when she thought about what he just said.

"Wait a minute Sam, you were the one who got the champagne and the candles weren't you?" she was starting to get tense as a thought was starting to dawn on her.

"What are you talking about Rita, I came home and you......" he stopped in mid sentence. He was starting to get her meaning. "Sammy, if I didn't do it and you didn't do it, who did?" he didn't like the answer he got.

"I did." a voice full of hate said from the door way. Chris and Rita both sat up in bed and Chris immediately put her behind him.

"Ms Decker? What are you doing here?"

"Ms. Decker? What happened to Deborah, Chris?" she was starting to get a scary look on her face.

"Deborah, what are you doing here?" he tried to say in a soothing, calm voice.

"I am here because I thought you wanted me Chris. You sure acted like it the first time we met and then again last night." she was pulling a gun out from behind her back and was pointing it at Chris and Rita. Chris was putting on his shorts under the sheets in hopes of try to talk her out of this. When Chris made the attempt to get up out of the bed. Deborah pointed the gun at Rita. She knew this would stop him.

"No Deborah, you don't have to do this. Come sit down and tell us why you killed Jodi Carter." Rita's head came up and she couldn't believe he said that.

"I had to kill her. She went after my boyfriend. I am so tired of losing everyone I love to a beautiful, young girl. Then Rita started after you, I have to kill her Chris." Rita again was stunned thinking people thought she was chasing Chris.

"No you don't have to kill anyone." Chris finally got close enough to Deborah that he could put his hand on her shoulder. This stunned her enough to turn the gun on Chris and not Rita.

"No Chris." Rita screamed. While still holding on to Deborah, he turned and looked back at Rita and with his eyes he kept looking at his pillow.

"Its OK Rita. Deborah is not going to hurt anyone." he is pleading with her to understand that his gun is under his pillow. When Rita finally gets the hint, Chris turns back around and try's to get Deborah to give him the gun. He lets her go and then stands right in front of her so he is blocking Rita's view. Rita takes this opportunity to grab Chris' gun. The next events happened so quickly it seemed like it happened in a split second.

"Now Chris," Rita yelled at the top of her lungs. That was his cue to hit the floor. Deborah was so shocked she was to late to get off a shot before Rita shot her in the leg. Deborah fell to the floor and now she had the gun pointed on Chris' head. Rita in total shock, could do nothing but see how the scene played out. Chris looked up at Rita and with his eyes he said good-bye to her. The next thing Rita knew, she was waking up in Chris' arms. "Chris" she screamed and was relieved to tears when he answered her.

"It's all right Sammy, I'm all right." he had her in a hug trying to calm her down.

"How Chris? The last thing I remember is her having the gun on you and then a shot." she barried her head in his chest as he tried to comfort her.

"Rita, that was Cap, he shot Deborah before she got me. That was the shot you heard. I'm all right." he said over and over again. When she finally calmed down and everyone was fully dressed, Cap started to fill her in on the "Infamous Ms. Decker." She was a woman with a very troubled past. She entered the contest searching for love and acceptance from anyone. After a few years, she accepted the position on the staff for the pageant. Chris and Cap had put out an APB on Deborah that night and someone spotted her going into the hotel. That is how Cap got there.

"You guys did some good work on this. It was good thinking to act like lovers to draw the perp out. Good job. Take a few days off and relax you have earned it." he was saying this while Chris and Rita was trying to hold back smiles. If Cap only knew. "Oh by the way Lance, you were stripped of your title last night."

"Why Cap?" she stated a little disappointed.

"Well, it seems a member on the board let it slip that you and this judge were making out last night and....." he stopped in mid sentence as he thought about who the judge was.(no I don't want to know he says to himself) as he stopped to look back at them he saw the way they were looking at each other. He says, "oh no, there is that burning feeling again." As he leaves the suite he says, "I want your butts back in the office on Thursday. Hear me?"

"Yeah we got it Cap. Cap?" Chris asks as he turns around.

"Yeah kid." Cap stops and looks at Chris.

"Thanks." Cap knows he is not referring to the days off.

"Anytime Kid" Cap smiles and then leaves.

"I guess we both know who that board member was right?" Rita says to Chris. And they both say in unison, "Jillian." they start to laugh and Chris walks over to Rita and hugs her.

"You will always be a Queen in my eyes Miss Lorenzo, or should I call you Mrs. Lorenzo?" he says lovingly into her eyes.

"In your Dreams Sam." she teases him before she kisses him hard on the lips and then hugs him.

"Oh yeah, you have been chasing me for days. I think it is probably more in Your dreams Sam." he says right back smiling.

"What are you talking about, I have not been chasing anyone."

"That's not what Deborah said. Face it Sammy, you are crazy about me." he whispers into her ear.

"Well, it must be the Lorenzo curse. Anyone with the last name of Lorenzo seems to lose all touch with reality and becomes a dreamer." she caresses his face with her hand and looks deep into his eyes, "but you know what Sam? I think that is the best person to be. You have made my dreams come true."

Chris smiles at her and as he leads her out the door, they both look back into the suite and sigh. "I Love You, Rita Lance-Lorenzo."

"I Love you too, Chris." she hugs him and both of them are smiling completely certain in the knowledge that one day she would indeed be Mrs. Lorenzo.


So how did you like it? I hope I didn't offend anyone with this one. It got a little steamer than I intended. I can't help it Chris and Rita just bring out the romantic in me.

I want to thank Kristiina for again putting up my work and for her great idea of her story pages. Also thank you to all of you that have my given my ego a huge boost with comments on Blind 1. I hope I haven't disappointed you on this one.

Oh yeah, how could I forget, Chris, Rita, Jillian, Rickki and Cap belong to USA Network. If only they had asked the fans to help, we could of given Chris and Rita a very long life with our stories alone. LOL. I want you guys to know that there are some very fine writers out there and some of the fan fic has been without a doubt some of the best stories I have ever read. Thanks for keeping Chris and Rita alive in our hearts and stories.


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